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Why I Ditched My Tesla For A Neglected Audi RS7

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Replacing my Tesla with something a little "different", I Found a trashed Audi RS7 in a barn and I fell in love. Here is what happened
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  1. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    6 months ago

    Now watch me do bodywork on it here -

    • Asa Kyrie

      Asa Kyrie

      5 hours ago

      @Isaias Watson testing it out right now. Looks good so far.

    • Isaias Watson

      Isaias Watson

      8 hours ago

      Dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram account using InstaPortal. Find it on google enjoy!

    • Paul Martinez

      Paul Martinez

      2 months ago

      Bro i have no idea if you be cappin

    • Dinpuia Puia

      Dinpuia Puia

      3 months ago

      Hey you have to many car u don't drive , give one of ur car😂😂

    • Skilz


      4 months ago

      Ha 69 likes

  2. James Latimer

    James Latimer

    Day ago

    Rich how much did you pay for rs7audi

  3. James Latimer

    James Latimer

    Day ago

    Yes it's been sitting for many many minutes before buying the Audi RS7 and the straw in thrown in free what a lucky man to buy a bunch of hay

  4. su oh

    su oh

    3 days ago

    The six galley sicily wonder because engine sadly taste mid a hallowed employee. addicted, classy octave

  5. Edward Estrella

    Edward Estrella

    3 days ago

    Cars are meant to be worked on, I think car guys are annoying but I understand the passion. At the moment buying a Tesla sounds like buying an already built lego set that you can’t play around with.

  6. Julio Vaught

    Julio Vaught

    4 days ago

    love the motortrend easter egg in there

  7. Arthur Glover

    Arthur Glover

    6 days ago

    I know what an oil change is. Did my own for years

  8. Shiro Surfer

    Shiro Surfer

    6 days ago


  9. Hot Sauce

    Hot Sauce

    8 days ago

    Pontiac trans am 1000hp

  10. Izak Vasquez

    Izak Vasquez

    9 days ago

    Would you do a manual ev build

  11. Shawn Meira

    Shawn Meira

    11 days ago

    Criminal what sam did to this car

  12. preston degeer

    preston degeer

    12 days ago

    Caucasian party😂😂😂

  13. MJ Corrielant

    MJ Corrielant

    12 days ago

    Get da demon

  14. Eli Hickey

    Eli Hickey

    14 days ago

    The guys at Advanced Technologies are the best around for anything performance and vag related

  15. Peter Sarpong

    Peter Sarpong

    14 days ago

    Caucasian Fest 2020!! 🤣🤣🤣

  16. James Garner

    James Garner

    16 days ago

    I liked it better with the gilley suit

  17. DW


    18 days ago

    how much did he pay for it?

  18. dulina rajapaksha

    dulina rajapaksha

    18 days ago


  19. Logan Mapes

    Logan Mapes

    19 days ago

    Motul is best

  20. ‌

    20 days ago

    4:48 - "only in a few hours away" fuck no i ain't going from germany all the way to greece

  21. Bify Gif

    Bify Gif

    20 days ago

    Grape seed oil, pretty sure.

  22. Roman Aldaine

    Roman Aldaine

    20 days ago

    At 6:51 *Dovahkin drum sound" - ANNOYING FETCH QUEST added to your journal

  23. Roman Aldaine

    Roman Aldaine

    20 days ago

    At 6:01 Oblivion NPC interrupts the player

  24. Mikethedane


    22 days ago

    Sorry @Rich Rebuilds, it's not a mini cooper... your's a Morris Mini 1000. The Cooper has two gas tanks.. one in each side.

  25. AmigoBarto


    22 days ago

    10/10 the frogs were cute.

  26. Watermellow Gaming

    Watermellow Gaming

    25 days ago

    Don’t worry about it just go grab the cheapest diesel Oil and use that

  27. Eric Deshields

    Eric Deshields

    Month ago

    Sounds like the flute 25:38 😅



    Month ago

    wtf the guy at 6:45 is samcrac and you can even see thie place where the rs7 was stand in some videos of samcrac

  29. retina gland

    retina gland

    Month ago

    Is my sense of humor terrible, or is he being sarcastic? the Audi is like, perfectly fine

  30. m 88

    m 88

    Month ago

    well ... these bigger audis sure aint pretty, but theyve got a big engine the crackle when you hit the throttle is so stupid tho. they tune that in for some weird reason

  31. Mohammed Chabab

    Mohammed Chabab

    Month ago

    i swear to god i love the RS7 but it sounds like a tractor with a exhaust😂😂 no hate tho

  32. Hot Toolsja

    Hot Toolsja

    Month ago

    Great Video 🔥🔥🔥🇯🇲

  33. Shawn Wendel

    Shawn Wendel

    Month ago

    Why when I was watching this audi commercial came on

  34. Ricky Torres

    Ricky Torres

    Month ago

    The modern knight inspiringly park because chard biologically deliver towards a small medicine. trite, luxuriant goldfish

  35. Liberty


    Month ago


  36. Grey Wolf

    Grey Wolf

    Month ago

    I drove a prius once. Once.

  37. Van Lian

    Van Lian

    Month ago

    I like the doge demon it has a hp of 830

  38. Kleef Boy

    Kleef Boy

    Month ago

    Rebuild a BTR-80

  39. Ted kim

    Ted kim

    Month ago

    did u remove the frogs

  40. Destiny Doherty

    Destiny Doherty

    Month ago

    Work for Richard ahhh

  41. Josh Olsen

    Josh Olsen

    Month ago

    How long did it take to spread that grass all over it? Waste of time

  42. Thomas Beshaw

    Thomas Beshaw

    Month ago

    Seriously why throw stuff on the car to make it "look" abandoned... you can tell the crass leaves and stuff were just tossed on it. its not like it added anything to the video just added airtime so i wont watch the rest of the video.

  43. Joe Salgado

    Joe Salgado

    Month ago

    Is this the car guy with the step mom? 6:03 😂

  44. Andy Ross

    Andy Ross

    Month ago

    Staging it like that makes you look like a complete TWAT

  45. Adriel Sjahfiedin

    Adriel Sjahfiedin

    Month ago

    Imagine making an electric Humvee... THAT WOULD BE SICK.

    • Citi Slackuh

      Citi Slackuh

      Month ago

      Gm is already making that

  46. RzR


    Month ago

    Good 4 u from the future

  47. Change evrthng

    Change evrthng

    Month ago

    Oooooh yessss pls the cadillac would be Muuaaacckkk!!

  48. Wyatt Wilson

    Wyatt Wilson

    Month ago

    WD-40 is the best oil to use change my mind

  49. Cars, Coffee, Confidence

    Cars, Coffee, Confidence

    Month ago

    Lmao the shark bites got me

  50. Aaron Walcott

    Aaron Walcott

    Month ago

    "I'll call it the Asphalt Sitter." Maaan! I can't watch these videos without pausing and laughing way hard!!

    • Megazone Music

      Megazone Music

      Month ago

      Rich is awesome!. His humor catches me off guard! :D

  51. IG&SC - ALBION_P05

    IG&SC - ALBION_P05

    Month ago

    I don't use oil I prefer to use water, It flows better

  52. João Coimbra

    João Coimbra

    Month ago

    Fake as hell!!!

  53. David Sr

    David Sr

    Month ago

    Not a car enthusiast nor a Tesla owner, but Rich you make me laugh and I enjoy watching your videos!

  54. Isak s

    Isak s

    Month ago

    my car prefers 10 40. so that is the oil i'm putting in the car.

  55. askavee


    2 months ago

    i thought it was fh4 irl cause of the title lmao

  56. Mechanically Creative

    Mechanically Creative

    2 months ago

    Mediocre pizza, understatement of the millennium.

  57. InsideGameWithMe


    2 months ago

    cool Vid´s mate thx for sharing with the world keep it fixing

  58. Toure Evelyn

    Toure Evelyn

    2 months ago

    Rich is the biggest troll yo haha

  59. Maude Stafford

    Maude Stafford

    2 months ago

    The wild weasel problematically relax because bit dimensionally matter since a lucky latency. little, abashed coil

  60. Simmie Williams

    Simmie Williams

    2 months ago

    Why would anyone at USgone flag this content as inappropriate. Rich is amazing, and USgone you’re starting to suck.

  61. Stephen Fowler

    Stephen Fowler

    2 months ago

    Lol that trash was staged

  62. Nob Ed

    Nob Ed

    2 months ago

    Always wondered what happened to Samcracs rs7

  63. Mike Griffin

    Mike Griffin

    2 months ago

    Your Videos are awesome, Much success

  64. Edward Spaccarelli

    Edward Spaccarelli

    2 months ago

    Legend has it that the dude with the rake is Samcrac

  65. Zach Brown

    Zach Brown

    2 months ago

    "Why are there so many sensors on this car?" "Germans." As an engineer who has to clean up german engineer's messes, this hits different.

  66. KingSamoan OG

    KingSamoan OG

    2 months ago

    The biggest issue you have with this car is it's an Audi!!!!!!

  67. Alpine Skies

    Alpine Skies

    2 months ago

    30:00 that dude has got to be the weakest man on the planet, he made me nauseous when he said he got rid of the car because his wife wouldn't drive it and she already has her own car so who give a shit if she drives it!!! He bought a Miata!!! Lol what a weak weak man!!!

  68. David Barker

    David Barker

    2 months ago

    Richard my friend, you have the finesse of a 1st yr apprentice.....haha

  69. CrossGame CG

    CrossGame CG

    2 months ago

    I love u guys together

  70. Allen EveryDay

    Allen EveryDay

    2 months ago

    The guys shirt says “Nashville predators” he’s brave or stupid af to wear something like that in 2020 😂

  71. Zureal


    2 months ago

    7:25 oh that sound gave me a boner... doint judge me.

  72. Modiene KANE

    Modiene KANE

    2 months ago

    That guy at 9mins looks suspiciously like Samcrac.

  73. H. S. L.

    H. S. L.

    2 months ago

    Should have got a Mercedes CLS. HOTTER, FASTER and best of all.. Not a shitty Audi

  74. nerdwithjordans


    2 months ago

    Audi has a temperamental fuel pump line.

  75. Donmoonu9000


    2 months ago

    EV cars are the future but I enjoy the trips to the past lol

    • Turismo


      2 months ago


  76. Brandon Delahoussaye

    Brandon Delahoussaye

    2 months ago

    The battery was dead, That’s why all those systems are in red on his computer

  77. pancakes99


    2 months ago

    Typical Audi

  78. bdaddy204


    3 months ago

    I know him🤣

  79. Nikola Brezec

    Nikola Brezec

    3 months ago

    Imagine bto be in 2070 and you see this RS7 as a barn find

  80. Oggy Kane

    Oggy Kane

    3 months ago

    Actually I am not considering to purchase Tesla because I watched your channel!

  81. DubK_Hitta


    3 months ago

    Own a A7 I wanted to upgrade to a Tesla but I might get a S7 instead

  82. Louie Louie s

    Louie Louie s

    3 months ago

    Lexus isf 2012

  83. YungPablo666


    3 months ago

    This guys name doesn’t lie he really is rich and rebuilds stuff



    3 months ago

    Z06 tunes are fucking monsters!



    3 months ago

    I know why. "Scott Pilgrim gas learned... Self Respect."

  86. G


    3 months ago

    Nice fake🧠

  87. Matthew Bittenbender

    Matthew Bittenbender

    3 months ago

    Bruh, your barn find theatrics got me 🤣🤣🤣

  88. Klemen Koprivnikar

    Klemen Koprivnikar

    3 months ago

    i hate tesla

  89. Phil May

    Phil May

    3 months ago

    The Z06 weighs less than 3000lbs.? Wow, I thought they were heavier, around 911 territory. And that Audi is the most perfect “lousy paint, sad interior and needs a lot of help” car the world has ever seen. The giveaway was the casually strewn about tinsel stuff on the car. Did you do that? Yah.....right!

  90. Charlie Mock

    Charlie Mock

    3 months ago


  91. Michael Olson

    Michael Olson

    3 months ago

    These engines are so complex. I have no idea how you know where to even start.

  92. Roy May

    Roy May

    3 months ago

    I work for Bentley and write the official diagnostics tool :) many many systems!

  93. Rami StillRami

    Rami StillRami

    3 months ago

    Audi are cheapened by VW?

  94. MarthaK Harris - Carter

    MarthaK Harris - Carter

    3 months ago

    These Comments From The Tesla Fan Boys Are Crazy

  95. Leon


    3 months ago

    Videos with gas power vehicles will soon be demonetized, mark my words

  96. Richegg22


    3 months ago

    Hemp oil?

  97. JOD3N


    4 months ago

    why does this look like a 2021 model?

  98. Dayne Derbyshire

    Dayne Derbyshire

    4 months ago


  99. 902nick


    4 months ago


  100. Hayden Sanders

    Hayden Sanders

    4 months ago

    What would make a good video oh I know let’s get a new car put it in a barn for 2 days put hay shit and leaves on it and say look guys it’s been neglected like 29 times lamo