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Saving A DEAD Classic Mini Cooper I found on the Internet

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Rich tries to breathe new life into this Classic Mini-cooper
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  1. Andrew Donoghue

    Andrew Donoghue

    Day ago

    dude don't use a mechanical fuel pump you lose too much horsepower use an electric one

  2. some guy

    some guy

    2 days ago

    LECRIC LECTRIC LECTRIC. this is the perfect car for that, would b relatively cheap as even a tiny motor would pull this thing around like crazy

  3. The channel for random Videos

    The channel for random Videos

    2 days ago

    You need to fix the body paint on it and add like Mini Cooper racing stripes then react by the dudes house you bought it from

  4. Ross Rossiter

    Ross Rossiter

    4 days ago

    what a great find

  5. Dal Dubb

    Dal Dubb

    4 days ago

    Add a roll cage and sure you got a Tesla motor hanging around

  6. Vishva


    5 days ago

    K swap or busa swap it

  7. Antriford


    6 days ago

    ship it to Kenya, I will take great care of that little beast

  8. i H

    i H

    6 days ago

    That was a good and well presented watch ! Many thanks

  9. KGB


    6 days ago

    Get a good mike mate like it sounds like ur talking from a plastic box

  10. Ali Ababwa

    Ali Ababwa

    7 days ago

    my man really tried to start a car from '69 that has been sitting for an unknown amount of time without soaking the cylinders in penetrating fluid, changing the oil, and cleaning the fuel system, big oof

  11. Lia Hansen

    Lia Hansen

    7 days ago


  12. Chris Hurley

    Chris Hurley

    7 days ago

    Love the fact it has an Irish reg plate 🇮🇪 and from the same county I'm in 🔥

  13. Specialone0055


    8 days ago

    I had a mini clubman estate in the late 80’s, it was great fun, handbrake 180’s for fun, ran it in foot deep snow too.

  14. Jay's Garage

    Jay's Garage

    8 days ago

    Helephant swap?

  15. Narcis Pruteanu

    Narcis Pruteanu

    8 days ago

    Is that an irish plate on the back on the mini

  16. Tyler Conley

    Tyler Conley

    8 days ago

    What was that shock absorbtion system??

  17. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet

    8 days ago

    Irish number plate for the win

  18. KidKusoYaro


    10 days ago

    The kid on the door... oh god... it killed me

  19. Rombout Versluijs

    Rombout Versluijs

    11 days ago

    Dang dude, your kid al,ost lost her head. Guess she didnt now that door kinda busted

    • Rombout Versluijs

      Rombout Versluijs

      11 days ago

      hahaha bye clown!!!

  20. Ki E-Skate Mods

    Ki E-Skate Mods

    11 days ago

    Brits builds some cheap cheap cheap cars

  21. Julian Mcglothin

    Julian Mcglothin

    11 days ago

    5:05 little girl VS door girl wins.

  22. Patrick H

    Patrick H

    13 days ago

    Fabulous need to check out that Weber carb. the petrol pipe connection is a brass pipe pressed into the carb body, they can push out and cause major fire damage, newer carb’s have a screw fitting for petrol inlet port. A USgone guy Pete C “cortina city” shows his experience with a Weber like that....🤔

  23. Cowboy


    13 days ago


  24. Thomas Barker

    Thomas Barker

    13 days ago

    Rich put a turbo on it

  25. Mark Hodgson

    Mark Hodgson

    14 days ago

    The tuned 1100 cc Mini I had in the 80s got up to 100 mph. Actually the speedo went off the scale, chasing a Porche on the A67 from Barnard Castle to Darlington. Them were the days...

  26. Ruairi McCarthy

    Ruairi McCarthy

    14 days ago

    Thats WIERD That an IRISH Registered car from my hometown CORK IRELAND but the steering wheel is on the oppisite side. It sure has travelled along ways I learned to drive in a MINI 850 (1978)

  27. Amazigh808


    14 days ago


  28. Steve Jones

    Steve Jones

    14 days ago

    @7:51 that is a light bulb - it's not a fuse...

  29. cohen. berridge

    cohen. berridge

    15 days ago

    5:04 whoops 😬

  30. The Boss Sasquatch

    The Boss Sasquatch

    15 days ago

    Make it a rally car!!!!!!!

  31. Rick Noah

    Rick Noah

    15 days ago

    K24....back seat, baby. Check boosted void Mr2

  32. Arturo S.

    Arturo S.

    15 days ago

    Sounds like a lawnmower

  33. Brian Miller

    Brian Miller

    15 days ago

    I love this channel this is brilliant stuff

  34. Festus


    16 days ago

    Make sure you throw your car batteries into the ocean

  35. kennedy singh

    kennedy singh

    16 days ago

    For me, it's a easy car to work on. I'm use to those old school cars.

  36. Brian Truck

    Brian Truck

    17 days ago

    Beautiful car

  37. michael123 cody

    michael123 cody

    17 days ago

    Everyone is saying do this and do that . Doest matter what he could have done look at the gas.

  38. captain bungee

    captain bungee

    18 days ago

    67-C - Its from Kaaaark, boy!!

  39. IcanFartLOUD


    18 days ago

    You know you're old when you hear a cassette tape joke and you think to yourself shouldn't it be an 8-track joke?

  40. Iggy's Friend

    Iggy's Friend

    19 days ago

    I love the rock crawler.

  41. Andy hillhouse

    Andy hillhouse

    20 days ago

    You got yourself an absolute bargain hope you have a lot of fun in her!

  42. POREK


    21 day ago

    cool video nice mini

  43. Marco Cecchi

    Marco Cecchi

    22 days ago

    classic mini is for men...modern mini...well........ladies...

  44. Peter Campbell

    Peter Campbell

    23 days ago

    That car has too much racing heritage not to race prep it. There are significant clubs in the UK and Canada that can give you all the info you need to turn that into a beast!!!

  45. dean bunge

    dean bunge

    23 days ago

    Back to basics sounds nice... But a Honda k20c1 crate motor sounds fun...

  46. Joshua Hahn

    Joshua Hahn

    23 days ago

    Keep the mini stock.

  47. osean lopez

    osean lopez

    24 days ago

    Mr.bean car

  48. Gramursow An Faborden

    Gramursow An Faborden

    24 days ago

    >takes air filter off in rain >surprised that spark plugs are wet

  49. Takiji Caster

    Takiji Caster

    24 days ago

    I love this.

  50. Chillin with kountry

    Chillin with kountry

    25 days ago

    5:04 how 😂🤣😂🤣 she fell out the car

  51. Erik Thomas

    Erik Thomas

    25 days ago

    My mom could use and would love that wheelchair!!!

  52. Mason Barnett

    Mason Barnett

    25 days ago

    I wonder if you could fit a modern minis internals in it (ecu, engine, displays and features) modernise it with the current standard features in a box that’ll probably kill you if you hit a pigeon

  53. Mason Barnett

    Mason Barnett

    25 days ago

    Hayabusa turbo engine swap it! You won’t regret that and it’s a little light weight engine

  54. Chelsea Joyce

    Chelsea Joyce

    25 days ago

    This car was from Ireland, the regestration was 69 C 25 . This is how it works the number 69 represents the year 1969, the letter C represents the area where the car was registered, County Cork, also the place where Henry Ford built his first factory outside the USA, The number 25, is the number of imports that were registered at that time, into Ireland. This mini is a left hand drive, it is not a true Irish mini, we drive Right hand drive, just like the UK and Australia, so this mini was imported into ireland from a warmer climate, as Irish cars are prone to rust from our beautiful Irish weather, nice car uncle RICHIE.

  55. TexanOnTheMove


    25 days ago

    I’m sure you’ve already discover that one of the odd things with the Austin Mini is the engine oil also lubricates the transmission.

  56. TexanOnTheMove


    25 days ago

    Just be glad your Mini didn’t have the stock SU carburetor on it. It looks like the previous owner changed it out.

  57. TexanOnTheMove


    25 days ago

    Rich, When I was stationed in Germany while in the Army (1994-1997), I purchased a 1984 Austin Mini for $300. It had a 998cc engine & 4 speed trans. It topped out at about 85 MPH. It was a blast to drive, like driving a gocart on the highway.

  58. chris jones

    chris jones

    25 days ago

    Please don't electrify the Mini, Alec alec Issigonis would turn in his grave!!!

  59. MisterFixIt1952


    26 days ago

    I just noticed that you posted this video on October 4th, which is my birthday. Thanks for the memories.

  60. Berdoph


    28 days ago

    Why are you so funny?

  61. No Yes

    No Yes

    28 days ago

    I love this dudes sense of humor

  62. prospero 41

    prospero 41

    29 days ago

    Its not binky

  63. Jacob Cummings

    Jacob Cummings

    Month ago

    can I just say, you don't buy a mini because it is luxurious, u buy it because it makes you smile whenever you are in it, also, you can buy a modern classic mini (mk3) for as little as £1500 in okay condition, don't complain that it is simple because that is what it was designed to be. if you don't like it, then don't buy one

  64. Iza215


    Month ago

    Put the biggest engine you can fit in there!... Than turbocharge it...

  65. magaiver


    Month ago

    Chevy bolt EV 2017 motor with some Tesla batteries

    • magaiver


      Month ago

      Or another motorcycle zero engine swap...

  66. Andrei Chichak

    Andrei Chichak

    Month ago

    Well, you got a little more than you might think. The body is about 1969 (external door hinges and sliding windows, with hydraulic suspension), but the engine is MUCH more modern. The reinforcement ribs on the engine block tell me that the engine is what they call an A+ engine, probably 1275cc (could be 998cc). But it also seems to have an aluminum head rather than the normal iron lump. Plus the ARP head studs are a give away. And a more modern distributor with electronic ignition. The Weber carb setup is definitely somebody's project. The chrome trim around the door windows say it's either a Cooper or someone went through a lot of effort to find the nice trim bits. The 1000 on the back says that that would be a 998 Cooper that had an engine swap. Properly sorted, you could get some good profit reselling that car.

  67. Jason Barker

    Jason Barker

    Month ago

    5:05 - car door just falls off 😂😂😂

  68. Michael Hart

    Michael Hart

    Month ago

    Minis Rock. Ive had many including the restored 1963 car i have now. The fuel pump runs off a lobe on the camshaft for the record

  69. Eddiemunster74 Galindo

    Eddiemunster74 Galindo

    Month ago

    The mark up for classic mini parts is ridiculous. I sold the last two I had because it’s highway robbery what they charge you for a part let alone the shops that actually work on the mini.

  70. ali Gator

    ali Gator

    Month ago

    Put an evinrude etec 250 in it pls they are cheap as chips at salvage. A fuel injected 2 stroke is what this thing needs

  71. Scott Wright

    Scott Wright

    Month ago

    Yeah, you should cleaned that out before you even tried starting it.

  72. Go gameing

    Go gameing

    Month ago

    If there were is pounds or Euros in there you should have just taken those then the dollars because they're worth more

  73. Tristan Britt

    Tristan Britt

    Month ago

    You should do an old Nissan Leaf teardown and put the EV motor as a RWD motor. You could get some Italian job level speed with addition of the EV motor to the mechanical FWD which could also charge the EV with the alternator. You might have to lose some back seat space, but hey that means fewer people can get hurt when you crash it at 100 mph!

  74. Anthony Stirk

    Anthony Stirk

    Month ago

    The "fuse" was the interior light bulb :)

  75. Owen Iverson

    Owen Iverson

    Month ago

    5:03 um, is she ok?

  76. bloodsport 1

    bloodsport 1

    Month ago

    Hey Rich , check out Bad Obession Motorsports on USgone ; Project Blinkie . They are a year plus into a mini build that you might enjoy. Love your work man !

  77. Αλέξανδρος Απειρωτάν

    Αλέξανδρος Απειρωτάν

    Month ago

    17:08 Greek flag on plate!!! Yeaaah

  78. faakknot


    Month ago

    How dare you disrespect Lester B Pearson like that!

  79. fuduzan5562


    Month ago

    Holy fuck that kid was savage. "BYE CLOWN."

  80. Tschoony


    Month ago

    27:49 did someone say yes or sum like i heard a woman say yes.

  81. NeedForWeed


    Month ago

    5:03 wtf the kid fell out of the door

    • Sim Guy

      Sim Guy

      Month ago

      I was waiting for someone to mention this

  82. jimdotcom


    Month ago

    the only thing you do with a classic mini is hot rod it. mini culture is all about customisation.

  83. Hot Toolsja

    Hot Toolsja

    Month ago


  84. zatoul


    Month ago

    There are two Greek flags on the licence plate of that mini... Guessing that is why the uncle didn't want to give it away :DDD

  85. Devon Hammond

    Devon Hammond

    Month ago

    that car is registered in Cork

  86. BaTTaN


    Month ago

    My dood thats from the tank liner! Ive seen that crap come out of my fair share of motorcycle tanks that at one point sat for years without being drained. No fun getting out but Ive gotten some good flips out of it.

  87. lapieces


    Month ago

    0:26 you had your I8 at the Venetian? aren't you in the northeast?

  88. Joe Conforti

    Joe Conforti

    Month ago

    You sure are an entertaining guy.

  89. Ashton leon

    Ashton leon

    Month ago

    put a sideways civic type R v-tech engine I wanna see your front wheels pop

  90. Jack_Gamez 123

    Jack_Gamez 123

    Month ago

    5:04 The door said bye bye

  91. Bill Thorsby

    Bill Thorsby

    Month ago

    Pretty cool. My son just picked up a 2007 mini cooper but of course its all electronic. Nice to see one that is back to basics. Hope you keep it because its pretty cool.



    Month ago

    Bring in to life and stick a POWERFUL VTEC IN IT YOULL LOVE THE ROCKET

  93. Wanna be Retro

    Wanna be Retro

    Month ago

    Personally I would recommend putting 2 SU carbs on it you could get more power and be more original

  94. Jim Jensen

    Jim Jensen

    Month ago

    SELL it, and make some $$$'s, from dumb-dumbs who want one of those ____________ ha ha

  95. John Krakatoa

    John Krakatoa

    Month ago

    definitely convert it to electric !

  96. John Krakatoa

    John Krakatoa

    Month ago

    lol your daughter almost getting decapitated at the start when she opened the door was funny (I mean this sounds bad but you know i meant its funny coz the door fell off by itself and I obviously don't wish any harm to you or your family or friens)

  97. jacob


    Month ago

    Just so you know, 5k dollars for a mk2 mini in the UK would be dirt cheap! If I were you, I'd restore it, get a huge mark up price for it, then buy a later one (1993) and convert to electric... It'd probably fund the whole project

  98. Roland Freeman

    Roland Freeman

    Month ago

    Dude, make it hybrid or electric just for fun of it, that would go viral.

  99. Roland Freeman

    Roland Freeman

    Month ago

    No ones wants to sell their mini, but it is car mostly just for fun not a daily driver...

  100. BMW Hoons

    BMW Hoons

    Month ago

    5:05 the damn door falls off 😂