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Supercharging our Sherp, the off road King

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We are doing some awesome upgrades on our Sherp for more style and power! You can't tell us that it doesn't look like a giant cybertruck!
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  1. Giovanni P.

    Giovanni P.

    11 hours ago

    The Sherp should be painted in rainbow colours, with the writing "WOKE AF!" on the sides. A confederate and Rasta flag should be included to finish the confusion.

  2. tahltan1910


    19 hours ago

    It looks awesome Rich!

  3. Aaron Fuller

    Aaron Fuller

    21 hour ago

    Maybe there is just too much black. Smh

  4. bill james

    bill james

    Day ago

    So black Americans are not allowed to have off road fun like everyone else without getting the cops called?

  5. Mixup 221

    Mixup 221

    Day ago

    Why do you use wd-40 instead of polish?

  6. Mixup 221

    Mixup 221

    Day ago

    When you take the wrap off it becomes the CyberSherp

  7. Alien003 Hydrogen nitrogen

    Alien003 Hydrogen nitrogen

    2 days ago

    That lady caller tried to get you killed yo ! no lie Nice wording

  8. Kyle Wright

    Kyle Wright

    2 days ago

    Cyber Sherp 👽

  9. Newman Ident

    Newman Ident

    2 days ago

    thanks to Louis Rossmann, who suggested this dude, this is the best of USgone.

  10. Azad Vartan

    Azad Vartan

    2 days ago

    So this the real life GTA car i see u Rockstar

  11. Steelo G And Natalia

    Steelo G And Natalia

    3 days ago

    Raycons suck ass. Shitty noise battery doesn't last long. My new ones by skullcandy are cheaper and battery last 22 hours on a single charge.

  12. Cristian Feliciano

    Cristian Feliciano

    3 days ago

    I like the harness he uses for his dog.✊🏻👍🏻

  13. Vernon PGros Morne

    Vernon PGros Morne

    4 days ago

    But Rich! I thought you'd be used to long black floppy things!

  14. Brian Regan

    Brian Regan

    5 days ago

    New England is the perfect setting for the Sherp. Your in Massachusetts and there is some great spots to drive the Sherp I live in NH and I can see in my neck of the woods the Sherp is the perfect NH vehicle . awesome video , thanks for sharing.

  15. Robert Freeman

    Robert Freeman

    6 days ago

    Is someone gonna teach rich to not drag the wheels when he turns? Or are we letting him learn the hard way?

  16. Keith Weyerts

    Keith Weyerts

    8 days ago

    $100k vehicle yet oh no can spend $4k on the trailer

  17. SurleyBlaine


    9 days ago

    Felling old because the name Chad reminds me of Tom Green in Charlies Angels. "Nobody loves the Chad."

  18. dualsport rider

    dualsport rider

    10 days ago

    Should have left the bead loc rings alum.

  19. Matt Mclaughlin

    Matt Mclaughlin

    10 days ago

    Love this channel

  20. Janes Fair

    Janes Fair

    10 days ago

    That’s way too fast for 1st gear on that thing. It’s supposed to go super slow with super torque to crawl out of anything.

  21. Watch me do me

    Watch me do me

    10 days ago

    My poodle acts just like biscuit when i come home from work 😂

  22. Brian Beherrell

    Brian Beherrell

    10 days ago

    I think that a great attention getting video would be taking this to Alton Bay, NH (Lake Winnepesaukee) and going from boat ramp to boat ramp passing by the famous floating (sitting on rocks) bandstand. The whole crossing would only be about an 1/8 of a mile.



    11 days ago

    Get you a variable speed polisher, & polish that thing like the pros polish stuff. Get you some airway buffs, & rouge, and not only get 100x’s better end result, but WAY better than doing it with a drill and a powerball..

  24. Gacheru Mburu

    Gacheru Mburu

    11 days ago


  25. Andrew L.

    Andrew L.

    11 days ago

    8:27 "Hey Biscuit!"

  26. Andrew L.

    Andrew L.

    11 days ago

    "Maybe there is too much black..." 2:47 Dude, what a sense of humor! Yeah, changing the Sherp color will solve your problems with the Karens of the world! Oh boy, thanks for that!

  27. c s j

    c s j

    12 days ago

    For flattening the fender that got hit: Use your torch to heat up the panel before and while bending back into (rough) shape. Way less chance of cracking

  28. Chris atc

    Chris atc

    12 days ago

    Don’t put that goof off on plastic

  29. 0ff Zer0

    0ff Zer0

    12 days ago

    Too much black lol

  30. Super knullisch

    Super knullisch

    13 days ago

    You should put like two or more suspension mounted "racks" with small wheels (like 10 cm diameter or so) made of tough rubber that can take some punishment in the front where that "pipe fender" is mounted now, so that you don't hit high obstacles, like rock faces, with your front which sticks out a bit on the Sherp. This is the only thing that looks to me as a slight oversight in their design. I.e. they either shouldn't have made the front of the chassi stick out in front of the tyres, or they should've moved the front tyres slightly more forward. but idk, maybe it isn't a problem? You tell me! ; )

  31. Nismo X

    Nismo X

    14 days ago

    Extremely well done trailer

  32. Jason Burtals

    Jason Burtals

    14 days ago

    That’s a small dick vehicle. I guess like every other car you own

  33. Makke


    14 days ago

    Uncle rich, ya boy needs a wallet

  34. Marcus Koukkari

    Marcus Koukkari

    15 days ago

    4:16 Rich says "that's not going anywhere"



    15 days ago

    17:15 I was just thinking this thing looks like a cybertruck with the graphics turned up to a 1000%

  36. Scott Kennedy

    Scott Kennedy

    15 days ago

    Oh my God, lol. I feel so bad for those tires, lol. 😵🤣

  37. William Hadley

    William Hadley

    15 days ago

    Biscuit wants a ride in the Sherp.

  38. Jacob Walls

    Jacob Walls

    15 days ago


  39. Chilled


    15 days ago

    Can it do the rubicon?

  40. Brandon Petersen

    Brandon Petersen

    16 days ago

    What's the max speed now uncle rich?

  41. Tripp55


    16 days ago

    I forgot how cool this thing is! Thanks for making a video reminding us!

  42. Troy Currie

    Troy Currie

    16 days ago

    Wish he would have turned on the lights...those turn signals look so black that no light will escape.

  43. Kent Henry

    Kent Henry

    16 days ago

    I bet your neighbors love your car \ truck \ tank collection lol

  44. Steven Demoss

    Steven Demoss

    16 days ago

    He said it did the thing lol

  45. logan holmberg

    logan holmberg

    16 days ago

    Trying buying tires for your Sherp. You'll see why they cheaped out in some areas. Plus I'm pretty sure they are ashort line manufacture so they don't benefit from the economics of scale.

  46. logan holmberg

    logan holmberg

    16 days ago

    Its Russian I'd be suprised if it didn't start. Also you sure you want to be increasing the horsepower in this? Is it not a chain drive? If anything I'd conttact the Sherp guys just to make sure the chains can handle it long term.

  47. Alan Martinez

    Alan Martinez

    16 days ago

    like every ricer..."I'm going to mod my vehicle"... (proceeds to remove parts without replacing)

  48. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson

    16 days ago

    I think I want one of those

  49. Trey


    16 days ago

    what a great idea, you should spray paint over all your lights

  50. Levi Sabin

    Levi Sabin

    16 days ago

    You need a Ripsaw.

  51. silk19821982


    16 days ago

    Why you change the color

  52. ke17h


    16 days ago

    i see how hard it is to make interesting content every week - if only there was an electric car with LS engine project available to work on

  53. Area64Podcasting


    16 days ago

    Was anyone else waiting for him to put an actual supercharger on it? Looks great, and glad he added/opened up some power, but man I was looking forward to seeing him supercharge a diesel!

  54. Exor 123

    Exor 123

    16 days ago

    Biscuit looks like he is ready to eat you xD, OMG how fast did he grow lol

  55. ayoub rahmani

    ayoub rahmani

    16 days ago

    put a tesla engine in it!!

  56. Ace Brigade

    Ace Brigade

    17 days ago

    Ass, gas or grass nobody rides for free.

  57. Korloc


    17 days ago


  58. Christian Alvarez

    Christian Alvarez

    17 days ago

    What Tesla model is that at 16:15 ?

  59. Mariangeles Cordero

    Mariangeles Cordero

    17 days ago

    That plastic lip on each side has a purpose: it covers the excess of your tyres coming out of each side. Safety homologations. Not much to do with mud.

  60. Fisher Smurf

    Fisher Smurf

    17 days ago

    Looks great! #SHERP ON! All the #preppers, the outdoorsy types: #RVers, 4Wheelers, most any type for fun or to get serious, will like the #SHERP. Anyone that is friend with a #SHERP is a friend of mine. #Peace #SHERPUSA

  61. NOIR


    17 days ago

    Imagine the insurance premium on this

  62. Me ShaneH

    Me ShaneH

    17 days ago

    So getting the cops called on you had to be turned into a racial thing...

  63. Cubman 3150

    Cubman 3150

    17 days ago

    Biscuit has waves

  64. Billy Wang

    Billy Wang

    17 days ago

    Should pop some rolls Royce headlights on it lol

  65. kijkesaan


    17 days ago

    06:20 track ID please. Calming sound.

  66. mry82


    17 days ago

    "911, what's your emergency?" "There's a black man, doing donuts in a tank, on my suburban street!"

  67. Travis Terrell

    Travis Terrell

    18 days ago

    Spoiler alert: There's no supercharger.

  68. BaggerBro


    18 days ago

    yooo to save the trans on your tow truck, when loading a vehicle , make sure the truck has its parking brake on lol

  69. Simon Lyons

    Simon Lyons

    18 days ago

    inspired me to go sand the heads off all the rivets I can find, oh and budget bodge job, brush paint some wheels black, like a child who won the lottery. Defiantly missing something....... I think its called workmanship. *activates the echo chamber*

  70. Sean Blakeslee

    Sean Blakeslee

    18 days ago


  71. The Adventure Cru

    The Adventure Cru

    18 days ago

    Take it to the Rubicon trail

  72. Luke Rabin

    Luke Rabin

    18 days ago

    Where do these things come from?

  73. Luke Rabin

    Luke Rabin

    18 days ago

    That thing looks like it will go absolutely, unequivocally anywhere!

  74. Troy Raymond Dougherty

    Troy Raymond Dougherty

    18 days ago

    ¨too much black¨ im deadddd

  75. AdaamVee


    18 days ago

    Mans in GTAV

  76. Jacob Stofmeel

    Jacob Stofmeel

    18 days ago

    So you blow the engine up, big deal.....LS the sherp.

  77. Jacob Stofmeel

    Jacob Stofmeel

    18 days ago

    Polished alloy, sharp edge body, blacked out hub caps....huh it's a cyber-Sherp, nice!!

  78. Chronos Timebreaker

    Chronos Timebreaker

    18 days ago

    My first reaction was, good lird

  79. petrokemikal


    18 days ago

    There's reports of an African american driving a tank .... SMH !!! Last time I checked , tanks had tracks with a barrel for firing giant bullets and were about 4 times the size of this thing..

  80. Nathaniel Salzano

    Nathaniel Salzano

    18 days ago

    "just heating the surface up a little bit" 7:02

  81. Vernon Smith

    Vernon Smith

    18 days ago

    Image Tesla making electronic cyber Sherps instead of the cyber trucks. So unstoppable. I was hoping you would kill your engine so you would have to make it electric😏.

  82. Marcos Victor

    Marcos Victor

    18 days ago

    You know there are better TWS earphones that are actually cheap right? Because Raycons are actually bad and excessively expensive for how bad they sound.

  83. hijinks21


    18 days ago

    Next episode. Rebuilding a sherp transmission

  84. The General Consensus

    The General Consensus

    18 days ago

    Bro I'll weld you up some shit my guy! Been in the truck body industry for years. Crysteel truck bodies. Keep up the good work my guy!

  85. Anthony Warner

    Anthony Warner

    18 days ago

    Elon: look at my Cybertruck... Rich: look at my Cybersherp.

  86. Kenneth Cole

    Kenneth Cole

    19 days ago

    Smashing Honda Civic owners...ha ha ha!!!

  87. Aidan Hart

    Aidan Hart

    19 days ago

    Why not put a Tesla motor into the Sherp. 🤔

  88. Dylan Davies

    Dylan Davies

    19 days ago

    The flaps are a requirement in MA unfortunately Chapter 90: Section 7 - "...Every passenger motor vehicle which is equipped with tires which extend beyond the fenders or body of such vehicle and which is operated in or upon any way shall be equipped with flaps or suitable guards to reduce such spray or splash to the rear and sides..." You're allowed to have protruding tyres, because it's off-road, but you have to have "flaps" of some description XD. Think the ruffling was more to do with the bodywork damage tbh.

  89. Andrei Gauna Adamson

    Andrei Gauna Adamson

    19 days ago

    Rich will be the first Sherp owner who has to replace engine and transmission...

  90. Gangsterduck911


    19 days ago

    No way I seen this car in gta 😳

  91. Arthur Pridanovs

    Arthur Pridanovs

    19 days ago

    the D ring welds are a bit scary :)

  92. itsmikebauer


    19 days ago

    Tesla v8

  93. Warren


    19 days ago

    Electrify it, with batteries mounted within the wheel hubs...

  94. Antonio Brawl stars

    Antonio Brawl stars

    19 days ago

    Respond to this message if someone brought you here

  95. Payton Wasdin

    Payton Wasdin

    19 days ago

    There's no way that sherp only has 41 hp especially for them tires

  96. Steve M

    Steve M

    19 days ago

    It is just screaming for a wing on the back!

  97. Bio D

    Bio D

    19 days ago

    On those sides, you should go with Gravel Guard instead of black paint, since there's already texture to the surface.

  98. Gargoyle King

    Gargoyle King

    19 days ago

    I swear u are a genius the vehicles u make are out to 🌎 and when u said we painted it cause a black man in a black tank is just to much black I almost died laughing keep up the good work 💯

  99. Burt Isaac

    Burt Isaac

    19 days ago

    I want one!

  100. Timothy Warehime

    Timothy Warehime

    20 days ago

    when a rock flies through your front window you will wish you kept the rubber skirt.