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Trying to get our Budget DIY Electric Mini Cooper Running

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We Continue with the journey of converting the Mini Cooper and decide upon a new plan, a challenge unlike any other we have done for our little cooper, is she up to it? lets find out
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  1. Steven Donihoo

    Steven Donihoo

    3 days ago

    Does that mean yalls entering the lemons ev race?? That would be epic

  2. MrCarmelo1959


    Month ago

    Dammit you guys give a new name for the three stooges dammit funny rich funny

  3. J B

    J B

    Month ago

    Take it from someone with experience with large battery plants - mount the two battery posts farther apart - like farther apart than a typical hand tool (wrench, screw driver).

  4. Jerome Truitt

    Jerome Truitt

    2 months ago

    Ummm.....wasnt that Cory Chase 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  5. Yoav Rheims

    Yoav Rheims

    2 months ago

    Can we talk about the Cocoa Butter Formula X?

  6. Brandon Beneficial

    Brandon Beneficial

    2 months ago

    Instantly hit the like button when I seen that random a** chocolate butter container in the shot 🤣

  7. Marek Sanches

    Marek Sanches

    2 months ago

    The Simpsons Ta da da daaa... The technical control will be great, will be costs aditional $1000....

  8. Gérard Cousineau

    Gérard Cousineau

    2 months ago

    Did you grew a second set of toes.

  9. D.A. Powell

    D.A. Powell

    3 months ago

    WE need a shop in rockville M.D.

  10. hardergamer


    3 months ago

    No way cant get Vessis in the UK or EU.

  11. Deontae Taylor

    Deontae Taylor

    3 months ago

    Would u sell this car. I would buy this car. Love it.

  12. peter hutchings

    peter hutchings

    3 months ago

    Mount the batteries lengthways however you will suffer side loading for each battery bank you fit in. Or run a low slung sub frame for the batteries where the old 12v battery was

  13. Andre Coetzee

    Andre Coetzee

    3 months ago

    You must put a super sound system inside.

  14. Robert Sans Souci

    Robert Sans Souci

    3 months ago

    Can you give me Sam’s mom’s number?

  15. F165


    3 months ago

    Forget Sam Lying A$$ Crac. I stopped watching his channel when he lied about block sealant fixed his Range Rover.

  16. Tangent


    3 months ago

    I really want to see this actually race at Lemons.

  17. Charcoal Production

    Charcoal Production

    3 months ago

    This ad plug was smooth

  18. Isaac Whitefeather

    Isaac Whitefeather

    4 months ago

    Uncle rich stopped by 🤣

  19. Roy Vega Rojas

    Roy Vega Rojas

    4 months ago

    she cute AF

  20. C#


    4 months ago

    Richard Hi5 and Happy New Year from India a humble request to change the placement of the battery cables rather from the center in between those two battery packs to the sides, I seriously feel that you can have one more battery in parallel in that space which will increase your range Bro, also removing the seats was a good idea, as this is on budget I do not recommend you building a box in chassis where there are gaps and then mount body on top of the box it in no way would hurt ground clearance lolz Love and very warm regards from India👍👍🙏🙏🌹🌹

  21. tim wegman

    tim wegman

    4 months ago

    With the back seat out you can put 4 batteries back there!!

  22. Ramanjit Gill

    Ramanjit Gill

    4 months ago

    He's awesome at advertisement placement man also the knicker is with the storylines to the product very smart. 🤓 👌 👍 👏

  23. Index Art Center

    Index Art Center

    4 months ago

    Where can i get one of those little magnetic work lights??

  24. Connor Burns

    Connor Burns

    4 months ago

    Does Rich use any shoe laces?

  25. Gary Vaught

    Gary Vaught

    4 months ago

    Please don’t kill me but could you mount a high out alternator to a spinning shaft so while driving it charges

    • Gary Vaught

      Gary Vaught

      4 months ago

      I’m more than confident that you guys can figure out something that can make that work

  26. eyonex


    4 months ago

    Love lynda skits bro

    • eyonex


      4 months ago

      But is she a intern or....??

  27. Tony


    4 months ago

    Hey Rich...Great Humour Man What is the kw ratinng on that motor

  28. TheGreatMunky


    4 months ago

    3:50 Epileptic seizure warning

  29. bdreed85


    4 months ago

    Why add a cooler, just pee on it

  30. Huey Long

    Huey Long

    4 months ago

    Legit love the samcrac pun, crazy enough tho i found you through him! I like you more tho rich :)

  31. TheXanUser


    4 months ago

    "Got change for a nickel?" and rotate the packs 90* so you can fit 2/3 more?

  32. S Ross

    S Ross

    4 months ago

    Can you run the coolant thru the heater core instead of adding a cooler for the motor controller?

  33. Gersham Charles

    Gersham Charles

    4 months ago

    The way you integrate your sponsors is amazing...

  34. pauljs75


    4 months ago

    Given the recalls with the Bolt (and perhaps Kona? Same battery and motor system in regards to those anyways...), do you have a way to program the BMS to keep things below 90%. I think the LG setup some potential fire issues due to over-charging. Might be interesting to figure that one out to avoid having an unscheduled carbeque while plugging it in.

  35. Patrick Morrissey

    Patrick Morrissey

    4 months ago

    @ 2:37.... Uhhh.... Some of us know who that is..... Just another layer, to the Rich "Is he kidding or not??" tapestry that continues to reveal itself.....

  36. SirFpvALot


    4 months ago

    @richrebuilds Hi Rich although you love to make conversions to electric and may ignore this comment I wanted to ask how do you find a mini cooper that nice for 1500 bucks? I'm looking for a mini cooper or smart car that i can remove the normal engine and replace it with a YAMAHA Yzf R1 motor. I'm having trouble finding anything under 3k. Any advice is appreciated. Love what your doing btw. Much love peace and prosper...

  37. Benjamin Smith

    Benjamin Smith

    4 months ago

    Come here for the intelligence , get a bunch of pun jokes , in some sort of way both are educational...

  38. Gacheru Mburu

    Gacheru Mburu

    4 months ago


  39. Stan Kolodin

    Stan Kolodin

    4 months ago

    "We're not happy till you aren't." Welcome to the internet, I didn't know I was such a pos.

  40. jim jimx

    jim jimx

    4 months ago

    Cory Chase is Sams mom ?!

  41. John Smith

    John Smith

    4 months ago

    did sam really video chat with cory chase?

  42. Captain J The BK

    Captain J The BK

    4 months ago

    Lol all minis are lemons

  43. Thomas Hoppes

    Thomas Hoppes

    4 months ago

    too much sponsored content. unsubscribed.

  44. Meher Pratap

    Meher Pratap

    4 months ago

    Hahaha.. that Cory Chase bit was epic 😂😂😂

  45. Scott Baker

    Scott Baker

    4 months ago

    The safety line should split the battery pack voltage in half. I know you have 2 packs in parallel, so that's not easy to split them ... while disconnecting the pack from the motor should stop feeding a motor area failure, you also want to stop a battery pack or wire area failures.

  46. larry tait

    larry tait

    4 months ago

    Like William Wong says, buss bar trays

  47. Niclas Horn

    Niclas Horn

    4 months ago

    hehehe we use the same "safety kill" on high volt RC boats and planes. but much smaller, our plugs are rated for only 300 Amp.

  48. brian chiou

    brian chiou

    4 months ago

    doesn't look water proof to me

  49. Yonu Melz

    Yonu Melz

    4 months ago

    Prior to the mini I've said damn this guy is the truth! But as a mini cooper owner... your the 🐐!!! Keep doing what you do bro... makes me want to build my own unique car. How would you go by registering something like that?

  50. Bill's Cool Projects

    Bill's Cool Projects

    4 months ago

    No commercials. What happened... love it..

  51. Jeremija Krstić

    Jeremija Krstić

    4 months ago

    Rich, the only thing you will never turn electric is Leenda's ass. It's already high voltage.



    4 months ago

    Seabrook?!?! when that power plant blow up...u gone!!!! (seabrook nh is one of the locations of a nuclear power plant)

  53. Buzz


    4 months ago

    The battery wire lugs bolted to wood may not be a good idea. If the wood gets moisture in it, it will complete the circuit between + and -. It would have a lot of resistance but it could end up discharging your batteries. Waytek wire has isolators.

  54. Nicholas Thompson

    Nicholas Thompson

    4 months ago

    3 chargers and 4 battery packs. quick swap batteries. rotate the batteries 90 degrees and they will be easier to get out.

  55. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith

    4 months ago

    Rich, Have you thought of giving a course / talk on what it takes to change a car over to electric? Everything from what to look for when selecting a car to the nitty gritty of actually doing the swap. I have been watching you videos for a while and you give some great tips and show us things that I would never had thought of with respect to doing the conversion. A guide to converting cars to electric if you will. With coved a gathering probably would not be in the cards now? Maybe a multi part series if videos? Maybe both? Thanks for doing waht you do!!! I really enjoy the content!!! Best Dean

  56. Jashomartin


    4 months ago

    Have you considered cutting the floor and building it down so the area where the tank was is now inside cabin space? Would be cool to turn it into a “mini” van to do parts runs. Awesome work.

  57. Chris Speed

    Chris Speed

    4 months ago

    Don't forget about organising a roll cage. You'll need one to race.

  58. 383mazda


    4 months ago

    If you turned the batteries longitudinally could you fit 3 back there? Either way clocking them 90deg would make swapping easier...

  59. Dave King

    Dave King

    4 months ago

    Have you thought of putting in a cooper auto box

  60. Timothy Honeycutt

    Timothy Honeycutt

    4 months ago

    Wood is risk

  61. ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven

    ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven

    4 months ago

    Idea to cover the high voltage terminals and batteries: MONSTER SPEAKER/SUB BOX. Need I say more? d;o)

  62. Joe Malovich

    Joe Malovich

    4 months ago

    Rotate them 90 degrees and make them slide in and out on slides like a giant drawer build 2 drawers and carts for each drawer to slide in and out of the lift gate.

  63. gerard749


    4 months ago

    Excuse my English. What is a lemon car?

  64. Tom Dixon

    Tom Dixon

    4 months ago

    I like the hot swap method. Why not use it in such a way as allowing you to keep the back seats?

  65. Tom Dixon

    Tom Dixon

    4 months ago

    ARe the coffee mugs for sale?

  66. s moore

    s moore

    4 months ago

    be careful using wood as your "insulated" bus in the back. i have fixed alot of solar project where people use wood. efficiency problems and faults due to moisture in the wood.

  67. dbz 1225

    dbz 1225

    4 months ago

    Wish Elon 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀Priceless

  68. skeelo69


    4 months ago

    Is the cocoa butter jar an easter egg?.

  69. S Wormser

    S Wormser

    4 months ago

    What bms did u use for it? Do you have the wire pin outs of the battery? I I have some of these batteries, but no connectors or wire diagram. Thx

  70. doncorleon9


    4 months ago

    That shoe plug. Sneaky!

  71. AussieZ X

    AussieZ X

    4 months ago

    there is way's run car without plug in power let run none stop Integrated Drive Generators find from old plane.

  72. SoulGuard03


    4 months ago

    Rich @4:30 with the Rona cough. :-O Jk. jk... it's probably just covid.

  73. Evapors Family

    Evapors Family

    4 months ago

    You are a genius

  74. Jefferson Arevalo

    Jefferson Arevalo

    4 months ago

    Go charge it at a Tesla station and flim peoples looks and confusion

  75. Jackson Clinton

    Jackson Clinton

    4 months ago

    I love those harbor freight magnetic lights

  76. gabedacarguy


    4 months ago

    Hey uncle rich say “ reservoir” for the subs again 😂

  77. wev71


    4 months ago

    did anyone else realize that's cory chase

  78. Brian Sinclair

    Brian Sinclair

    4 months ago

    Sams mom makes me wana watch sams chanel thanx rich. I wont but thanx anyways



    4 months ago

    Something to make you laugh

  80. Snd Sergiu

    Snd Sergiu

    4 months ago

    An ideea: change position of the batteries by rotating them with 90 degree (to be paralel with the car) and install each of them on a rail and you will make easy to swappable into the back dor.

  81. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    4 months ago

    Im confident you could fit 3 rows of battery in there if you flip them for the lemons quick swop fork lift removal setup

    • Chris Smith

      Chris Smith

      4 months ago

      Mo powa baby



    4 months ago

    Don't those batteries become speeding missiles to decapitate your head clean off in a sudden brake situation considering how they are installed behind the passengers seats???

  83. eddieh1530


    4 months ago

    Oh great now there cannot be a back seat driver. I have stock in an aspirin company. :(

  84. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    4 months ago

    I cannot for the life of me understand how you aren't at 1 million subs yet... How? Am I missing something, are you hiding subs Rich?

  85. Nathan Rose

    Nathan Rose

    4 months ago

    Only watched this video for Cory chase

  86. J. Brooks

    J. Brooks

    4 months ago


  87. Spencer


    4 months ago

    So is your one a porn star too then Rich?

  88. Tristan Preder

    Tristan Preder

    4 months ago

    So I swear to God I've seen Rich's mom on the pH 😂☠️🤣🤣

  89. Rick James

    Rick James

    4 months ago

    A belt made of a bunch of watches... a real waste of time!!! That was a hell of a joke!!!!!!!

  90. Tony Tone

    Tony Tone

    4 months ago

    Rich Wrecks Sam's Mom

  91. Rated


    4 months ago

    I’m pretty sure the beginning of the video was recorded with an iPhone, can’t wait for the 0 to 60 and range

  92. Alexander Rodriguez

    Alexander Rodriguez

    4 months ago

    I didn’t know that you were on the Joe Rogan experience.

  93. Joshua Ward SR

    Joshua Ward SR

    4 months ago

    Yessss "remove the back seats we have no friends any ways" im dieing

  94. Gazzer McVenge

    Gazzer McVenge

    4 months ago

    Random Cocoa Butter tub on the car - subtle things Rich does in his vids

  95. Gazzer McVenge

    Gazzer McVenge

    4 months ago

    Oh and when are you going to jail? Any progress on that???

    • Shabba Baptiste

      Shabba Baptiste

      4 months ago

      That’s the opposite of progress

  96. Gazzer McVenge

    Gazzer McVenge

    4 months ago

    You mean your wife, not assistant

  97. Waldo's Computer Tips

    Waldo's Computer Tips

    4 months ago

    Usinng coupon code RICH makes me feel dirty somehow

  98. Camron cooper

    Camron cooper

    4 months ago

    @rich it hard shift because don’t got tor converter from motor to trans which helps the trans change gears without have have it at just right rpm for to shift out or in really and not be hard

  99. Oldstuff Man

    Oldstuff Man

    4 months ago

    Lemon? Duh.

  100. 308328928


    4 months ago

    That's his mother?