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We're building an off grid camper van for our homeless assistant

Tune out people you don’t want to listen to without looking like you have a q-tip in your ear.
Get rid of the George Costanza wallet, too.
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our beloved assistant leenda is homeless, cold and lonely, so the crew got together to build her a new home to fill it with love joy and happiness, a proper start to #vanlife
My instagram - @richiebkidd
Instagram for leenda - @leendalucia
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  1. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    10 days ago

    Next video here! -

    • Sam Miller

      Sam Miller

      Day ago

      @Willie Cooper Are you @Douglas Lennon?

    • Sam Miller

      Sam Miller

      Day ago

      @Douglas Lennon Why would you do that? Why mention it here?

    • Willie Cooper

      Willie Cooper

      4 days ago

      @Douglas Lennon trying it out now. Looks to be working.

    • infinitydreamzz


      5 days ago

      For a moment I thought you were Ru Paul

    • Douglas Lennon

      Douglas Lennon

      7 days ago

      Not sure if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it

  2. John Pedder

    John Pedder

    16 hours ago

    lol when you’re not good enough to have a name, and are known as “the homeless student” because click bait gets more views $$$

  3. O O

    O O

    22 hours ago

    You could probably sell the cat litter 🤣

  4. Flex Frank

    Flex Frank

    Day ago

    What got me is the "heated" seats on the cat litter bathroom bucket, I lost it

  5. Richard 77

    Richard 77

    Day ago

    Boss uses workers tits to sell his channel

  6. Alberto Perez

    Alberto Perez

    Day ago

    I thought he was joking when he said her name was Leenda. Cause Leenda sounds like Spanish word “Linda” meaning beautiful, cute, gorgeous. Lol

  7. Bald harder

    Bald harder

    2 days ago

    Where are the masks?

  8. DannyWarlegs


    2 days ago

    Isint driving with headphones illegal in most states?

  9. Nike Life

    Nike Life

    2 days ago

    Linda linda she brings the Jessica Simpson act & she sexy. Yeah this is all coincidental. Marketing baby tune in.

  10. seriouscatisserious


    2 days ago


  11. Larry Mulalley

    Larry Mulalley

    3 days ago

    LOL Greetings from Idaho Rich! Great content and sarcasm !

  12. Chris Wheeler

    Chris Wheeler

    3 days ago

    Wtf, weird to find Leenda on here. Went to school with her haha random.

  13. Josh Riles

    Josh Riles

    3 days ago

    I wish i could find a good looking woman like that to ride in my semi

  14. blkmtrwrke


    3 days ago

    is there an echo in here 22:42

  15. HH AA

    HH AA

    4 days ago

    M-B Rust from inside out is my experience too. They have alot of moisture and dirt traps in the way they construct.

  16. Enrique Rivers

    Enrique Rivers

    4 days ago


  17. wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN


    4 days ago

    Portable toilet should be where the passenger seat used to be. Double as passenger seat.

  18. Miguel Gsmokes

    Miguel Gsmokes

    4 days ago

    Highway rich reference?

  19. Duke00x


    4 days ago

    I agree with that last guys comment.

  20. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk

    4 days ago

    1:23 everyone stops watching, goes to the vid description and straight to IG.

  21. GrandmaKeith


    4 days ago

    Wait. Maybe she is dangerous when wet!

  22. OldSkool 55F100

    OldSkool 55F100

    4 days ago

    Rich.... I love you man.... ROFL...

  23. branden householder

    branden householder

    4 days ago

    23:30 sad but very true

  24. iron will85

    iron will85

    4 days ago

    F that Mercedes fix the Ford classic!

  25. playablue


    4 days ago

    His plug ins on the advertising Spot on

  26. iron will85

    iron will85

    4 days ago

    Strong woman living in a 80s Ford rv cool

  27. Paul Fuller drum study

    Paul Fuller drum study

    5 days ago

    She's dumbass sexy 😍

  28. expertguy101


    5 days ago

    I love this dude dry humor

  29. Evan Pimental

    Evan Pimental

    5 days ago

    Damn! I pity you east-coasters! Rust galore! I thought newer vehicles were better protected against rust? Here in California, we fortunately don't have to worry about that. That wheel well was pretty bad! I'm curious to see how y'all will address it. But overall, this is a really cool build, very inspiring... makes me wanna pimp out a van. Thanks for the cool content.

  30. Evan Pimental

    Evan Pimental

    5 days ago

    Shout out to Rich! I have been familiar with him, just started really watching all of his stuff. Sharp dude, and I respect the hustle.

  31. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool

    5 days ago

    Bro, straight up proud of you taking care of that girl.

  32. Calum Carmichael

    Calum Carmichael

    5 days ago

    The comments 😂😂😂😂

  33. White Man

    White Man

    5 days ago

    Simp alert !! Men degrading themselves before women hoping to receive their validation. Major thumbs down.

  34. jon kwarsick

    jon kwarsick

    6 days ago

    how many ads can you put in one video you cheap[ ass?

  35. Aorus Mini-ITX RiG

    Aorus Mini-ITX RiG

    6 days ago

    mmmm I wanaa mmm /Lindaaa

  36. A420N AARON

    A420N AARON

    6 days ago

    I want to live in a sprinter van so bad. I’ve loved them things since they first came out.

  37. A420N AARON

    A420N AARON

    6 days ago

    Leenda is so awesome ! I love her spirit & that she’s a RV girl

  38. Multidimensional Traveler

    Multidimensional Traveler

    6 days ago

    I hate wallets. I have had bad experiences, once you lose your wallet you lose everything and i am a cash only type of person. Things are cheaper with cash and cash money talks when you want something someone does not intend to sell but waving that cash in front their face change the circumstances. Here in Boston if you go to a gas station and use credit card it is almost $1 more per gallon. I wanted a ridge wallet thingy when they came out because it looks nice, the carbon fiber one you have and the titanium one is my favorite one but i know i will not use it. I buy many things because it looks cool and it end up sitting around.

  39. Multidimensional Traveler

    Multidimensional Traveler

    6 days ago

    A vanlifer she just got a little more interesting. I did not like her at first now im easing into her

  40. Michael Oxman

    Michael Oxman

    6 days ago

    Everytime I hear you videos I think I'm listening to the guys from Car Talk.

  41. ReV CaR REVIEW


    6 days ago

    Leenda :)

  42. Nicholas Piscitelli

    Nicholas Piscitelli

    6 days ago

    Friend of mine just told me Arizona is full of motorhomes

  43. Nicholas Piscitelli

    Nicholas Piscitelli

    6 days ago

    Which you use for a bathroom I know motorhomes are hard to find but damn

  44. Nicholas Piscitelli

    Nicholas Piscitelli

    6 days ago

    You guys can't hook her up with a car in an apartment



    6 days ago

    I came for Leenda... lol

  46. Nabtune


    6 days ago

    "I don't think Linda is bringing a donkey with her" 😂😂😂 that is hilarious

  47. Mark Corey

    Mark Corey

    7 days ago

    I understand that you wanted the content, but why not giving her a raise so that she could afford an apartment?

  48. MrBeatboxmasta


    7 days ago

    I guess unlike that 1 lawyer and unlike the reddit guy, she forgot to mention that she is not a people can't blame Rich for being confused and have her poop on kitty litter.

  49. Peachy


    7 days ago

    raycons suck lmao

  50. Dino Aurelio

    Dino Aurelio

    7 days ago

    Congratulations on 1 mil

  51. Kevin Brattzely Ramos

    Kevin Brattzely Ramos

    7 days ago

    Rich is talking out of his ass when talking about the headphones haha. Love this guy!

  52. Ron Hutter

    Ron Hutter

    7 days ago

    What a great boss helping out your assistant

  53. ShadowwolfXD97


    7 days ago

    22:41 a fact so nice you played it twice

  54. Do It Wrong

    Do It Wrong

    7 days ago

    A van, off-grid, is this serious?

  55. Andy Smythe

    Andy Smythe

    7 days ago

    Those snot filled holes will rust quickly. Fill voids that might collect condensation with closed cell foam after anti rust treatment.

  56. SaaVere Moore

    SaaVere Moore

    7 days ago

    The commentary is legendary...ctfu

  57. Lou Cipher

    Lou Cipher

    7 days ago

    who else paused the vid at the 25 second and 1:20 mark, dont lie mfers 😂

  58. spider-ball


    7 days ago

    Next on Rich TV: "Crib My Ride"...or maybe "Crimp"?

  59. Alatus


    8 days ago

    As the owner of a Mercedes Vito and an Iveco Daily 35c18 that are not realted to any type of commercial activity, I absolutely love vans. The Iveco is huge and could allegedly transport no less than 20 illegal migrants from an undisclosed EU border crossing, straight into the heart of Germany, doing so both quickly with that large engine and in comfort with its air suspension.

  60. m t

    m t

    8 days ago

    If your hazmat placards flop open while going down the road, it could be a VERY expensive ticket. Remove them. They are not CUTE.

  61. Daniel Marshall

    Daniel Marshall

    8 days ago

    6:20 I do like a "nice rack" thank you for the vid.

  62. Len Black

    Len Black

    8 days ago


  63. safffff1000


    8 days ago

    Mercedes not known for reliability, just whole lot easier to fix what she had

  64. V8Marc


    9 days ago

    Lol making room for all the cameras to capture every angle

  65. Joshua Carey

    Joshua Carey

    9 days ago

    Awesome Rich, nice segway !

  66. Luis A. S.

    Luis A. S.

    9 days ago

    Well, that big ass employee deserves a big ass van. Nice of you to make it happen, Rich. 😁😊😊😊😊

  67. MikeJ F

    MikeJ F

    9 days ago

    Rich do you think a Tesla drive unit would work on this van, this is only a question. Thanks interesting video.

  68. mrkimpham


    9 days ago

    If it hasn't been said yet, the crud on the inside when you took the panels off, is from the exterior belt molding that isn't water tight.

  69. Juxhin Meminaj

    Juxhin Meminaj

    9 days ago

    7k damn, good price. I got my 2013 for 17k, 75k miles. How many miles on this one.

  70. Hot Toolsja

    Hot Toolsja

    9 days ago

    Great Video Watching From Jamaica 🇯🇲

  71. GoCoyote


    9 days ago

    Radio with a backup camera would be a wise investment!

  72. cosmik


    9 days ago

    "I don't think Leenda is going to be bringing a donkey with her."

  73. imark7777777


    9 days ago

    That’s amazing I never knew you could do that with ear buds especially when they’re illegal to wear it while driving in most states.

  74. Mandela Did It

    Mandela Did It

    9 days ago

    What do you mean removing the storage isn’t an option? It’s always an option.

  75. Let it go

    Let it go

    10 days ago

    Rich, what are you doing with this chick? Aren’t you married? Bet your wife isn’t happy.

  76. Robert Threm

    Robert Threm

    10 days ago

    Where is she WTF I want to see the supermodel every episode or I will unsubscribe.. be careful that might be catchy



    10 days ago

    12:07 when she asks where i got that from😂

  78. qbanz


    10 days ago

    Why not just buy her an apartment ? Lol

  79. TanManJenkins


    10 days ago

    Shit is hoooottttt

  80. redwarf


    10 days ago

    those earbuds suck and are too expensive

  81. CuzBwoiii


    10 days ago

    Hi Rich, why did you have a tab open searching for Elon Musks’ Fart? 😂😂😂😂

  82. Ryan Siverson

    Ryan Siverson

    10 days ago

    I used to drive an older version of this Merc for the same company and the traction control in the snow was BRUTAL. Is it bad I knew which company you got the vehicle from seeing the clip at 14:26?

  83. Thanos Perl

    Thanos Perl

    10 days ago

    Love the Thanos reference! I thought, I don't think I have met you. Also, it's pronounced "Thah-nose"

  84. Barry Linkiewich

    Barry Linkiewich

    10 days ago

    You should have left the partition in place.

  85. Elijah Fregia

    Elijah Fregia

    10 days ago

    This concept aged poorly

  86. BIGsimify


    10 days ago

    He called her a vagrant, priceless! Lol!

  87. A Soldierz Genetics

    A Soldierz Genetics

    10 days ago

    Gotta be the hottest homeless chick I’ve ever seen.. much respect for helping her out, stay safe out the rich 🤙

  88. Mathew Michuta

    Mathew Michuta

    10 days ago

    Can I get a set of Raycons that says "Rich Rebuilds"?

  89. R P

    R P

    10 days ago

    Your uh good man!

  90. Arsones UPC Entertainment

    Arsones UPC Entertainment

    10 days ago

    👌🏾👌🏾Upgrade her pleaseeeeee 😂😂😂

  91. Richard Pac

    Richard Pac

    11 days ago

    Is there a video with the van finished?

  92. matthew keating

    matthew keating

    11 days ago

    Look at the rack on her.

  93. jay_615


    11 days ago

    when he said speed limite are govern at 65 well now u know how us truck driver feels

  94. pa2kelis


    11 days ago

    pa2kelis geras

  95. Walter Vitarelli

    Walter Vitarelli

    11 days ago

    Is there an IAAI for Europe?

  96. Bj Wraps

    Bj Wraps

    11 days ago

    Hey rich, I own a vinyl wrap shop in Long Island, Ny. We’d love the chance to wrap a project car for you.

    • Juss Envy

      Juss Envy

      2 days ago

      I dont think he support black

  97. fshalor


    11 days ago

    Oh man.. I'd leave that partition! It probably improves the handling and weight capabilities of the other walls substantially!

  98. Donbot5000


    11 days ago

    "removing the storage isnt an option." laughs in Do it with Dan hamulance build.

  99. John Witness

    John Witness

    11 days ago

    rich should have been wearing helmet for overhead protection

  100. Gacheru Mburu

    Gacheru Mburu

    11 days ago