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Should I replace my Audi RS7 with this CHEAP Mercedes AMG?

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Rich introduces you to his replacement and we explore a salvage yard to see what may replace the Audi RS7
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  1. ToluVsTj


    3 hours ago

    You're awesome bro!

  2. Von Heiser

    Von Heiser

    3 hours ago

    I feel like this is probably a weird video to watch his channel for the first time lol. i feel like missed so much haha

  3. Alex ABT

    Alex ABT

    4 hours ago

    kinda thick

  4. Alans Birčs

    Alans Birčs

    6 hours ago

    Yes. Do it.

  5. fake


    6 hours ago


  6. KSJ0723


    14 hours ago

    Fuck yeah

  7. Aaronryan5444 Playz

    Aaronryan5444 Playz

    15 hours ago

    The amg lookks expensive

  8. Duffy daf

    Duffy daf

    18 hours ago

    The Audi is an epic car, but also, don't forget that, nomatter how mad brilliant any Audi can be, it will forever remain the bastard child of the German trio🤣 its never a competitor of the Benz, the competition is between the Benz and the BMW and the results have been the same for the last 40 years, if you are a performance oriented dude, go BMW, if you are luxury biased, stick with the Benz, so no need to even bring the Audi in the picture, it was and is still not known for anything other than Quattro and or a few rally wins in the eighties..

  9. Live&GoFit


    18 hours ago

    I'm seriously looking for a Nanny and your assistant would be perfect 👍🏿

  10. win 777

    win 777

    23 hours ago

    The GTs is so underrated.

  11. Justin Shannon

    Justin Shannon

    Day ago

    Noo the audi has a history factor you almost went to jail because of it so it has a history

  12. rabbabansh


    Day ago

    0:00 YOOOOO nice sticker bro

    • rabbabansh


      Day ago

      where can i get one of these bad bois?

    • rabbabansh


      Day ago

      i approve

  13. I Am

    I Am

    Day ago

    What do u think about doing a ev drive train swap in a gm 1967 to 1972 muscle car,and what about introducing Autonomous technology as well to older cars no engine under the hood battery packs mounted in the frame

  14. I Am

    I Am

    Day ago

    Salute my brother

  15. jonathan bomb

    jonathan bomb

    2 days ago

    22:07 just close your eyes and thank me later

  16. nick frost

    nick frost

    2 days ago

    Dude your too real

  17. nick frost

    nick frost

    2 days ago

    Fuck yes

  18. its All A Trap

    its All A Trap

    2 days ago

    rich is definitely the black guy from casting couch can't fool me.

  19. Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz

    2 days ago

    The wise wing postsurgically sprout because bobcat nearly look worth a whimsical epoch. rude, curvy feedback

  20. U Lubesucks

    U Lubesucks

    2 days ago

    The undercover humor is so great

  21. Lord Tez

    Lord Tez

    3 days ago

    Did she just drink bull shit filtered through a filthy sock? Noooo

  22. Jason Rockefeller

    Jason Rockefeller

    3 days ago

    Rich. Can you convert a vintage 1980’s Mercedes diesel into a biodiesel with vegetable oil or use Tesla parts in a vintage Mercedes? I don’t have your resources but it’s a huge market and nobody is paying attention to it. Millennials love waves to save money. Must of us don’t have the finances right now to buy a Tesla but we do have 5k and we would pay 10k to convert a vehicle because it’s worth the cost and it saves money. It would also be awesome if you used a Batman theme. I always thought his car collection was so bad a-. Vintage European car collection collection

  23. Artagain


    3 days ago

    Rich sporting a Bell & Ross. Nice.

  24. pharo701


    3 days ago

    Supple leather...u evea rub yo leather mike?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. MrWonkawonka


    4 days ago

    She's a skit girl. I've seen her on several skits like with Big Jah, king V, ...etc

    • MrWonkawonka


      18 hours ago

      @HGC 4E hmmm...we shall see

    • HGC 4E

      HGC 4E

      20 hours ago

      @MrWonkawonka he does now apparently

    • MrWonkawonka


      Day ago

      @HGC 4E but Rich don't make skit videos. Smh

    • HGC 4E

      HGC 4E

      Day ago

      Well obviously

  26. MrWonkawonka


    4 days ago

    Dayum! New assistant is thick and cute.

  27. Carl Robinson

    Carl Robinson

    4 days ago

    Should I replace my wife with this cheap thrill🙂

  28. Omar Williams

    Omar Williams

    4 days ago

    Where are those cars being sold? Will somebody pls tell me so I can invest in them?

  29. Kamau 1

    Kamau 1

    5 days ago

    Bruh go to a black barber for little man . Get the fade right . Nice video tho

  30. Eliakim ishchayil

    Eliakim ishchayil

    6 days ago

    The girl is a nice addition, she’s funny too!

  31. Eliakim ishchayil

    Eliakim ishchayil

    6 days ago

    I didn’t. Know this guy was so funny

  32. James Smith

    James Smith

    6 days ago

    Damn you telling me bro Got nice cars but his son Got a Busted fade.....The world just seems to be mind boggling at this rate

  33. Alex Zombi

    Alex Zombi

    8 days ago

    Linda's from the 80's

  34. Dominica Eli

    Dominica Eli

    8 days ago

    yes yes yes mercedes all day everyday

  35. Jose Muñoz Romero

    Jose Muñoz Romero

    9 days ago

    Yoooo 😂

  36. Biden Hunter

    Biden Hunter

    9 days ago

    Shes so goddamn fine

  37. Chris Dixon

    Chris Dixon

    12 days ago

    Get the AMG I went for Audi to Mercedes and the quality difference is the most noticeable thing also reliability also I am a long way away from the kind of car's that you are driving I went from a Audi TT sports quattro 2005 it was the limited edition only 800 made for the UK market so it was a good one actually the best one ever made I also had a stage 2 tune and modification pack she was pushing 325bhp from a 1.8L turbo she was fast but always trouble with something it was never really right from day one even after spending thousands on it so eventually I thought let's change my dad was selling his Mercedes CL55 AMG and because he is my dad I didn't pay that much more than the price of the TT and yes I know the TT since then has gone up because they are so rare I got 8G for the TT paid 10G for the AMG that was worth around 15 to 20G back then but that's what family are for lol thanks again dad also yes I know what you think the AMG has lost probably half its value and the TT is probably around 12G now so if I had paid full price on the AMG I would be well out of pocket but who buys cars to make money yes its nice to but not often anyway because I paid so little for the AMG its still worth around 12G so I have lots anyway happy days but the difference in car is incredible the AMG is like a space ship compared with the TT also the ride is better because the advanced sports ABC electronic suspension also throttle and gear ratio response is adjusted by this so it turns from a comftabel cruzzing car sleeper to a big growling supercharged motor way eating monster that you can creep up on supercars and give them a little surprise when they are having trouble getting away from you its only the big real super cars that can actually just and only just pull away from me I love blowing away all the new BMW drivers who have a M sport badge and think there car is fast enough to have a go lol its only a badge you get to say you have a body kit and seats from a M3 or M5 M8 etc even a real M3 can't keep up with my 55AMG anyway apart from that the AMGs are fast there just better in every way reliability of my 2 cars are worlds apart the AMG is just amazing yes very expensive when it needs something even servicing is more but less often and less problems inside is a nicer place to be the TT is more race car inside but im 41 now and want comfort the AMG has masarge seats come on nuff said get the AMG bro the only thing Audi now win on is there lights are very impressive but Mercedes have new designs out now but I haven't seen them just yet the Audi have been using the new cool lights since 2018 That AMG your looking at is a beautiful car aswell I would love to have one dump the Audi lol

  38. Daniel liu

    Daniel liu

    12 days ago

    where do you find an assistant like that



    12 days ago

    You funny af mane gained a sub Lmfaooo

  40. Giba Sea

    Giba Sea

    12 days ago

    watch prison break, have Leenda bring you a shank 4 protection

  41. Robert Bell

    Robert Bell

    14 days ago

    That Tesla looks really ashy

  42. Garg710


    14 days ago

    Waaaay sexier than the Audi

  43. mike burns

    mike burns

    16 days ago

    I love the body lines on that car.

  44. iFlex


    17 days ago


  45. Giann Alc

    Giann Alc

    18 days ago

    Take off that god dam mask off the kid..

  46. Mike Kariuki

    Mike Kariuki

    22 days ago


  47. Javier Castillo

    Javier Castillo

    24 days ago

    that assistant is fire.

  48. Megaman The Second

    Megaman The Second

    24 days ago

    Markets gotta be full of repossessed cars with little to no damage because of covid...

  49. Bradley Dickey

    Bradley Dickey

    Month ago

    Brother ur absolutely funny as hell

  50. Lu M

    Lu M

    Month ago

    Why was on the yellow Lamborghini the biology pollution sticker? What des that means?

  51. Plzhelp69


    Month ago

    Get a AMG

  52. Kent Brooks

    Kent Brooks

    Month ago

    What is the secret how do u get the cars i been watching bids and it seems impossible to get i love your videos

  53. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    Month ago

    My Guy LEGIT 💯💪

  54. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    Month ago

    He actually did a great cut👍🏽💯💪

  55. Roy Williams

    Roy Williams

    Month ago

    #freeleeeenda lol

  56. Lukaay


    Month ago


  57. Adam Goujdami

    Adam Goujdami

    Month ago


  58. Laury Leclerc

    Laury Leclerc

    Month ago

    The green grey grieving poppy pathohistologically offend because millennium opportunely invite of a perfect person. unarmed, distinct card

  59. Enrique Pršlja

    Enrique Pršlja

    Month ago

    Fuck dat a Catheram is better

  60. OfficialHoneZtAbe


    Month ago

    That AMG > RS7 and i8

  61. Santiago Castillo

    Santiago Castillo

    Month ago

    🍁🍃El puré 🍃🍁 Jajaja 🤣 The owner was a Latin Mariguana Lover. 🍃💕

  62. T


    Month ago

    The ole switcheroo with the cameraman @1:22

  63. vladniko


    Month ago

    Happy 1m subs rich!

  64. A L L C U S T O M

    A L L C U S T O M

    Month ago

    Yes replace the audi , tha amg is a beast.

  65. RichHomie


    Month ago

    How the entire tesla burn to the point of unrecognizable but the 5 newport packs looked brand new

  66. matt klingman

    matt klingman

    Month ago

    fuckin love this guy

  67. Jamaal Padmore

    Jamaal Padmore

    Month ago

    Its your car your show but i really wouldn't want you to sell your audi for a benz but if it were the other way around of course.

  68. Florian Friedrich

    Florian Friedrich

    Month ago

    The GTs Interior is 10x better than any Tesla in there you actually have buttons instead of a cheap display for everything I would take it any day over a bloody Tesla

  69. Claude Archary

    Claude Archary

    Month ago

    That assistant girl is kaka

  70. Claude Archary

    Claude Archary

    Month ago

    Bra looks exactly like a kick ass DJ from my country. Maybe you might have heard of him.. What am I saying... You guys won't know about DJs from South Africa. Anyway his name is Black Coffee. Also you did that electric car V8 swop. Niiiice 😎 Speaking of which, there's this guy who relocated to your guy's country to get away from our third world country for employment opportunities. My mom said that he is hopping from job to job like a real hillbilly I'm sure. Ah well, his name is Elon Musk. No? Lol you probably won't be able to point out South Africa on a map right? Yeah we aren't that much. We took this dude who was in jail for a while and make him the president. He was ok I guess. But he gave all that up and he's going movie work now as a look alike for Mr Morgan Freeman. Wait he is Morgan Freeman.. No he is not... Damn I think he might not be in movies now that I'm thinking of it. I think he was married to... Oh now I remember, he is in movies now. He was in that movie Driving Miss Daisy

  71. Cwenga Zozo

    Cwenga Zozo

    Month ago

    Linda is gorgeous and a great sport for playing along with Riches antics

  72. Cars&Guitars


    Month ago

    Some one please count how many voice cracks the camera man got

  73. Stunter _pt

    Stunter _pt

    Month ago

    Trackhawks are awesome

  74. daniel garcia

    daniel garcia

    Month ago

    Can we see a video of Leenda washing cars? 😆 🖒🖒

  75. lil kaboom

    lil kaboom

    Month ago

    Its a fucking Audi RS7. Why would you replace a nice ass car with an EXTREMELY unreliable car

  76. Amadou Bah

    Amadou Bah

    Month ago

    send the broken tesla to elon and see what he thinks

  77. K Shawahneh

    K Shawahneh

    Month ago

    btw the jeep that u saw was a trackhawk, not an SRT

  78. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    Month ago

    Rich has the best in person ads of any personality. Doesn’t really say much for his personality but I usually watch his ads unlike others.

  79. iKoniK Modz

    iKoniK Modz

    Month ago

    Yo Rich it would be dope if you picked up one of those Can Am Ryker bikes & upgraded the engine. (Red/Black 3 wheel bike to the left of the driver seat in the Vanderhall)

  80. Bruce Baner

    Bruce Baner

    Month ago

    U actually got her drink that I can't get bitch to ×!!@#@ that some bull÷÷×!@ but we now know she spits so I guess 🤷 BTW in my hate like 2 tell u I like ur videos 😤

  81. Luke Morrow

    Luke Morrow

    Month ago

    where tf is this!?

  82. K Dr

    K Dr

    Month ago

    dude ur rediculious for the pruno lmaooooo your rich lmaoooo

  83. Pablis 23

    Pablis 23

    Month ago

    This guy 😂😂

  84. Luke O'Brien

    Luke O'Brien

    Month ago

    That was not an SRT Rick. It was a trackhawk which is a supercharged 6.2 L v8. Mopar=💯🔥🙏🥱🥸

  85. BB0 NILLA


    Month ago


  86. ZEGI


    Month ago

    DO NOT REPLACE IT it`s shitty but we love it for what it is

  87. Beloved Lover

    Beloved Lover

    Month ago

    Holy shit, people are wrecking some really nice cars.

  88. gg boy

    gg boy

    Month ago

    You should

  89. ydlog5


    Month ago

    Really? I hope that white dude is not calling himself Dapper Dan. Most people should know who the original Dapper Dan is if not do your research

  90. David Blalock

    David Blalock

    Month ago

    7:36 I can finally say Rich and I fully agree on something. 11:25 I googled it, and every picture with a clear view of the grill had that front mount intercooler. So that likely is stock.

  91. Computer Cowboy

    Computer Cowboy

    Month ago

    If I had an assistant like that, I’m confident I’d be in divorce court in short order.

  92. Was9no55


    Month ago

    I would rather a Honda Civic over any Mercedes

  93. OG_ADEM


    2 months ago

    get it

  94. Sheep Wolf

    Sheep Wolf

    2 months ago

    When Leenda was almost heaving, my thoughts? "You're a cruel man Rich." lmao! As far as the Vanderhall, check out Jay Leno's Garage. He'll tell you all about it.

  95. StickyIky


    2 months ago

    It will kill all the bacteria!😂😂😂😂

  96. Juuk


    2 months ago

    Get any Mercedes and im happy AMG is my favorite cars

  97. Nathaniel Hellewell

    Nathaniel Hellewell

    2 months ago


  98. Bando Ya Hoeee

    Bando Ya Hoeee

    2 months ago

    You’re the truth, keep doing what you do

  99. Angels DontFall

    Angels DontFall

    2 months ago

    You Should get Any 80’s Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic of the same era or a Datsun pickup truck with mad dents that puffs black smoke from the tailpipe and white smoke from underneath the hood and behind the grill- with 4 different brands of tires that are showing the metal belts and no spare tire but a subwoofer that will cure your constipation in zero to right Now ! Oh yeah. And the brakes are shot and so are the shocks and the transmission and clutch are pretty well over hammered but it does have a 2nd gen ram air intake system with clogged original stock cats and a fully rusted out tailpipe and an oil catch can with a racing stripe down the hood and cab then the bed and down the tailgate

  100. Morgan Landry

    Morgan Landry

    2 months ago

    The car is pretty cheap but looks sick