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We installed solar on our homeless assistants van

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Yes, it’s science. The best damn insulation for your van:
Leenda has returned to show us why we don't use her technical drawings for her off grid van conversion
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  1. Roger Johnson

    Roger Johnson

    15 hours ago

    why are you listening to that airhead , just make the van and give it to her , she should be greatful not demanding

  2. JSmooVE3990


    11 days ago

    When my wife gets home I'm gonna tell her she looks like a stew.

  3. Clarence McGregor

    Clarence McGregor

    15 days ago

    Stripper pole? Who knew!

  4. D Sloop

    D Sloop

    16 days ago

    She should have some of the 61 Caddy rear end moved up to the front.

  5. nubkoko


    16 days ago

    i sead 56, i hav faild

  6. nubkoko


    16 days ago

    just woke up at like 5:40 they talk and i did not understand.-.

  7. vladimir curkoski

    vladimir curkoski

    17 days ago

    you did great insulation

  8. Dave Snothere

    Dave Snothere

    20 days ago

    Fastenal would be a good sponsor

  9. Sirbraapalot


    21 day ago

    Avacado toast is the best

  10. Rah bizarre

    Rah bizarre

    22 days ago

    youre gonna really regret not putting in any windows x

  11. Rúben Santos

    Rúben Santos

    22 days ago

    Right in the banger. 50V *Dabs*

  12. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker

    22 days ago

    Personally think you should have left the divider in nothing to do with being an expert it's just that I used cargo vans myself and I find the divider a handy little idea. You mentioned about the wheels sticking out on your diesel truck have you considered fender flares? I don't know if that's a option where you live I know in some places it's how people get away with extended tires by putting fender flares on which skirts around the regulation extending the body over the wheel extension. Just something I thought I'd suggest. Personally don't know anything about insulating a van that's completely over my skill-set. Personally when I'm camping in the van I sleep in the front seat wrapped up in multiple layers of wool blankets. One of the scariest damn things I've ever seen was a homeless man 20 or so garbage bags in a sleeping bag. Quite a few times I've taken sleeping bags and blankets to a couple of homeless shelters and stopping to pick up what I thought was a empty sleeping bag sticking out between a pile of garbage bags only to realize it was a sleeping person inside was a pretty unnerving experience. Next to that was seeing a park bench Mommy. This was a homeless person wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy from head to toe in a thin white Hospital bed sheet during a God damn blizzard. I hope I never see that again. You think it's some sort of a snow sculpture on a park bench only to realize it's a thin blanket with a human being inside. Hopefully the van works out for Linda. I know you guys mean it as a running gag calling her homeless. They've got some fancy name for people that live full-time in vans to avoid paying rent a lot of them camp out at Walmart parking lots.

  13. Pd Legend

    Pd Legend

    23 days ago

    OMG, I wish I saw this when it happned so I could beg her NOT to do this...

    • Rob


      3 days ago

      @Pd Legend Should have specified that in the comment

    • Pd Legend

      Pd Legend

      3 days ago

      @Rob the fake b00bs

    • Rob


      3 days ago

      Do what

  14. TJ


    23 days ago

    I want Leenda to flash me with her new headlights.

  15. spartalives


    24 days ago

    White shirt, white hat here... Clean this place up before somebody gets hurt. And use gasket sealants for environmentally exposed attach points, dumbasses.

  16. spartalives


    24 days ago

    a tanning bed in your bed is a really bad idea, like deadly, ax that idea. The toaster... well if it's that big maybe you don't need a 4 burner stove/oven.

  17. laurie ross-fenty

    laurie ross-fenty

    25 days ago

    Rich can Segway seamlessly into any advertisement 😂

  18. Rob Washere

    Rob Washere

    27 days ago

    first thing i noticed was the sound difference,it was Clearly different. Amazeballs ~ sheeps wools even...whoda thunk it ??

  19. zamalek


    28 days ago

    Dude you sure seem happier now that you are off the Tesla train.

  20. WSario


    29 days ago

    you guys are too funny...

  21. gabriel delpilar

    gabriel delpilar

    29 days ago

    Hey girl you don't need that!!!surgery!!!noooooo!!!!

    • Lagod


      28 days ago


  22. MI Car Guy

    MI Car Guy

    Month ago

    All of the montage music has a beat exactly like PHub. Coincidence?

  23. matt z

    matt z

    Month ago

    This b**** asking for a whole house in a van lol am sorry rich, your doing an awesome job but your assistant is delusional

  24. LightWing Studios

    LightWing Studios

    Month ago

    Riddle me this: Why can't you use the Tanning Bed to make the Avocado Toast? :)

  25. Warren1814


    Month ago

    He starts talking about the Solar panels at 8:54

  26. Kalob Hunt

    Kalob Hunt

    Month ago

    So question what kind of insurance do you get for one of these?? Car home or rv insurance?

  27. Kalob Hunt

    Kalob Hunt

    Month ago

    My boy rich has like two to three sponsors a video. He deserves it.

  28. brsssd


    Month ago

    Solar panels have wattage rating but thats lost during the conversion in the inverter. Also in the north west region we are low on the sun scale unless it's very sunny more than here in Michigan. Mono crystalline panels are one of the best. Viltage on the panel is also an option. Are you using reserve power storage? Are you installing electrical panel with Breakers & a 30 or 60 amp plug when at a RV park? With all the weight added for all your assistant wants will require a leaf spring addition. Just saying.

  29. Johan


    Month ago

    Closed cell foam is really your only option inside a sealed metal box. That would include foam sheet. Wool is awesome but you have to be careful about how it's used.

  30. Onri Jay Benally

    Onri Jay Benally

    Month ago


  31. jenba36


    Month ago

    I love it, you guys are awesome! Had to watch every video to the end, so addictive. I can't tell what's sarcasm. LoL, keep up the great work!

  32. Philip Rizek

    Philip Rizek

    Month ago

    Tell you what when you have to stomp sheeps wooll into a bag freshly sheared and it does wonders for leather boots

  33. Youtube1984


    Month ago

    I give it three more episodes before this project becomes Pornhub category. Damn. Good job mate!

  34. few2many


    Month ago

    Solar panels put out fairly constant voltage. It's the current that changes.

  35. few2many


    Month ago

    Why didn't you just stake the wheel spacers off your axle???

  36. Tino Moc

    Tino Moc

    Month ago

    It sad how u have to renovate her whole van just to get in her pants

  37. gmrb79s


    Month ago

    all of this for Leenda... man just date her and bring her into YOUR own home. period.

  38. T DS

    T DS

    Month ago

    How is she living in a 500 dollar van and let her boss buy and make her a whole new van and she finds it importand to do plastic surgury that costs sooo much if she is a bit smart she will get her life straigt with buying first a house or a good van

    • T DS

      T DS

      Month ago

      (My english writing aint good)

  39. Norberto Guzman

    Norberto Guzman

    Month ago

    The gmc truck has wheel spacers on it , they just have to be removed , don’t need a custom axle

  40. Damion Scarberry

    Damion Scarberry

    Month ago

    She could get it

  41. Carlam 666

    Carlam 666

    Month ago

    One day in the lab at work I noticed a new gel-filled wrist support for when using the computer mouse. It felt really nice and was extremely comfortable. It was a mystery as to who brought it in. Nobody could/would admit to donating it to the lab computer. After examining it closely I found a part number and serial number etched into it. Upon Googling the part number, I discovered it was a breast implant!

  42. angel_ kun

    angel_ kun

    Month ago

    This girl got cakes

  43. julio toon

    julio toon

    Month ago

    I think it's cheaper if you give her a hot plate easier to store and you can cook anything on it even rice

  44. ThaTruth Trill

    ThaTruth Trill

    Month ago

    How the hell she homeless smh 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  45. Angelic420x


    Month ago

    bruh i wish i had your drive i have a taste but not even close to the amount of effort you can put into these projects hire me lol

  46. David Lamb

    David Lamb

    Month ago

    The only reason I would have considered leaving the cargo partition is for security, those doors are strong. Keep up the great content man, looking forward to V8 Tesla updates.

  47. Douglas Blair

    Douglas Blair

    Month ago

    You're not talking donuts... Head-Lights... :)

  48. Gerry Cruz

    Gerry Cruz

    Month ago


  49. Gerry Cruz

    Gerry Cruz

    Month ago

    Rich you Funny as FUCK

  50. Nathan Quiroz

    Nathan Quiroz

    Month ago

    i liked because the black rail comment. great job rich!

  51. NoNegotiations


    Month ago

    Looks like you have wheel spacers on that truck, thats why they are sticking out so much.

  52. Michael Geans

    Michael Geans

    Month ago

    Samcrac must be really pissed that Rich is actually finishing builds.



    Month ago

    I love the M.A.S.H. Theme song for the electrical outlet @ 30:53

  54. Demi Vis

    Demi Vis

    Month ago

    Watching the Perseverance landing in the background huh? Good stuff

  55. phillip cladis

    phillip cladis

    Month ago

    No shortage of cringes today, nicely done!

  56. Josh Nabours

    Josh Nabours

    Month ago

    I want a tesla video where you measure how long each wire is......

  57. Czechbound


    Month ago

    There's a reason these videos get 500k+ views. Very engaging, funny and informative. Big fan

  58. humbughumbughumbug


    Month ago

    OMG Leenda designing the van was awesome 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  59. michael hawkins

    michael hawkins

    Month ago

    Rich where did you even find this chick

  60. Outlaw Services

    Outlaw Services

    Month ago

    Take them fuckin wheel spacers off you’re duramax they won’t stick out so far

  61. daszieher


    Month ago

    "so the door will be, the door will be.. ooooh." had me laughing hard!

  62. MasotankaTV


    Month ago

    Rich I like what you're doing with van. I was wounder I'm disable and I would like to see you make a speed scooter that would be cool to me and still be able to keep it light!.

  63. Konan Honim

    Konan Honim

    Month ago

    Leenda definitly has an onlyfan account.

  64. George White

    George White

    Month ago

    Linda is fire, Rich is a god, and Steven is lowkey ringleader...but what I really want to point out is the FULL HOUSE WU-TANG Sweatshirt rich is rocking. Thank you thank you thank you.

  65. Karl Schwarz

    Karl Schwarz

    Month ago

    What are you doing for a vapor barrier to prevent mold from forming in the insulation and behind the walls?

  66. Some Simple Gaming

    Some Simple Gaming

    Month ago

    Light bars whistle at 40mph and are annoying af. You have to mod it so it doesnnt

  67. Paddy VZ

    Paddy VZ

    Month ago

    Rich's pants just aren't flexible enough for him 😂😂

  68. Linus Gk

    Linus Gk

    Month ago

    In case you haven't taught about it, if it's going to be a mostly of grid van it's better to run as much as possible on DC. Converting dc to ac is not that efficient or cheap. Like the fridge and stuff. And if you're going with ac it is easier to run some dc cables now before the walls go up.

  69. rajamoffin


    Month ago

    I wonder what she puts out, for their input. Ooooooooh sexual eletric joke.

  70. Captain Donut

    Captain Donut

    Month ago

    Why would some one so Beautiful would want to destroy tat beuty whit un natural proportions for there build? Just saying i live in a country whit the most Beautiful girls. Only country two times winer of miss universe. Lithuania.

  71. nefnm


    Month ago

    After market body parts....

  72. linc


    Month ago

    love elon

  73. Jacob D

    Jacob D

    Month ago

    E R O T I C S E A T R U M B L E

  74. bugtrap66


    Month ago

    I didn't know they used sheep's wool for insulation.😲😲 Not baaaaaaaaaad!

  75. Andrew Gessel

    Andrew Gessel

    Month ago

    That, by the way, is at least a dozen sheep.

  76. testicular oxide

    testicular oxide

    Month ago

    Multipurpose... Wash veggies in toilet bowl, shower in toilet...

  77. testicular oxide

    testicular oxide

    Month ago

    Leenda going for TITSTACULAR now...😅👍

  78. testicular oxide

    testicular oxide

    Month ago

    Leenda be delicious with extra crispy skin n seasoning...

  79. savydude1


    Month ago

    The hot and cold air will meet in the van wall sheep insulation and condense.....I believe this will cause the condensate to rust the van out from inside the's not about mold, it's about condensation.

  80. ShootMoveCommunicate


    Month ago

    R7 🤣🤣🤣 LMAO. You guys can do better than r7. At least r20 for the insulation. It's going to take alot to keep that thing livable

  81. TheOriginal Duke

    TheOriginal Duke

    Month ago

    New to this channel!! Great Stuff Rich!!

  82. Murph Dog

    Murph Dog

    Month ago

    As a teenager from the south I appreciate the compliment

  83. Glorious Running Potato

    Glorious Running Potato

    Month ago

    No ! fake boobs are nasty !

  84. jim beam

    jim beam

    Month ago

    You guys destroyed her ideas because she is a girl..not nice .

  85. keviiino


    Month ago

    hoy it's sunday

  86. michael gadwah

    michael gadwah

    Month ago

    You are aware that your truck has wheel spacers right you can see them

  87. LeG35nd 06

    LeG35nd 06

    Month ago

    This video isn’t a how’s a how we’re, how we’re doing it

  88. Nicho Barricco

    Nicho Barricco

    Month ago

    No. Please, no fake diddies. You're just fine mama.

  89. Kevin Willbur

    Kevin Willbur

    Month ago

    I think you obvi need to do a video of her demonstrating that you can sunbath on the solar panels

  90. bbbf09


    Month ago

    50V ...but no Amps

  91. Richard Long

    Richard Long

    Month ago

    That wool - it sure looks like New Zealand high country Merino damn wool in the world. Love ya content Rich - keep up the great work!

  92. Allan Eddings

    Allan Eddings

    Month ago

    Ummm rich, yep fans blow stuff!!

  93. Alex Sam

    Alex Sam

    Month ago

    Assistants? How many homeless people have you employed? Is the van like a commom condo for all these people? I'm not a native speaker but even I know it should be "assistant's". Get it together Rich.

  94. Zainal


    Month ago

    tanning bed on a van's rooftop, because there isnt enough "earth" to tan on.

  95. Justin Busching

    Justin Busching

    Month ago

    What's the purpose of the light bar exactly?

  96. Jamal Clayton

    Jamal Clayton

    Month ago

    Talented for sure but quick question about how many different projects do you do at a time?

  97. Bill Johnson

    Bill Johnson

    Month ago

    Natural is sexier

  98. John Seipel

    John Seipel

    Month ago

    She's obviously not homeless.

  99. alex chad

    alex chad

    Month ago

    Uganda be kidding me, that milking guy is from Uganda EastAfrica🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬✊✊✊✊

  100. Mr grow Medical

    Mr grow Medical

    Month ago

    Told you ass she would make everyone watch her.. her only fans on point .