We BUILT our own Tesla Cyberquad and its absolutely INSANE!

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Cyberquad Playlist: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX1Ww...

Finally the great Starscream is born and with a wrrrr rolls into action, just how fast can she go? lets find out

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  1. Denny L

    Denny L

    9 months ago

    Loved the ending “Look your girlfriend dead in the eye for 5 seconds.........’ That really cracked me up. It was just a perfect ending !!!!

    • BoomXxSdYT


      5 months ago

      @Denny L ok

    • BoomXxSdYT


      5 months ago

      @Denny L oh

    • John Krakatoa

      John Krakatoa

      5 months ago

      I loled hahaha

    • Denny L

      Denny L

      5 months ago

      @BoomXxSdYT ~~ I don’t create content !!

    • BoomXxSdYT


      5 months ago

      you made your channel 12 years ago and only uas 2 subs wow thats sad

  2. Ron Thibeau

    Ron Thibeau

    7 hours ago

    That thing is sweet.

  3. Maxeim Lucchese

    Maxeim Lucchese

    8 hours ago

    Awsome we can have power wheels for adults

  4. Sam Neal

    Sam Neal

    Day ago

    At 5:45 when Rich "revs" up the motor for the first time, you can actually see the tires get narrower and taller when the spin up. Incredible

  5. ebike rider

    ebike rider

    2 days ago

    You can't tell us what to do

  6. Marco Ceccarelli

    Marco Ceccarelli

    6 days ago

    Wow this is completely awesome what a ATV. You guys did a credible job building it

  7. Elson Odejimi

    Elson Odejimi

    16 days ago

    You called Tesla a small up and coming company.

  8. Magnus Ahlin

    Magnus Ahlin

    17 days ago

    I want one!

  9. P2 _bry

    P2 _bry

    18 days ago

    Can I bye it

  10. Rich Laue

    Rich Laue

    20 days ago

    Next we need an electric snow mobile

  11. Eric Dunn

    Eric Dunn

    20 days ago

    I have been binge watching all of your videos... You sir, are an absolute genius. Well done and well played.

  12. Ashli Dozier

    Ashli Dozier

    22 days ago

    So why did you get this from and if you can respond to my commanders put on the parts in like the description down below so I can so I can like build it

  13. jarvis bush

    jarvis bush

    25 days ago

    You should try making a dual motor limited top speed versio

  14. Charles Osikoya

    Charles Osikoya

    25 days ago

    Great video

  15. Nøderak


    28 days ago

    some people liek to make noise while they're coming… ok rich

  16. James Nebraska

    James Nebraska

    29 days ago

    Can i please have it

  17. Mario Garbey

    Mario Garbey

    Month ago

    Great work, that thing is a beast

  18. Pound4pound


    Month ago

    Anyone know what type of helmet is he using?

  19. _FrosT_


    Month ago

    Since there is a noticable split in the front cone of the quad you could have made that a hinged door and put the guide for the wich where it should be and still be nicely hidden.

  20. Ethan Failes

    Ethan Failes

    Month ago

    If only you sold these, you'd be one rich man

  21. Defaultz Enabled

    Defaultz Enabled

    Month ago

    How much would you sell this for

  22. droo


    Month ago

    cool now make one that flies

  23. I a n W

    I a n W

    Month ago

    I'm actually afraid for you guys…Yes, I AM close in age to your parents.

  24. Chyen & Tammy Plascensia-Walker

    Chyen & Tammy Plascensia-Walker

    Month ago

    I want one wow

  25. focused313


    Month ago

    If I bring a Raptor to electrified garage, will you guys swap those with an electric drivetrain?

  26. Zain SiDdiqui

    Zain SiDdiqui

    Month ago

    This is the best thing 👏🏻

  27. Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

    Month ago

    Dude u are a genius fr

  28. Jeremiah Halley

    Jeremiah Halley

    Month ago

    Dude am surprised that you get media attention

  29. T T

    T T

    Month ago

    Dude your effin hilarious

  30. SkarZz On YT

    SkarZz On YT

    Month ago

    What was the at 0.47

  31. nutkiller thirteen

    nutkiller thirteen

    Month ago


  32. Joseph


    Month ago

    ya lets rip it in flip flops!! also says to wear protective equipment and proceeds to go full speed in shirt and shorts LOL

  33. April Lashon

    April Lashon

    Month ago

    The end was so satisfying!😂

  34. SONG 1051

    SONG 1051

    Month ago

    Desearía que alguien pudiera traducirlo a español :(

  35. Spell of Hell

    Spell of Hell

    2 months ago

    you are awesome dude

  36. Shaun Mcgowan

    Shaun Mcgowan

    2 months ago

    Second video I just couldn't get through it. The older you get the harder it is to get through all the smoke and mirrors. I'm sure the bike is cool. The videos are all over the place.

  37. Hetrick Racing

    Hetrick Racing

    2 months ago

    Let me race it for publicity???? 😂 I wish, let me Leno when you guys start selling them

  38. VortexCloudy#783 -

    VortexCloudy#783 -

    2 months ago

    Raptor 700 is the best

  39. Mikey Cuthbertson.

    Mikey Cuthbertson.

    2 months ago


  40. Kalob Hunt

    Kalob Hunt

    2 months ago

    I don’t get it the fukn cyber truck is ugly as fuck it looks like a fukn door stop. Idk what people are tripping on the truck but the ATV is cool.

  41. 215_swervo


    2 months ago

    I'll reserve it for 20$ 🔥🔥👽

  42. Everything Loud 406

    Everything Loud 406

    2 months ago

    I would literally work for you forever for this beauty 😍

  43. Electric Shield

    Electric Shield

    2 months ago

    Holy crap!

  44. Joel


    2 months ago

    "Competitive hot dog eating masks..." hold up.....

  45. Elberta Clint

    Elberta Clint

    2 months ago

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  46. Elberta Clint

    Elberta Clint

    2 months ago

    The steadfast spleen relatedly tick because vessel reassembly peep beneath a dead chive. even excellent excited, knowing cloth

  47. Ranvir Kapadia

    Ranvir Kapadia

    2 months ago

    0-60 in 3.9 on an electric quad, good lord...

  48. Taylor Sheridan

    Taylor Sheridan

    2 months ago

    you did not even realize you just designed a tow vehicle for firefighters

  49. Taylor Sheridan

    Taylor Sheridan

    2 months ago

    u need a different sine wave controller

  50. Lisabeth Low

    Lisabeth Low

    2 months ago

    The flimsy debtor postsynaptically bat because angle endoscopically tame off a damaging ox. curious, hypnotic laborer

  51. Seth Anderson

    Seth Anderson

    2 months ago

    You should race it against other ATV’s

  52. bzdirt


    2 months ago

    You should do an electric snowmobile next! (no idea how the batteries would fare in the cold tho)

  53. Tate Thompson

    Tate Thompson

    3 months ago

    What voltage?

  54. Kamaya Nightcore

    Kamaya Nightcore

    3 months ago

    kawasaki: our bike can do 0-60 in 2 seconds cyberquad: hold my beer

  55. Liza Mirkovskaya

    Liza Mirkovskaya

    3 months ago

    i wed want one

  56. dash8brj


    3 months ago

    LOL that thing is insane. Nice build :)

  57. xoloitsquintli


    3 months ago

    Dude, you need to bring this out to Black Rock Desert and get a pro to test it across the playa with the top end gearing. Can it reach 200 mph?

  58. Daniel Mudgett

    Daniel Mudgett

    3 months ago

    Dude your the man! Keep doing what you're doing. The electric community needs more guys just like you. My wife and I were thinking of buying a Tesla but are having serious 2nd thoughts after watching how they treated you and other customers. Much love and respect 🙌 🙏 ❤

  59. K. Holt

    K. Holt

    3 months ago

    That dangling winch hook makes me nervous. Imagine haulin down a train and catch a solid exposed root.

  60. Chris Francis

    Chris Francis

    3 months ago

    how much!

  61. Patrick McKenzie

    Patrick McKenzie

    3 months ago

    I want to do the same thing, only to a electric golf cart.

  62. electro demu

    electro demu

    3 months ago


  63. Joel Mathew

    Joel Mathew

    3 months ago

    you should add a screen in the middle of the cab so it would look like a real tesla

  64. Enles Freedom

    Enles Freedom

    3 months ago

    I wish I was smart enough to build this



    3 months ago

    He litterally called tesla small and upcoming. HOLD UP WHAT!!! ALMOST EVERY FAMOUS PERSON HAS A TESLA.

    • The Tech Librarian

      The Tech Librarian

      3 months ago

      Maybe by the number of cars they actually sell. It’s still a limited production run car/suv with quality issues still.

  66. Croc's Gaming

    Croc's Gaming

    3 months ago

    What was the website u bought the yamaha raptor from?

  67. Shepard


    3 months ago

    This is such a bro sciene thing.

  68. V 6

    V 6

    3 months ago

    Still not the Tesla 😭😭😭😂im joking man😅great job,so inspiring and expensive I believe🥶🤙🏽🤙🏽..btw i need a ride 🥺🥺🥺🥺plzzzzz🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😸😸😸

  69. V 6

    V 6

    3 months ago

    5:11 that feeling 😩😩😂

  70. Bread Gaming

    Bread Gaming

    3 months ago


  71. admin otaku

    admin otaku

    3 months ago

    I hope Tesla make and sell Tones of them.

  72. David Gorber

    David Gorber

    3 months ago

    How much did it cost to make it

  73. Eudes Espino

    Eudes Espino

    3 months ago


  74. OneEyeDrone


    3 months ago

    What were the specs of the ebike motor / battery ?? that info would be ideal for others doing custom builds :)

  75. A Kal

    A Kal

    3 months ago

    Rich now you have pissed even more Tesla. by inspiring people video like this . Giant corporate behavior thinking that public owns them to something . so they can do whatever they like . WRONG !!!

  76. MasterQuack14


    3 months ago

    Rich is savage with the snarky comments. Loved the first one the best! "I'll let you guys complain in the comments about how unsprung weight effects something you have never ridden...". I get this sh*t a lot from motorcycle guys that comment on my QS hub motor in my electric enduro. Keep up the great work Rich!

  77. dunkinvideos


    3 months ago

    Really wish Electric Garage could start making DIY electric vehicles like this to sell. Not only is it cool, but you're actually reusing vehicles which would've just rotted in a yard

  78. 11


    3 months ago

    Jesus Christ headphone warning 00:40

  79. Esteban Serrano

    Esteban Serrano

    3 months ago

    Competitive hot dog eating masks with the eye lids closed off?

  80. Gary


    3 months ago

    You need to be my neighbor! You and I make our own luck by trying and taking chances to be the best...in this case the wheelie master of the block!

  81. R.j. Brown

    R.j. Brown

    3 months ago

    Very awsome wickid excited to see what comes next.. but Did dude know he was going to be riding a quad. Flip flops were his choice in footwear.

  82. Dominic Cazimero

    Dominic Cazimero

    3 months ago

    Awesome! Simply Awesome! I want one...

  83. qhamarii0


    3 months ago

    Can u make me one or can I buy that one

  84. Trenton Tindal

    Trenton Tindal

    3 months ago

    Though I made it 30 years without you. @RichRebuilds Would you be my dad?

  85. doaimanari Roll

    doaimanari Roll

    3 months ago

    Fuck going 102 on a quad.

  86. R Mac

    R Mac

    3 months ago

    Absolutely amazing... My love for LED panels would want one on there somewhere lol

  87. Johnny Bledsoe

    Johnny Bledsoe

    3 months ago

    Hey man, love this build!!! But I did see one small detail that should be addressed. The winch hook hangs freely, that could cause a catastrophic accident if it caught something while riding. But that thing is a beast! Also, you ever considered putting drift tires on it! That's a whole new video by itself!!! I'd love to see that!

  88. Alex Lynch

    Alex Lynch

    3 months ago

    One day I will be good like you.

  89. Kayden McFalls

    Kayden McFalls

    4 months ago

    Dont stop on the ramps

  90. Bowwiz


    4 months ago

    is Watching from Bryan,tx

  91. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain

    4 months ago

    That wench will apply way too much downward force while pulling. Make sure to keep a micro snatch block somewhere on the atv. Love u brother.

  92. DiggerlifeNZ


    4 months ago

    Looks dope bro! Very clever...

  93. LiveandLetDrive


    4 months ago

    I'll keep my Zero FX with similar power and halfish the weight, but props for bringing a crazy marketing prop to life! I guess quad girls need love too...

  94. Yallsofake


    4 months ago

    Its funny you say we live in a society where we have to put labels on bleach reminding people not to drink it . Look what's trending a few months later . GORILLA GLUE GIRL.🤦 And even with the label ,she still put it in her hair .🤣

  95. Greg King

    Greg King

    4 months ago

    All I can say is wow man bravo 👏🏿👏🏿💪🏿

  96. Clash ING

    Clash ING

    4 months ago

    I want this ATV.

  97. MasterRove


    4 months ago

    how many watt does it have

  98. RaidenTheGreat


    4 months ago

    Bro that is insane!!! Nice job!!

  99. lucas peden

    lucas peden

    4 months ago

    i totally respect your build but how much chain adjustment do you have? what type chain and what size?

  100. David


    4 months ago

    I wish I knew how to work on electric cars and components. I’d love to build one