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We BUILT our own Tesla Cyberquad and its absolutely INSANE!

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Cyberquad Playlist:
Finally the great Starscream is born and with a wrrrr rolls into action, just how fast can she go? lets find out
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  1. Denny L

    Denny L

    6 months ago

    Loved the ending “Look your girlfriend dead in the eye for 5 seconds.........’ That really cracked me up. It was just a perfect ending !!!!

    • BoomXxSdYT


      Month ago

      @Denny L ok

    • BoomXxSdYT


      Month ago

      @Denny L oh

    • John Krakatoa

      John Krakatoa

      Month ago

      I loled hahaha

    • Denny L

      Denny L

      Month ago

      @BoomXxSdYT ~~ I don’t create content !!

    • BoomXxSdYT


      Month ago

      you made your channel 12 years ago and only uas 2 subs wow thats sad



    16 hours ago

    He litterally called tesla small and upcoming. HOLD UP WHAT!!! ALMOST EVERY FAMOUS PERSON HAS A TESLA.

    • The Tech Librarian

      The Tech Librarian

      2 hours ago

      Maybe by the number of cars they actually sell. It’s still a limited production run car/suv with quality issues still.

  3. Croc's Gaming

    Croc's Gaming

    Day ago

    What was the website u bought the yamaha raptor from?

  4. Shepard


    Day ago

    This is such a bro sciene thing.

  5. V 6

    V 6

    2 days ago

    Still not the Tesla 😭😭😭😂im joking man😅great job,so inspiring and expensive I believe🥶🤙🏽🤙🏽..btw i need a ride 🥺🥺🥺🥺plzzzzz🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😸😸😸

  6. V 6

    V 6

    2 days ago

    5:11 that feeling 😩😩😂

  7. Bread Gaming

    Bread Gaming

    5 days ago


  8. admin otaku

    admin otaku

    5 days ago

    I hope Tesla make and sell Tones of them.

  9. David Gorber

    David Gorber

    5 days ago

    How much did it cost to make it

  10. Eudes Espino

    Eudes Espino

    7 days ago


  11. OneEyeDrone


    7 days ago

    What were the specs of the ebike motor / battery ?? that info would be ideal for others doing custom builds :)

  12. A Kal

    A Kal

    8 days ago

    Rich now you have pissed even more Tesla. by inspiring people video like this . Giant corporate behavior thinking that public owns them to something . so they can do whatever they like . WRONG !!!

  13. MasterQuack14


    8 days ago

    Rich is savage with the snarky comments. Loved the first one the best! "I'll let you guys complain in the comments about how unsprung weight effects something you have never ridden...". I get this sh*t a lot from motorcycle guys that comment on my QS hub motor in my electric enduro. Keep up the great work Rich!

  14. dunkinvideos


    8 days ago

    Really wish Electric Garage could start making DIY electric vehicles like this to sell. Not only is it cool, but you're actually reusing vehicles which would've just rotted in a yard

  15. Ha


    9 days ago

    Jesus Christ headphone warning 00:40

  16. Esteban Serrano

    Esteban Serrano

    11 days ago

    Competitive hot dog eating masks with the eye lids closed off?

  17. Gary


    12 days ago

    You need to be my neighbor! You and I make our own luck by trying and taking chances to be the this case the wheelie master of the block!

  18. R.j. Brown

    R.j. Brown

    13 days ago

    Very awsome wickid excited to see what comes next.. but Did dude know he was going to be riding a quad. Flip flops were his choice in footwear.

  19. Dominic Cazimero

    Dominic Cazimero

    14 days ago

    Awesome! Simply Awesome! I want one...

  20. qhamarii0


    14 days ago

    Can u make me one or can I buy that one

  21. Trenton Tindal

    Trenton Tindal

    15 days ago

    Though I made it 30 years without you. @RichRebuilds Would you be my dad?

  22. Ash h

    Ash h

    15 days ago

    Fuck going 102 on a quad.

  23. R Mac

    R Mac

    15 days ago

    Absolutely amazing... My love for LED panels would want one on there somewhere lol

  24. Johnny Bledsoe

    Johnny Bledsoe

    16 days ago

    Hey man, love this build!!! But I did see one small detail that should be addressed. The winch hook hangs freely, that could cause a catastrophic accident if it caught something while riding. But that thing is a beast! Also, you ever considered putting drift tires on it! That's a whole new video by itself!!! I'd love to see that!

  25. Alex Lynch

    Alex Lynch

    16 days ago

    One day I will be good like you.

  26. Kayden McFalls

    Kayden McFalls

    16 days ago

    Dont stop on the ramps

  27. Bowwiz


    16 days ago

    is Watching from Bryan,tx

  28. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain

    17 days ago

    That wench will apply way too much downward force while pulling. Make sure to keep a micro snatch block somewhere on the atv. Love u brother.

  29. DiggerlifeNZ


    18 days ago

    Looks dope bro! Very clever...

  30. LiveandLetDrive


    18 days ago

    I'll keep my Zero FX with similar power and halfish the weight, but props for bringing a crazy marketing prop to life! I guess quad girls need love too...

  31. Yallsofake


    18 days ago

    Its funny you say we live in a society where we have to put labels on bleach reminding people not to drink it . Look what's trending a few months later . GORILLA GLUE GIRL.🤦 And even with the label ,she still put it in her hair .🤣

  32. Greg King

    Greg King

    20 days ago

    All I can say is wow man bravo 👏🏿👏🏿💪🏿

  33. Clash ING

    Clash ING

    21 day ago

    I want this ATV.

  34. MasterRove


    21 day ago

    how many watt does it have

  35. RaidenTheGreat


    21 day ago

    Bro that is insane!!! Nice job!!

  36. lucas peden

    lucas peden

    22 days ago

    i totally respect your build but how much chain adjustment do you have? what type chain and what size?

  37. David


    22 days ago

    I wish I knew how to work on electric cars and components. I’d love to build one

  38. Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor

    23 days ago

    Elecrtic Humvee. Next project

  39. Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor

    23 days ago

    A world 1st

  40. Angelica Ramos

    Angelica Ramos

    23 days ago

    Love the look 👀

  41. Charles Garrett

    Charles Garrett

    23 days ago

    Love to see it in a race against another regular four wheeler

  42. Nolan


    24 days ago

    What bike did you pull everything out of?

  43. The Bmoe sho

    The Bmoe sho

    25 days ago

    Great build and your jokes😂😂

  44. Ikaro 11

    Ikaro 11

    25 days ago

    Awesome build!!

  45. You Mad?

    You Mad?

    25 days ago

    Wow i love it

  46. Christopher Wilson

    Christopher Wilson

    26 days ago

    Shit's killer though!!

  47. blaise johnny

    blaise johnny

    26 days ago

    yooo, that midnight shot and the sunset shot... just perfect. I want this retrofitted for the zombie epocalipse. Complete cyberpunk zombie vibes..

  48. Aaron 'Ace' Campbell

    Aaron 'Ace' Campbell

    26 days ago

    LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!! S/o’s to all the developers over at Tesla that secretively watch these videos to take notes 📝!!! 🖕🏽

  49. GoofyMammoth


    27 days ago

    Anyone know what kinda motor that is ??

  50. Bruno Tembe

    Bruno Tembe

    27 days ago

    I wod wanna pop a wheelie in that

  51. chouaib hat

    chouaib hat

    Month ago

    The problem with this quad is that the metal sheets are going to amputate the rider's leg in case of collision

  52. Ghetto Grower

    Ghetto Grower

    Month ago

    I like the way it looks. Sure i have a few ideas or opinions 🤔 but overall it's amazingly clean.. But a BIG **opinion** its a "cyber" quad right? So why not mount a tablet as your dashboard? I would guess you already know its possible to get full read outs gas temp speed on a tablet. Could also add value caps that show air pressure in the tires just for some more *cool* read outs i do like how you have the dash hidden but if its a true Tribute to the cyber truck it needs a tablet dash 😉 IMO

  53. fall0rn


    Month ago

    Love'd the little anecdote at the end. Ty fam,

  54. Gary Gary

    Gary Gary

    Month ago

    Screaming from Augusta ga USA this is the coolest quad ever and yaw did a great job keep up the good work 👏

  55. Jessica Copeland

    Jessica Copeland

    Month ago

    Can't set through 20 minutes of video to find specs. Anyone hear mention of battery capacity, motor, output, or controller?

  56. Project Gamer

    Project Gamer

    Month ago

    Hey when you said get bored I don’t even think that that’s even physically possible how can you get bored on these toys

  57. JuggMane Yatta

    JuggMane Yatta

    Month ago

    @Rich Rebuilds put a long travel kit on it 🙌🏾

  58. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    Month ago

    Tht ATV is pretty

  59. Tucker Meadows

    Tucker Meadows

    Month ago

    That is insane man! Great work!



    Month ago

    Cybersled should be your next build. Snowmobile

  61. J Yearr

    J Yearr

    Month ago

    Flex all you want unk, you deserve it.

  62. daquan1387


    Month ago

    You guys should make a build kit for this

  63. Simon Commons

    Simon Commons

    Month ago


  64. Daniel Parker

    Daniel Parker

    Month ago

    Please put some motorcross boots on, I can see a ankle getting snapped and foot pointing backwards so easy

  65. OBN The Family

    OBN The Family

    Month ago

    If you can ever give it away I want it

  66. MC Boomslang ThaRap-Hoppers

    MC Boomslang ThaRap-Hoppers

    Month ago

    Can you build one FIM standard Raptor based quad with enough technicalities and endurance to race in Dakar rally or any other motersports?

  67. J C

    J C

    Month ago

    So sick

  68. Daniel Jack

    Daniel Jack

    Month ago

    "Competitive hotdog eating masks" gained the like from me 😅😅 Badass quad though, and great vid and intro

  69. Brad Ebright

    Brad Ebright

    Month ago

    That thing is sick!

  70. Chyan Sie

    Chyan Sie

    Month ago

    Bruv, the winch with your back and head unprotected is a lil scary. Great build tho!!

  71. Ivan Bradley-Reeder

    Ivan Bradley-Reeder

    Month ago

    I want a 4x4

  72. Ekstra Official

    Ekstra Official

    Month ago

    I want to be able to do this. Just the fact that someone can just make this is awesome!!!

  73. eadekolu


    Month ago

    I don't understand how people can dislike hard-working men also not to mention the ending that was priceless 😆😆😆

  74. Lone Wolf 101

    Lone Wolf 101

    Month ago

    "There is a dating website for Tesla owners... If you want date a Tesla owner but don't have a Tesla..." Oh my god! Yes!! I've always wanted to date someone really smug, snarky, and uber-beta! i can't wait to date someone who drinks soy-lattes and sniffs their own farts! That's what it means to be liberal!! When you drive a Tesla, you know you've made it there!

  75. Toy_ Bonnie

    Toy_ Bonnie

    Month ago

    sounds like an Rc car

  76. nitrors4pr


    Month ago

    The ending was just awesome !!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  77. Tae Davis

    Tae Davis

    Month ago

    Crazy how I found you on Facebook and USgone the same night 💪🏾keep up the work bro

  78. Cameron Caban

    Cameron Caban

    Month ago

    Love the build

  79. Cameron Caban

    Cameron Caban

    Month ago

    I would put that winch hook up he could get caught on something and be tragic clip it up on something

  80. lord sparkle

    lord sparkle

    Month ago

    That atv is incredible. Would like to see it race other atvs

  81. Terry Leonard

    Terry Leonard

    Month ago


  82. Carlos Romero

    Carlos Romero

    Month ago

    Sell one of these to Whistlin'Diesel.

  83. Gadgatree


    Month ago

    In Miami they put street radials on these things and bigger pipes and blast up and down the av.

  84. Simon Guerrero

    Simon Guerrero

    Month ago

    “I don’t wanna flex but yeah” lmao

  85. Monty Campbell

    Monty Campbell

    Month ago

    Amazing work. Love the quad.

  86. GoldenPants


    Month ago

    Man this thing rips dude!! That is awesome. It looks awesome my only suggestion would be to tack some bars to support the rear metal from flapping but other than that I think it’s perfect

  87. Colton Ward

    Colton Ward

    Month ago

    Interesting seeing 0-60 before and after. Rode raptor 660 and thing was nuts

  88. The Man Chan

    The Man Chan

    Month ago

    Pretty amazing! I'm not a fan of electric, or anything Tesla except Nicola, but kick ass on the execution!

  89. J FERRELL-66

    J FERRELL-66

    Month ago

    Hey bro just wanted to know how much does all the components cost I have a go-kart that I've been thinking about doing something to I love watching your videos and you inspired me to go electric with the go-kart

  90. korrutustabel


    Month ago

    It looks like an Sevcon Controller which can learn a lot of electric motors with different encoders. Some tools needed but doable.

  91. NEPA 570 OG Blader

    NEPA 570 OG Blader

    Month ago

    Will you make me one for $10k?

  92. Christopher Perry

    Christopher Perry

    Month ago

    That’s bad ass right there love it

  93. Levi Sabin

    Levi Sabin

    Month ago

    The Kawasaki Ninja H2R can do 240 mph. I want to see you break that in the cyberquad. That would be one heck of a video.

  94. Lonnie Horner

    Lonnie Horner

    Month ago

    So it’s a decept-Elon

  95. Ethanleeut


    Month ago

    You should take it to the sand dunes

  96. RJ Lee

    RJ Lee

    Month ago

    when hes talking about the Last sproket that nobody wanted to test "We would likely need an airport RunWay "!! yoo im Crackin theee F**k Up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  97. RJ Lee

    RJ Lee

    Month ago

    Holy S**t that thiing moves !!!

  98. Jason Playfair

    Jason Playfair

    Month ago

    i gotta old dirtbike can u make me one

  99. Jason Playfair

    Jason Playfair

    Month ago

    dude i want this soooo bad my dream!

  100. Music is Life

    Music is Life

    Month ago

    "Always wear a helmet" Also Chad 12:24 with baseballcap around 60mph