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We BUILT a Solar Powered Electric Podracer with Its Own Supercharger Network

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In a galaxy far away a group of guys built a pretty fast electric drill battery powered podracer with a bigger supercharging network than Tesla itself!
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  1. Peder Halseide

    Peder Halseide

    15 minutes ago

    Gotta bring this to Burningman

  2. S1mpleSparrow


    22 minutes ago

    Would charge with big boy solar. You need will prowses touch now

  3. Wabash15


    Hour ago

    Not a Sherp video! You do you Rich. But I prefer build videos. Should get Home Depot to sponsor the track video of this thing. Or at least try to. They like to sponsor race cars

  4. Robert Bidochon

    Robert Bidochon

    3 hours ago

    not bad, not bad.

  5. Simon Pass

    Simon Pass

    8 hours ago

    That number plate is a British plate. The 'Q' it starts with means 'Unknown year of manufacture' - How did it end up in Florida with that plate on it?

  6. Brian Miller

    Brian Miller

    9 hours ago

    Ok this is mad genius

  7. beclops


    11 hours ago

    Woah, what the hell. KFC? Money has changed you, Rich

  8. jayr_510


    12 hours ago

    Props to the crew well done!

  9. Rhett Snelson

    Rhett Snelson

    13 hours ago

    This is the greatest video on the internet

  10. manatoa1


    14 hours ago

    Lightweight and simple EVs are awesome.

  11. Trader Mjskills

    Trader Mjskills

    20 hours ago

    Put a Tesla motor in it!

  12. Tom Linden

    Tom Linden

    21 hour ago

    That's just awesome.

  13. elchupacabra


    21 hour ago

    80 miles of range, sixteen 18v 9ah batteries with total energy 2,6kwh. Therefore it consumes no more than 33 wh per mile or 20 wh/km. Too good to be true, original City-El consumes at least 30-50 wh/km, older ones 70-100 wh/km.

  14. Hiram Gonzalez

    Hiram Gonzalez

    21 hour ago

    They got me at 17:21 , my eyeballs were all over the place for a sec and then I just burst into laughter 😂

  15. Pieter allen Master Blue

    Pieter allen Master Blue

    22 hours ago

    There are many cities in Asia going totally carbon-free, this would be a winner for sure!

  16. Pieter allen Master Blue

    Pieter allen Master Blue

    22 hours ago

    Rich, intercity transport. really cool. you are a winner!

  17. nickoblack


    23 hours ago

    So cool! Rich. You don't stop amazing me! Great content... as usual! Congrats champ! Cheers from Portugal!

  18. MrClaushk


    Day ago

    My dad had one, fun times 😀👍

  19. coscorrodrift


    Day ago

    80 miles of range? lmfaooooooooooooooo so y'all actually drove 80 miles in that thing... hahahahaahhaahhah

  20. Joshua Kiser

    Joshua Kiser

    Day ago

    I would not drive that. Its basically a reliant robin, a roll machine. A single front wheel is a terrible idea.

  21. P L

    P L

    Day ago

    It passed NY inspection lmao

  22. Nicholas Little

    Nicholas Little

    Day ago

    I love that they made a solar powered car! 🌞

  23. A Jen

    A Jen

    Day ago

    Great build! Cyberquad coming to a Home Depot near you.

  24. Ben Dean

    Ben Dean

    Day ago

    That thing looks dangerous as hell!!!

  25. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper

    Day ago

    Milwaukee Muscle

  26. Joel’s hopefully helpful videos About random things

    Joel’s hopefully helpful videos About random things

    Day ago

    USgone entertainment at its best! Priceless 😆

  27. toyspeed71


    Day ago

    Love it 🔥 🔥 🔥 want it ❤️👌 and that outro 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Armand Le Roux

    Armand Le Roux

    Day ago

    Lol. Good stuff. Why not just plug in the charger and sunpower directly?

  29. reaktor55


    Day ago

    Please make a full-size Lego version of Linda’s van. Thanks

  30. FLEXXX


    Day ago

    Man i would have drove it into the store......



    Day ago

    Not me wanna put a 2 stroke in it

  32. George White

    George White

    Day ago

    the first drive faces of joy = Perfect!

  33. Never Gonna Give You BEESECHURGER

    Never Gonna Give You BEESECHURGER

    2 days ago

    6:13 that thing has bike wheels like wtf XD

  34. Never Gonna Give You BEESECHURGER

    Never Gonna Give You BEESECHURGER

    2 days ago

    5:06 Uk license in us

  35. Przemek Moszczynski

    Przemek Moszczynski

    2 days ago

    Rear lights on this thing are taken from Polish Fiat 126p, just Google it :)

    • SpitfireMkIIFan


      8 hours ago was the steering column

  36. Ani T

    Ani T

    2 days ago

    Love the show not the audio when I cast it on my tv lol

  37. Colin Wilkinson

    Colin Wilkinson

    2 days ago

    brightened my day.what a laugh .:)..

  38. Paul Erhimona

    Paul Erhimona

    2 days ago

    Pls what kind of battery is that

  39. kingkoolkata


    2 days ago

    I desperately want that jumpsuit and the sunglasses🤣

  40. Patrick C.

    Patrick C.

    2 days ago

    What hell hath thou wrought???

  41. Steamin Bimmin F30

    Steamin Bimmin F30

    2 days ago


  42. Charles


    2 days ago

    Lead acid batteries see efficiencies closer to 80 to 85 percent. Being that lithium ion batteries are more difficult to recycle, wouldn't you see more over all efficiency of use from lead acid. Also its just a golf cart with 3 wheels.

    • SpitfireMkIIFan


      8 hours ago

      The problem with Lead is that these batteries will last 1 to 2 years in a car like this while LiFePO4-Batteries are known to last over 10 years.

  43. Adam Baldwin

    Adam Baldwin

    2 days ago

    That thing is AWESOME!

  44. Kevin F

    Kevin F

    2 days ago

    Brilliant! The fact that you guys are running it on drill batteries is incredible

  45. The Hysterian

    The Hysterian

    2 days ago

    Probably the best there's-your-problem: "There's your problem - rodents chewed through the wires!" Fascinating as always

  46. Thomas Marshall

    Thomas Marshall

    2 days ago

    I know it’s some work but if you wide bodied that with a front and rear quad set up, that little car would be so much safer and way more fun.

  47. George Kastanos

    George Kastanos

    2 days ago

    Sell it to me please.

  48. Andrew Feola

    Andrew Feola

    2 days ago

    would you guys share your M18 adapter 3D printer file?

  49. Mark Kordick

    Mark Kordick

    2 days ago

    Dude - this is UNBELIEVABLE. Awesome.

  50. Dean James

    Dean James

    2 days ago

    You should add a wider axle with some wider wheels like mini lites from a classic mini !! And definitely add more power !



    2 days ago

    Thats so awesome 👌

  52. imbologna


    2 days ago

    I thought Brian was going to go full Harry and the Hendersons for a min.

  53. Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson

    2 days ago

    Nothing to do with this video, but I watched a Lehto’s Law use where an insurance company denied an accident claim because the car that they insured had a modified exhaust,. Make sure you tell your insurance agent to give you something in writing, after each mod.



    2 days ago

    I have those motors on my sail boat. You can enable regen and bunch of other variables

  55. Mieth01


    2 days ago

    i had HOPED i was going to see them put a used Tesla motor in this thing!! I'm betting it is way too big though. OH WELL, i can dream :) That thing would have been SO FAST

  56. All things Laundry

    All things Laundry

    2 days ago

    Huh, a Danish car on UK plates in the states...interesting. Q322 KKE Registered January 1993 last MOT (Annual Vehicle Safety check) due 1 July 1997, last logbook was issued on 13th of September 1994 so it was probably imported into the states around 1997 or so, Weird as a Q reg was used to classify imports, kit cars, re registered write offs and stolen vehicles or vehicles of which the manufacture date couldn't be proved. might be worth a look into.



    3 days ago

    stroopwafels are dutch ya know, and were very proud of em

  58. Sasan Mottaghipour

    Sasan Mottaghipour

    3 days ago

    Fucking lol'd a freaking Ellert, you can call it the city-electic, as "el" means electric in Danish. Also the stroopwaffles are Dutch :-) Would absolutely love to see some more shenanigans with it!

  59. Frank G

    Frank G

    3 days ago

    my favorite video so far right to the end lol! you guys are hilarious, last 20 secs of the video made me cry with laughter, love the jumpsuit! lol

  60. Mark Garner

    Mark Garner

    3 days ago

    Love it. Looks crazy fun... more importantly the use of Milwaukee batteries is the best.... the ability to use readily available batteries for electric ⚡️ motors is killer.

  61. Kirk Hamilton

    Kirk Hamilton

    3 days ago

    gotta put a wing on it - get the downforce sonnnnnn

  62. Ewald Bruwer

    Ewald Bruwer

    3 days ago

    Need a set of wider wheels at the back to put that power down...



    3 days ago

    Scared to death that you're going to roll it. When you take it to the track, I'm kinda expecting to see some mods to address that. xD

  64. cablecow15


    3 days ago

    This thing is amazing

  65. Gareth Baus

    Gareth Baus

    3 days ago

    That line about lead acid was hilarious. That drill battery thing was also pretty funny, still haven't finished the video.

  66. Janes Fair

    Janes Fair

    3 days ago

    Make sure you have a shut off that will shut down when the batteries get down so low because you can cause damage to them if you discharge them too far. Also use the HO Milwaukee batteries as they use 21700 cells and allow more power to the motor.

  67. Janes Fair

    Janes Fair

    3 days ago

    Lord yes get rid of that old old motor and get a new brushless motor. Hell we got power tools with tiny brushless motors that have more torque than that thing has.

  68. Freek Jacobs

    Freek Jacobs

    3 days ago

    G E K O N O L I S E E R D, met je stroopwafels

  69. deadserious forsure

    deadserious forsure

    3 days ago

    Those rear lights are from Fiat 126p lol neat

  70. Sandrock 306

    Sandrock 306

    3 days ago

    27:03 random time travelers from the 80's looting as much as battery they could find

  71. D1 W2

    D1 W2

    3 days ago

    Stroop waffle is dutch

  72. Steffen R

    Steffen R

    3 days ago

    Just like the Ravagers ship in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Rich can now escape with its backup car - in the middle of the highway.

  73. Xplore


    3 days ago

    I'd daily the shit out of it!

  74. Phoenix X

    Phoenix X

    3 days ago

    duuuuude you need a cyberpunk 2077 retro 80-futuristic paint job and a starfighter spoiler now

  75. tgrafix


    3 days ago

    shoulda used electric lawn mower batteries

  76. Gareth


    3 days ago

    I'll save you guys all the trouble 31:28 wait for the drop @ :41 so satisfying 😎

  77. centaur1a


    3 days ago

    Have you thought of putting a solar converter into the car without stopping at each Home Depot?

  78. Brody Z

    Brody Z

    3 days ago

    I dig the outro theme song.

  79. Gabriel


    3 days ago

    OMG best Rich video EVER! THANKS GUYS!!!



    3 days ago

    Put some dirt bike tires on it 😂😂

  81. ckatlinga


    3 days ago

    i like the videos where a project actually gets done

  82. A Freeman

    A Freeman

    3 days ago

    It needs a widebody kit - traction and stability

  83. Kent Hall

    Kent Hall

    3 days ago

    Hey Rich, if I build a drill battery powered motorcycle and make it all the way to the Electrified Garage from Winchester Virginia without actually charging any batteries myself will you let me become a part of your shop team?

  84. Caffeinated Frostbite

    Caffeinated Frostbite

    3 days ago

    give a more sturdy frame

  85. Ivanko van Dievoort

    Ivanko van Dievoort

    3 days ago

    Hey Rich waffles are Dutch (from the Netherlands)man and it calls stroopwafels

  86. Ridgerider


    3 days ago

    Insane 😅

  87. ben holtz

    ben holtz

    3 days ago

    Put a motorcycle engine in it

  88. fuckfannyfiddlefart


    3 days ago

    Top gear rigged the Robin Reliant to tip over.

  89. Stanley Scouten

    Stanley Scouten

    3 days ago

    lol batteries by themselves are sold at 30%

  90. C Trox

    C Trox

    3 days ago

    LOL! Rich Rebuilds has their very own Super Dave Osborne!!

  91. snc4278


    3 days ago

    He didn’t take it over any sweet jumps. #disappointed

  92. thedarkgreenvanman


    3 days ago

    The way you pronounce McLearn is killing me. Its Mc like McDonalds. Put more emphasis on the MC

  93. MrOlafsk


    3 days ago

    Please put this shell on Cyber Quad!

  94. Deezzydoo


    3 days ago

    Yo yall have to buy a kewet now!!!

  95. Justus


    3 days ago

    Rich’s a sturfwaful öre so , and coms from Holland(city=Gouda) , try is a gevulde-koek , gife your adres and I send you Thoose😋

  96. Jeff Nelson

    Jeff Nelson

    3 days ago

    Someone needs to make a bigger 4 wheel version of this. This thing i absolutely retro gorgeous 👌👌

  97. Lady Airam

    Lady Airam

    3 days ago

    Gotta love the KFC in the background 👌

  98. Zarshua


    3 days ago

    Too many ads u suk now

  99. P C

    P C

    3 days ago

    Glad Steve has his racing togs! Too much fun! How about some "performance wheels" for this rig? Get some more traction to the ground.

  100. Jason Gooden

    Jason Gooden

    3 days ago

    You should split the top. Put a hing on the back so the roof opens like a book