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Surprising my 1 Millionth subscriber by taking his wife to dinner

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Rich is a man who completes his promises to his fans, in this case he takes one of your wives out for dinner, cringy ahead, enjoy
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  1. Bleedin Orange & Blue

    Bleedin Orange & Blue

    14 hours ago

    Many an adult film has begun like this !!!! LOL EPIC !!!! This is the best ever

  2. O O

    O O

    23 hours ago

    The way he slid that bill to her 🤣

  3. Pitipu Corrado

    Pitipu Corrado

    Day ago

    I'm jealous! I wanna go to olive garden with daddy Rich!

  4. bigliftm


    Day ago

    did you have a test drive ?

  5. MysteryMrR


    Day ago

    12:20 I don’t know if it was to avoid copyright.....or if it was just funny!

  6. Mr. G

    Mr. G

    Day ago

    Rich you definitely need a tv series I laughed so hard , her coming downstairs I almost passed out laughing

  7. James Mason

    James Mason

    2 days ago

    Hey Rich there is nothing you can think of that I won’t do for a Sherp

  8. JUAN Gal

    JUAN Gal

    3 days ago

    Rich being the ALPHA Male that e is, steal yo girl

  9. Matschase


    3 days ago

    The Magnum package wasn’t opened! What does it tell us?

  10. ur2bunuque


    3 days ago

    I came over to this channel on the advise of Life of Palos. I am now subscribed. This is one of the best channels on USgone by far.

  11. Tommy Sawyer

    Tommy Sawyer

    4 days ago

    Dude. This was hilarious! Ya’ll are funny!!

  12. Larry Malcomx

    Larry Malcomx

    4 days ago

    Very funny

  13. A J

    A J

    4 days ago

    😱 omg lol 😂

  14. Andre' B

    Andre' B

    5 days ago

    Careless Whisper on the recorder at the end made me pass out.

  15. Patrick B

    Patrick B

    5 days ago

    Uncle Rich - f'ing hilarious

  16. Djonie Cash

    Djonie Cash

    5 days ago

    Im dizzy watching this.

  17. welmoepics


    5 days ago

    lol the wiper stalk

  18. Akuma Raou

    Akuma Raou

    6 days ago

    LMAO Love this guy!!! mad funny.

  19. Roger Smith

    Roger Smith

    7 days ago

    When he grab that cheesecake and said 2 spoons.. the best..I was Rolling!!

  20. Roger Smith

    Roger Smith

    7 days ago

    This is good entertainment!!!! So funny Uncle Rich

  21. harleycharley


    8 days ago

    This gal will go home and be so glad she has the man who loves her....this is just bizarre....It is easy to see why Rich is in love with cars...women can't stand him...what a goober.

  22. Hafidh Zuhdi

    Hafidh Zuhdi

    8 days ago

    LMAO Funniest random shit I've seen on youtube

  23. D Bettis

    D Bettis

    8 days ago

    This was a classic episode 2 👍🏿. 5 ⭐️

  24. Patrick Sexton

    Patrick Sexton

    8 days ago

    This channel keeps getting better and better I don't care what anyone else says.

  25. Lugene Parker

    Lugene Parker

    8 days ago

    This man is a menace lol

  26. Vickay Enesi

    Vickay Enesi

    8 days ago

    Nobody noticed Uncle Rich pick up a Magnums. It's a man's wife he's taking out like wth🤣🤣 What a joke!

  27. Benjamin Sobrevilla

    Benjamin Sobrevilla

    8 days ago

    More like sugar Daddy

  28. Scotty The Wanderer

    Scotty The Wanderer

    9 days ago

    Dude, you are F'ed in the head! Love this video!

  29. Honda EP3

    Honda EP3

    9 days ago

    I like Linda's ask

  30. The Vester Family Vlogs

    The Vester Family Vlogs

    9 days ago

    AWESOME! Funny in a dry kind of way.....smiled a lot I guess if I wanted to laugh comedy central should have been the 1st option. RR you da bestest!

  31. S S

    S S

    9 days ago


  32. First Cav

    First Cav

    9 days ago

    you are not normal lmao

  33. tiggles11


    9 days ago

    Lmao at the end he should've pushed the husband out of the house and closed the door.

  34. Cesar Gonzalez

    Cesar Gonzalez

    9 days ago


  35. Tinman slick&greasy

    Tinman slick&greasy

    10 days ago

    Hilarious! Omg

  36. Steve Evans

    Steve Evans

    10 days ago

    That was a riot.

  37. T Jones DJPainkiller

    T Jones DJPainkiller

    10 days ago

    This video is weird LMAO

  38. j heath

    j heath

    10 days ago

    What's natashas instagram?

  39. Leafleap


    11 days ago

    _This isn't an airport so no need to announce your departure in the comments section._ What about announcing your arrival? This is the content I came for. Subscribed.

  40. Georgi Nemtzov

    Georgi Nemtzov

    11 days ago

    Watching Rich’s full videos out of appreciation for his first 3 minutes of content :) who’s like me?

  41. tithemi Dozard

    tithemi Dozard

    11 days ago

    If you are reading this "please leave a message"🥺

  42. Matthew


    11 days ago

    Is Rich the Stig from Top Gear?

  43. King Garbage

    King Garbage

    11 days ago

    Tyler: Welcome to the dumbest automotive channel in all of USgone. Rich: Hold my beer.

  44. averagejoe


    11 days ago

    It's easy for you to spend a lots money on your car but it's hard for you to spend money on your body. Cheap food = unhealthy food. Cheap egg, cheap syrup?? I love what you do though and I am a big fun!!!

  45. Manosphere Maniac

    Manosphere Maniac

    11 days ago

    I don't watch all your videos like that but I am under impression that you live in Vermont or New Hampshire.

  46. Gregory Johnston

    Gregory Johnston

    11 days ago

    When he grabbed that plate from her ROFLMMFAOLOL then, I dont eat chocolate you can take it back. Fucking love this dude.

  47. BRock v01

    BRock v01

    11 days ago

    "I've got this big black thing called the Sherp that likes to play in the snow"... Did no one really comment on this 😂

  48. caoYB


    11 days ago

    So Uncle Rich’s kids do not have a mother? He’s like a traditional black guy

  49. print man

    print man

    12 days ago

    This is the first video I've watched from this channel.. Damn I love this guys sense of humor...

  50. wolf424242


    12 days ago

    Someone ask this woman where she bought her shirt so I can get one for my wife.

  51. YSN No Mercy

    YSN No Mercy

    12 days ago

    19:59 Rich I'm unsubscribing😂

  52. Giba Sea

    Giba Sea

    12 days ago

    I can't tell if this real or a prop I love it keep it up

  53. yendor hepburn

    yendor hepburn

    13 days ago

    Lmao! this episode was funny as hell ,you guys did great .The husbands acting was also great

    • John D

      John D

      12 days ago

      Acting? He really slept with the wife you know

  54. Man Yogurt

    Man Yogurt

    13 days ago

    Rich has the table etiquette of a hostage.

  55. Kyle Anthony Peters

    Kyle Anthony Peters

    13 days ago

    Fucking cringe doood Love it

  56. Darren That was ama Macon

    Darren That was ama Macon

    13 days ago


  57. M D

    M D

    13 days ago

    Where's that careless whispers recorder version from?? I feel like I heard it in an anime or something

  58. Robert Gonzalez

    Robert Gonzalez

    14 days ago


  59. bourguiba khaier eddine

    bourguiba khaier eddine

    14 days ago

    wtf man hhhhhhhhhh

  60. Dominic Cazimero

    Dominic Cazimero

    14 days ago

    I'm smh and still laughing 🤣... I really enjoyed this video.

  61. negruta stas

    negruta stas

    14 days ago

    Why am I laughing so hard watching this?

  62. Alpha Cat

    Alpha Cat

    14 days ago

    13:48 SMH If only he knew knew what that really meant.

  63. Hughcrew Productions

    Hughcrew Productions

    15 days ago

    Not just a genius builder. But a genius content creator.... This is hilarious 😂... The "George Michael".... Broken flute rendition at the end is hilarious

  64. Richard Contini Jr

    Richard Contini Jr

    15 days ago

    I love how Rich makes looking like a pompous ass look easy

  65. charmnGUY


    15 days ago

    How to be a horrible date 101

  66. charmnGUY


    15 days ago

    You can do a better job putting on pants that fits you LOL

  67. charmnGUY


    15 days ago

    Can you fit another shell onto a Tesla platform?

  68. Gheechie Dan

    Gheechie Dan

    15 days ago

    Man THIS shit was CRAZY ! 🤣 I don't kow HOW Rich come up with these skits ! 🤣

  69. mike burns

    mike burns

    16 days ago

    Husband: WTF you havent shown clevage in 15 years

  70. mike burns

    mike burns

    16 days ago

    I love how Rich is tightwad with everything except cars. 5K breaks, BMW flex key, yes give it to me, that syrup is 20 cents less I'll take it.

  71. BRS RC

    BRS RC

    16 days ago


  72. coinhawk crypto

    coinhawk crypto

    16 days ago

    the jokes are non stop.... great content...

  73. Patrick Morrissey

    Patrick Morrissey

    16 days ago

    Yeah... That COULD have been more awkward & uncomfortable.... I'm not sure HOW, but I suppose theoretically, it's possible....

  74. Dangerous One

    Dangerous One

    16 days ago

    Shout out to Filipinas!

  75. La Féte

    La Féte

    16 days ago

    Uncle rich is a bad bitch 😂😂😂

  76. Pulco


    17 days ago

    This is the realist on a date out I've ever seen what!

  77. AussieZ X

    AussieZ X

    17 days ago

    the price food so cheap 2 or 3x that be australia price.

  78. Clyde Macasero

    Clyde Macasero

    17 days ago

    looks like rich lost his tesla and got divorced? lmao. i haven’t followed this channel for a while

  79. Lobby DaLobster

    Lobby DaLobster

    17 days ago

    I think I saw the husband acting in a porno previously.

  80. There is no meme

    There is no meme

    18 days ago

    The tesla vibrator killed me when it started shaking the table😂😂

  81. Brian Truck

    Brian Truck

    18 days ago

    Amazing content 🤟💯 🤣😆🙉 poor husband

  82. Rayz Graphixs

    Rayz Graphixs

    18 days ago

    When the camera man said doesn’t she get enough of that when he was viewing that chocolate 😂😂

  83. Rayz Graphixs

    Rayz Graphixs

    18 days ago

    This was the funniest shit ever 😂😂. Whoever planned this whole thing is really good and detailed. The cake was a shocker.

  84. Rich Laue

    Rich Laue

    18 days ago

    Your Sherp isn't level on the road, is it?

  85. In_finity


    18 days ago

    Next video: Rebuilding my relationship with my wife

  86. R C

    R C

    18 days ago

    This was so CRINGE. I'm struggling to finish watching it to see the joke.

  87. Tovarisch


    18 days ago

    Funniest ish Ive seen all year

  88. MOSES watching

    MOSES watching

    18 days ago

    Men we need a Q&A

  89. MOSES watching

    MOSES watching

    18 days ago

    This guy jokes so much I thought this was also another one of his jokes😂😂😂

  90. stumpychaps


    18 days ago

    I'm worried Rich is going to turn out to be a serial killer

  91. TheThomp


    18 days ago

    I just beat the like button harder than I cringed for this video.

  92. Ian McPherson

    Ian McPherson

    18 days ago

    Based off his decisions in the grocery store I think we know why Linda has to live in a van

  93. Ronstoppable


    18 days ago

    This is funny as hell 🤣

  94. Greg Lav

    Greg Lav

    18 days ago

    Damm rich lmao u came up

  95. Carlitox b

    Carlitox b

    18 days ago

    This is not the content I’m ... 4:34 Ok I’m staying a bit more

  96. CallMeMARR


    19 days ago

    The amount of laughter 😂😂

  97. Howard Johnson

    Howard Johnson

    19 days ago


  98. Lana Louise

    Lana Louise

    19 days ago

    seriously not funny , but hilarious, I'm Dead !!!

  99. Thund3erSt0rm Gaming

    Thund3erSt0rm Gaming

    19 days ago

    Best USgone channel and pretty orriginall

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      Max Maher

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    • Thund3erSt0rm Gaming

      Thund3erSt0rm Gaming

      19 days ago

      Srry if that sounded sarcastic its true though

  100. seppdroid


    20 days ago

    Uncle Rich never disapoints

    • Max Maher

      Max Maher

      19 days ago

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