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Working on our Homeless assistants van while she recovers from surgery

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While our lovely assistant is bedridden following recent surgery we continue on building her new home
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  1. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    18 days ago

    We cut down trees for the interior of the van! Check it out! -

  2. ArmBar0073


    6 days ago

    I am curious to know if you looked into a rv style tankless water heater. They will supply endless hot water as long as the gpm being used doesn’t exceed the capability of the of the heater.

  3. serespecialist1


    15 days ago

    Porn queens aren’t homeless they are just milking men for money lol!

  4. izhar


    15 days ago

    "A window wouldn't be as insulated so just open the door if you want to see outside." Good idea.. in all seriousness if you care that much about insulation then you might still want to separate the cab from the back of the van.

  5. vladimir curkoski

    vladimir curkoski

    17 days ago

    this is hilarious

  6. Sirbraapalot


    21 day ago

    Can I ask how you knew exactly where to drill the hole on the outside of the van to match perfectly with the one on the inside?

  7. Sirbraapalot


    21 day ago

    Hilarious intro as always. Is Linda in your house healing? I thought she was homeless. Anyways I love this show. And no it's not just for the random Linda modeling photos 🥴🙄

  8. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker

    21 day ago

    If I didn't know any better I'd say they were putting glorey holes on that van

  9. Nef


    22 days ago

    Her wounds were self inflicted.....jajajajaj

  10. Chamberly Vandora

    Chamberly Vandora

    22 days ago

    Hey is squarespace is hosted by or owned by Shopify?

  11. Rules Of Engagement

    Rules Of Engagement

    24 days ago

    How fucking rude is that to say I’d hit her with no rubber. It’s comment like that which is why you have no game with woman and have to buy them

  12. MrWonkawonka


    25 days ago

    She wanted her top to match the bottom.

  13. Rastaman N

    Rastaman N

    26 days ago

    Dont even drive bro But enjoyed seeing you guys building this van Inspiration 🙂

  14. mlaiuk


    26 days ago

    Too much messing around and not building on the van.

  15. WyzMan1ncSaid


    26 days ago

    USgoner's assistant ----- youtuber's stepmom --- whatever gets the clicks

  16. Ken trekmario

    Ken trekmario

    26 days ago

    Hho else is hoping for the reveal of her " upgrade " ?

  17. Agung


    26 days ago

    leenda definitly had a nose job

  18. DARKx Baptism

    DARKx Baptism

    27 days ago

    You made the biggest mistake by taking a small bite and leaving chicken on that bone in front of a black man. Shame on you lol

  19. Alex Buchanan

    Alex Buchanan

    27 days ago

    Not buying the window excuse. They insulate well when more than one pane is being used, and if you wanted to make it really fun and scientific you could pressurize the void between the panes with an inert gas. Also, the drill burned out because your boy had his hand over the venting.

  20. Reemul U

    Reemul U

    28 days ago

    Haven't watched in awhile, even better now.

  21. Lagod


    28 days ago

    Nothing wrong with that thumbnail at all

  22. Altered Serenity

    Altered Serenity

    28 days ago

    Great video, roast's on point as always!

  23. Jonn Bigboote

    Jonn Bigboote

    29 days ago

    You're all putting a lot of work into that van. Is Leenda paying you money, or some form of trade...?

  24. Nevy’s Adventures

    Nevy’s Adventures

    29 days ago

    You should of went to tankless water heater

  25. cprogrck


    Month ago

    Seriously though this channel is getting annoying. Can't you just build stuff and like shut up?

  26. Arturo Paredes

    Arturo Paredes

    Month ago

    i like the fact they mention having done her makeup/ hair before she said i can lift my hands past this point

  27. jcesar arc

    jcesar arc

    Month ago

    Rich should make a new channel buiding all electric campers.

  28. Sacerio79


    Month ago

    Lmao. F*cktards. Good stuff.

  29. Gary McMurry

    Gary McMurry

    Month ago

    I think Leenda is fine. Well before enhancements, Baby 's Got Back, she is cute. She is NOT afraid to show her skin, hate shyness myself. If you have it flaunt it, no shame in that. What is up with the prudes? I have always held beauty, confidence and common sense as GOOD features in anyone. Please keep highlighting her progress. I envy you, your salesmanship, work etiquette, taste and reasoning for rebuilding. I agree e-power is the future, like it or not. Keep It Up , can we recycle the haters???

  30. PTMGO


    Month ago

    “Onlyvans” is hilarious 😂

  31. Djor du

    Djor du

    Month ago

    God's grace covers all! True peace comes from God alone through His Son Yeshua (Jesus Christ). God loves U...whatever your going through God can help!

  32. kellypaws


    Month ago

    She moans - a lot.

  33. WillB


    Month ago

    Utube recycling shower system ... Ryan and Su shows build from start to finish plus parts It Works🥺👏👏👏☯️☮️

    • WillB


      Month ago

      RV Recycling 🚿😏

  34. Mandingo _

    Mandingo _

    Month ago

    Just because shes homeless doesnt mean she has to look like one. Some people decided to live on a van/trailer to earn money faster and able to save money to buy a house.

  35. Michael Zicopoulos

    Michael Zicopoulos

    Month ago

    Sliding door window is a good idea for driving - insulated window covers are a thing, no sweat....

  36. Michael Zicopoulos

    Michael Zicopoulos

    Month ago

    The nose would have been a better first step than boobs.... Well, then again, the boobs take your eyes off the nose.... I can't decide

  37. gregs1020


    Month ago

    he stole yo wallet!

  38. JP


    Month ago

    Yo.. what is leenda's Instagram? I promise I'm not telling anybody s wife.

  39. CannaGaut


    Month ago

    I always feel like i need a shower after watching Leenda?🤕

  40. Sirhactor M

    Sirhactor M

    Month ago

    Duuuuuuuuuuude when is the next vid dropping?

  41. Hanio Zuniga

    Hanio Zuniga

    Month ago

    What is your assistant's USgone channel, IG, FB, tik tok? Asking for myself

  42. wi11y1960


    Month ago

    I will buy her camper for $500

  43. Dalton Bryer

    Dalton Bryer

    Month ago

    Baywatch ran out of dialogue or the writers would get lazy and just have people running up and down the beach. This kinda reminds me of that, and for those reasons I'm out.

  44. SlightlyCrookedWorkshop


    Month ago

    Hearing aid salesmen must be salivating while watching this video.

  45. Ahto Andron

    Ahto Andron

    Month ago

    My wife did the same what your assistant did, in dec 2020. The first month is hard for the husband too.

  46. Brandon He4T

    Brandon He4T

    Month ago

    ngl he’s a simp😂😂😂

  47. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man

    Month ago

    Stevon aka Young Steve Aoki

  48. TheGolfdaily


    Month ago

    Asking a women all what she wants? -BIG MISTAKE!! 😂

  49. Eric Frisbie

    Eric Frisbie

    Month ago

    This is going to make me sound like a giant nerd but I'm excited to see where and how they mount the conduit and all the wiring! Get well soon, Uncle Rich! 😊

  50. Robert Pimentel

    Robert Pimentel

    Month ago

    I'm waiting on the video about the divorce, or your wife is cool with it rich?

  51. Brad Collins

    Brad Collins

    Month ago

    I believe that this kind of isolation will kill the van with rust in 3 months.

  52. joseph jackson

    joseph jackson

    Month ago

    Again put the partition wall back up as when(and it will happen)the van gets broken into you will have absolutely no protection. It happened to me.

  53. Magnus Sørensen

    Magnus Sørensen

    Month ago

    Yo this used to be a show i could watch while high, now I gotta snort cocaine to not get lost man 😂

  54. David Errington

    David Errington

    Month ago

    To much talking he talks alot he loves to talk

  55. My Life

    My Life

    Month ago

    I'm planning on starting a EV car I'm wondering if you can invest $500.000 dollars into my company.

  56. Harun Cviko

    Harun Cviko

    Month ago

    Isnt someone gonna tamper with the water if its that open or at high speeds undue idk im asking

  57. Fuse


    Month ago

    Rich you are 10 percent mechanic and 90 percent comedian! I love these videos!

  58. Robert Robertson

    Robert Robertson

    Month ago

    Rich love your work man found you researching Tesla coil😂😂for fukksakes! Take care my Friend 👊💪

  59. h8onu


    Month ago

    Instead of windows why not install cameras just so she can see outside without actually going outside or opening any doors?

  60. don Chilo

    don Chilo

    Month ago

    I love that rich don't apologise and just gets shit done.

  61. don Chilo

    don Chilo

    Month ago

    I love Linda

  62. beaker2000


    Month ago

    I hope at the very least Leenda will let her van build crew at least test her new hedlamps.

  63. Captain Hoodz

    Captain Hoodz

    Month ago

    Always homeless help and stfo

  64. Abdo Attia

    Abdo Attia

    Month ago

    I really like your videos and if I'm living in the US I would definitely go to work with you just for the fun of it, I can't wait to see the V8 Tesla up and running Good job Richy (Y)

  65. Marc Wikina

    Marc Wikina

    Month ago

    Waiting for the "So I made my homeless assistant my wife and moved into her van with her" episode 😂

  66. Josh Long

    Josh Long

    Month ago

    Oh great, another shitty van video.

  67. Robert Booth

    Robert Booth

    Month ago

    Leena will be gone, by the time this van is done... but you’re doing quality work!

  68. Austin Cameron

    Austin Cameron

    Month ago

    OnlyVans would be a fantastic vanity plate.

  69. toorimakun


    Month ago

    He really likes poking at people that he removed that partition. :/

  70. BrightFlame


    Month ago

    I think you should've used insulating foam instead of the wool you used because the wool might cause mold buildup

  71. BrightFlame


    Month ago

    I think you should've used insulating foam instead of the wool you used because the one you used might cause mold buildup

  72. BrightFlame


    Month ago

    I think you should've used insulating foam instead of the insulation you used because the one you used might cause mold buildup

  73. BrightFlame


    Month ago

    I think you should've used insulating foam instead of the insulation you used

  74. Tony Rial

    Tony Rial

    Month ago

    I would make the dude clean the meat off that wing

  75. Tony Rial

    Tony Rial

    Month ago

    I'm already crying laughing 1 minute into the video- pots and pans!

  76. Lsss86 You’re black family member

    Lsss86 You’re black family member

    Month ago

    Hey Richard, I would love to convert my truck-axle dump truck the electric power, but I need some help are you willing to take on the challenge.

  77. Lsss86 You’re black family member

    Lsss86 You’re black family member

    Month ago

    You guys are doing a great job keep going.

  78. George Phillips

    George Phillips

    Month ago

    This project looks like a superspreader event...

  79. Verley Valerius

    Verley Valerius

    Month ago

    Never watched any guy slicker/clever than Rich when it comes to advertising on youtube...out of nowhere he comes drawing you into the stuffs he's distractions...I'm talking about smooth transitions baby 😂😂😂😂 #outstanding #communications #skills

  80. Scott From Maryland

    Scott From Maryland

    Month ago

    You can use a TV with camera to mimic a window to see outside.

  81. Skiboot Dier

    Skiboot Dier

    Month ago

    Is "assistant" code for NEW-GIRLFRIEND? Did you pay for the assistant's new bolt-ons?

  82. P4OE


    Month ago

    How is this girl homeless ?

  83. Neal Miller

    Neal Miller

    Month ago

    What's the added weight and original stripped weight? just curious Also, is there a way to add a trailer hitch, then build some of her extras into that. I do like this build, using a team of guys with different skills looks very helpful.

  84. Mike H

    Mike H

    Month ago

    What about trying a tiny home build, very popular now

  85. Jerry Jones

    Jerry Jones

    Month ago

    Hahahaha! Bruh jst 2 minutes into the video I cant even deal! Hahahahahahahahaha

  86. Ronald Leckfor

    Ronald Leckfor

    Month ago

    Actually the partition would have enhanced preventing the roof from crushing in the event of a rollover! The partition should be reinstalled!

  87. Ed Car Diy

    Ed Car Diy

    Month ago

    Almost finish, Keep up the great vids 👍

  88. Jim Burns

    Jim Burns

    Month ago

    “Man, I ddddestroyed those wings” -- hahaahaa 🙆🏻‍♂️🤝🌻 a real beauty here, Unc. - classic, graceful... How they say the best comedy really just comes from taking you by relative surprise… *An example of that would look like this^^^

  89. dinobuddy


    Month ago

    @13:28 "Most big vans have two big jugs..." Such a wasted opportunity.

  90. metalhead


    Month ago

    What the hell happend to LS swapped tesla?

  91. karnisov


    Month ago

    very thoughtful of you to renovate that van for that poor homeless girl

  92. Darren Wigfield

    Darren Wigfield

    Month ago

    Install front door peep holes in the walls so she can at least look outside.

  93. evsolari


    Month ago

    @RichRebuilds You should do more "Oliver Garden Experience" episodes; that was hilarious.

  94. M1A1 Abrams

    M1A1 Abrams

    Month ago

    Well on the bright side, her recovery should be a couple weeks at breast

  95. Khumoyun Turgunov

    Khumoyun Turgunov

    Month ago

    Buy Makita not Milwaukee, they do make good hand tools, but drills Makita or Dewalt, see all the time Milwaukee failures.

  96. Phoenix X

    Phoenix X

    Month ago

    You just know she is going to try to put fuel in there right...? Or worse water in the fuel filler..

  97. TheDemobus/Auto creator's

    TheDemobus/Auto creator's

    Month ago

    Looks like its a HOA development

  98. Giovanni Sr

    Giovanni Sr

    Month ago

    That title though 😂

  99. Bruce W Randol

    Bruce W Randol

    Month ago

    When do we get to see her new tires?

  100. Oscar Barrera

    Oscar Barrera

    Month ago

    Uncle Rich, I always see you eating beef jerky and well I wish I could eat beef jerky but sadly I can't eat beef anymore, so please PLEASE eat an extra bag for me.