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Taking the Sherp to every drive thru in town

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Today we drive the sherp out in public and cause quite the scene
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  1. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    24 days ago

    Making it FASTER! -

    • X-Caliber


      11 hours ago

      is it bullet proof?

  2. TENDO X


    Day ago

    How much does one of those wheels cost??? Like 4k?

  3. JPK


    2 days ago

    Bro what the fuck is wrong with you you are a grown man with kids and a wife.

  4. SurleyBlaine


    9 days ago

    This video has almost as many product placements as gratuitous butt shots. Is Rich training to work at Marvel? I not complaining, just here loving the content like everyone else.

  5. April Lashon

    April Lashon

    12 days ago

    Congratulations on the success of your channel. You’ve definitely brought joy to my life!😂

  6. Kj16V


    12 days ago

    Funny how in America that thing doesn't actually look that big.

  7. Clayton


    12 days ago

    “On next weeks episode of super super-size me”

  8. scryla2000


    14 days ago

    That music had me dyin!!😂😂

  9. rex mundi

    rex mundi

    15 days ago

    Humble yourself

  10. Ronnie Owens

    Ronnie Owens

    18 days ago

    Thank you, really enjoy your videos

  11. Marshall-Benjamin Wolf

    Marshall-Benjamin Wolf

    21 day ago

    Herb Alpert on the recorders. Perfect.

  12. hellhound713


    23 days ago

    Man she is good looking

  13. s shapiro

    s shapiro

    24 days ago

    R U going to install a backup camera?

  14. Sly Cooks1

    Sly Cooks1

    26 days ago

    The icky bee delightfully join because walrus archaeologically bounce till a aback loan. wakeful, far lamp

  15. MacD OfTTTGE

    MacD OfTTTGE

    27 days ago

    Fuck dat ima say it I wonder who hitting it she ain't just gone wear that for no reason that's them TikTights

  16. Amante Apasionado

    Amante Apasionado

    Month ago

    Are you allowed to drive that on the road?

  17. jamal jones

    jamal jones

    Month ago

    Am I buggin but was that a vibrator?

  18. cherepukaralius


    Month ago

    where the hell get those tires from? T_T

  19. UniversalConcept


    Month ago

    how are you not getting pulled over

  20. Jim Mcdonald

    Jim Mcdonald

    Month ago

    I subbed at the car wash.. for various reasons .

  21. Chris J

    Chris J

    Month ago

    She looks alot better than she acts..

  22. Winchester M1912

    Winchester M1912

    Month ago

    It's like the American version of Top Gear, but it's actually good.

  23. Edward Fletcher

    Edward Fletcher

    Month ago

    Everything about that woman is repulsive !

  24. Simon


    Month ago

    Video starts at 6:40

  25. jamiez gaither

    jamiez gaither

    Month ago

    When Rich goes to the same car wash you do >>>

  26. thebanjoman1963


    2 months ago

    Thank you for making me "spit soda across the room." I found this channel and have been laughing ever since. Good content.

  27. Truth


    2 months ago

    Just discovered this channel. Awesome. Did you say you’re from Boston?

  28. JamesDom


    2 months ago

    16:33 is gold lol

  29. Steve Evans

    Steve Evans

    2 months ago

    Why oh why?

  30. James Mason

    James Mason

    2 months ago

    I a new sub and I would do anything for a Sherp

  31. enguslim623 playz

    enguslim623 playz

    2 months ago

    0:00 wait is that a big tank from Car Crusher 2??

  32. Bubba Yesir

    Bubba Yesir

    2 months ago

    I think you should LS SWAP that baby

  33. Jacob Turek

    Jacob Turek

    2 months ago

    “i watch your videos” “sorry to hear that”

  34. Desmond Burnley

    Desmond Burnley

    2 months ago

    Haha I lost it when he said Mc laren I'm pretty sure it's McLaren lol 😆😅😂

  35. sample text

    sample text

    2 months ago

    Viewer: I watch you on youtube!!!! Rich: I am sorry to hear that.

  36. Skyler Gardner

    Skyler Gardner

    2 months ago

    At this point I hate that I'm subscribed but more so I hate that I'm laughing anyways! XD

  37. Antarah Ibn Shaddad

    Antarah Ibn Shaddad

    2 months ago

    I wish I had cool white friends. White people are the best friends when u earn their trust. I lost my white friend becuz my black friend robbed him 🤦‍♂️

    • Antarah Ibn Shaddad

      Antarah Ibn Shaddad

      2 months ago

      @Random CCTV Camera I’m H.I.M

    • Random CCTV Camera

      Random CCTV Camera

      2 months ago

      are u good bro?

  38. Antarah Ibn Shaddad

    Antarah Ibn Shaddad

    2 months ago

    Leenda got cake

  39. Emmanuel Bennett

    Emmanuel Bennett

    2 months ago

    This dude is funny as shit 💀

  40. Kris Topher

    Kris Topher

    2 months ago

    Those are the ugliest sunglasses ever made! 🤣🤣

  41. TexasPoonTappa SS

    TexasPoonTappa SS

    2 months ago

    Rich pronounces Mclaren like it’s on the menu at McDonald’s lmao

  42. duy nguyen

    duy nguyen

    2 months ago

    That shit was funny... good video

  43. Halfdeaded LifereturningwithGOD

    Halfdeaded LifereturningwithGOD

    2 months ago

    Nice "Ass"istant

  44. Drae5


    2 months ago

    It’s the flute for me lol !!!



    2 months ago

    I love her

  46. Hope4NewDay


    2 months ago

    The Tesla turn signal bit is my favorite Rich Rebuilds moment.

  47. Andrew Denley

    Andrew Denley

    2 months ago

    That girl adds some much needed class... ;)

  48. Pulco


    2 months ago

    What type of lisence you need to drive that shit

  49. NoNegotiations


    2 months ago

    This is the biggest video ad I've ever seen.

  50. Eric Reznok

    Eric Reznok

    2 months ago

    Here's the other half (the better looking half) of the story

  51. cody harris

    cody harris

    2 months ago

    Rich I hear these things have some sort of system where they can hold like 15 gallons of diesel in each wheel. What does that even mean? how does it work? please make a video or I might never sleep again!

  52. Zellschutz Antioxy

    Zellschutz Antioxy

    2 months ago

    Safety 3rd hahahaha

  53. DireTheWolf


    2 months ago

    It’s like the gta zhaba

  54. P0rkch0p127


    2 months ago

    Put a plow on it and plow the snow in Boston lol

  55. Ry Ry

    Ry Ry

    2 months ago


  56. Chero C

    Chero C

    2 months ago

    This is worth my unwanted time and attention

  57. diggleboy


    2 months ago

    You need SHERP shirts and hats for everyone! Where's the merch?

  58. gtgaming


    2 months ago

    ^Complains about sherp not having radio or built in speakers My mercury montego that has no excuse to why it doesn’t have an aux or Bluetooth compatibility.

  59. Golden FilmsUK

    Golden FilmsUK

    2 months ago

    my guy

  60. Regis Philbin *THE LEGEND*

    Regis Philbin *THE LEGEND*

    2 months ago

    From angles you look like Jaylen Brown

  61. Jon McCarty

    Jon McCarty

    2 months ago

    Great fun!

  62. Emile Edhouse

    Emile Edhouse

    2 months ago

    5:34 i had $200 shoes when i was in primary school i was poor too

  63. plevyan


    2 months ago

    Was fun :) !

  64. StarWolf 621

    StarWolf 621

    2 months ago

    Love your stuff, Rich!!!

  65. Double D RC

    Double D RC

    2 months ago

    didn't he just get in trouble for driving something on the road that's not legal LOL

  66. Bthorn 50

    Bthorn 50

    2 months ago

    How does that chick still have a job?

  67. Robert Rizzi

    Robert Rizzi

    2 months ago

    The off-key, off-beat 5th grade flute accompaniment is too much....🤣🤣🤣

  68. eschdaddy


    3 months ago

    You just made my day! Thank-you!!!

  69. Derek Haynes

    Derek Haynes

    3 months ago

    @3:20 Rich is the epitome of SAVAGE...and I love it!!!

  70. mr brother

    mr brother

    3 months ago

    I wonder how richs wife feels about leenda lol

  71. Simon Солома

    Simon Солома

    3 months ago

    Where do I get access to the music “worst beat ever made”

  72. rabid raccoon

    rabid raccoon

    3 months ago

    wait you can just go to the bank and get free lollipops?!

  73. Def1antone


    3 months ago

    where did you buy it?

  74. Nothing Here

    Nothing Here

    3 months ago

    Im taking a gap year and hella would work for y’all even if it’s just a camera man. Just some experience in a field I know nothing about would be cool

  75. Hal Busby

    Hal Busby

    3 months ago

    This is a brilliant video, thank you

  76. BrunkkiPro


    3 months ago

    a. tesla. blinker. stock. vibrator. Now i have seen everything

  77. Trans-Math


    3 months ago

    I just noticed he sounds kinda like Tyler the creator 😂

  78. Doly Sinaga

    Doly Sinaga

    3 months ago

    This vid is blocked by my office restriction mode. Apparently leenda's shenanigans is deemed too low-brow.

  79. Heetn


    3 months ago

    SaFtEY THirD

  80. justkiddin08


    3 months ago

    That was freaking awesome! Damn i want one!

  81. Rapid Services 911

    Rapid Services 911

    3 months ago

    the pervy shots lmfaooooo are they really necessary hahahahaha

  82. G H

    G H

    3 months ago

    Congrats rich love your content . 👍

  83. HisXLNC


    3 months ago

    You may have bought donuts, but everyone is watching for the cake.

  84. Santo Deportes

    Santo Deportes

    3 months ago

    this doesn't look like Boston. probably a town 30-45 minutes away

  85. Bong Ripper

    Bong Ripper

    3 months ago

    Yo that shit was legendary

  86. Sam Monteiro

    Sam Monteiro

    3 months ago

    Wait so is this road legal ? And also i love leendas energy haha looks like a fun time

  87. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    3 months ago

    I peep da add lol

  88. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    3 months ago

    Need more of uncle rich

  89. Splash


    3 months ago

    where you get all this money from?

  90. SohnJossell


    3 months ago


  91. jimmycorp


    3 months ago

    That flute song is hilarious.

  92. sickdre john

    sickdre john

    3 months ago

    Her ass though ! but I thought she left ..

  93. JazelUltra_PR


    3 months ago

    Its that tank from gta😂

  94. glo.hardie


    3 months ago

    Damn I didn’t know this video came with a set of beefy buns

  95. Michael Winston

    Michael Winston

    3 months ago

    Rich... WTF MAN I am going to write a letter to USgone! I have unsubscribed from your channel due you adding Leenda and Stephen. Yet I have found myself subscribing again because you post great informative and entertaining content. Keep up the great work bruh! Leenda adds to the channel but Stephen can go hahaha jk

  96. Armando Epifani

    Armando Epifani

    3 months ago

    I see you with the Vermont plug 👀

  97. Ken Harty

    Ken Harty

    3 months ago

    Good episode peeps

  98. supercopter


    3 months ago

    Safety third!

  99. madtremblay


    3 months ago

    million subscriber if he/her live in Canada you ll still do your promise 0.0?

  100. Tris


    3 months ago

    Are the green pumps diesel in USA?