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My Tuned i8 Surprised Everyone at The Dragstrip

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Today we find out just how powerful my little BMW i8 "Prius" really is
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    John Yang

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  2. Marcus Vargas

    Marcus Vargas

    5 hours ago

    wd40 on your rims ?

  3. Professor LCSW

    Professor LCSW

    20 hours ago

    He is hilarious!🤣🤣



    Day ago


  5. richardlyew


    Day ago

    not even the right time hahahahahahhahahahahahhaa omg this video is so funny

  6. Stan Jab

    Stan Jab

    2 days ago

    Sorry to say leenda is the high lights for me.

  7. S C

    S C

    2 days ago

    lol farty

  8. Sofree 305

    Sofree 305

    3 days ago

    Who would complain about looking at Leenda she's bad.....u have to be gay if u complaining about having to watch be honest she's the reason I started watching....js

  9. Gazzer McVenge

    Gazzer McVenge

    3 days ago

    The moment the M5 owner realises that he got beat by a salvage titled car HA HA HA!

  10. Saad Raouh

    Saad Raouh

    4 days ago

    Lmao I had that key that Came with the car lol

  11. w. dee

    w. dee

    4 days ago

    You should consider renting to signed rappers for their videos. You could make some good money for the top cars. Like 10,000 per hr

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  15. Shiro Surfer

    Shiro Surfer

    6 days ago

    Hahahahahaha 10 yo kids complaining about women being pretty hahah

  16. Salim Sopari

    Salim Sopari

    6 days ago

    What are all the performance mods you've done? wow low 12's is amazing

  17. David Goodland

    David Goodland

    6 days ago

    They dont like the erection the channel is going in..... Wahahahaha

  18. Goldenxrookie


    7 days ago

    So many beta males lmao

  19. Tom Kitchen

    Tom Kitchen

    7 days ago

    Tell me you didn't trade the girl for a puppy!!

  20. Fung S

    Fung S

    9 days ago

    Rich has become completely phony now and corporate

  21. luis


    9 days ago

    That Key is awesome!

  22. Peter


    9 days ago

    Rich idk why people are complaining about leenda(Linda? Sry idk) if you got more videos planned w her I’m all for it

  23. Wayne's World

    Wayne's World

    9 days ago

    If Leenda goes, I go!!

  24. rustler08


    9 days ago

    Imagine buying a ZL1 and somehow running 2 seconds slower that it's capable of.

  25. John E

    John E

    10 days ago

    If the girl goes i go chosse wisely !!!!!

  26. Luis Lascano

    Luis Lascano

    10 days ago

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  27. Jolly John

    Jolly John

    10 days ago

    Leenda in the bikini... which episode is it?

  28. Eric Anderson

    Eric Anderson

    10 days ago

    You are so slick as you slip into the ads. Never before have I seen such smooth transitions into commercials. I'm literally lol on your vids as you try to give me promo codes and such. Love it.

  29. Sam Downs

    Sam Downs

    11 days ago

    Yooooo fuck the simps do what ever u want on ur channel

  30. Atul S

    Atul S

    11 days ago

    Hey @rich, I love your click baits. Leenda is one lucky girl. I say keep her.

  31. Serbian defence dog b

    Serbian defence dog b

    11 days ago

    Rich I watch your video since your assistant 60 more get rid of here and am gone Haha ture

  32. Raphael Antonio

    Raphael Antonio

    12 days ago


  33. iVTECInside


    12 days ago

    vs 2020 Roadster.. lmfao dead..

  34. Jeremy R

    Jeremy R

    13 days ago

    My fz09 sounds better than that 3 cylinder sports car lol

  35. 315 S Camden Ste 400 Beverly Hills

    315 S Camden Ste 400 Beverly Hills

    13 days ago

    WAIT! Cars and a Pretty White woman? This show is like a reeces peices cup. Chocolate and peanut Butter. Dont change a daaaam thang. Just give her 2 minutes an episode. Women and Car parts. MMMMMM,. Grease and dirt and women. YYyyyeaaaaah! You need some cussin. and some drankin...

  36. Mrdubomb


    13 days ago

    Your assistant is bleepin gorgeous, I think we need to see much more of her in your videos.

  37. Dominic Cazimero

    Dominic Cazimero

    14 days ago

    12.2/114mph is Fricken good! I'm happy for you...

  38. samlol23


    14 days ago

    What a great channel. Thanks for the entertainment.

  39. Alpha Cat

    Alpha Cat

    14 days ago

    And where exactly was this side boob video people were complaining about?

  40. originalGFLEX


    14 days ago

    I just subscribed your absolutely hilarious commentary bringing something extra to the table of reviews, builds and engineering.

  41. eamonnhayabusa069


    14 days ago

    She’s cool let her stay

  42. strykermerf111


    14 days ago

    More Leenda in the videos please or WE WILL UNSUBSCRIBE ! I speak for the me

  43. L


    15 days ago

    @1:40 like what is wrong with everyone? Why has society become so fragile lol? Maybe they're mad there's a women who knows how to fix vehicle or something.

  44. Gregory Morris

    Gregory Morris

    15 days ago

    Don't have to worry about your self-esteem, "Adorable piece of chocolate" that's why I watch your channel. Definitely keep the girl. She's hot and seems cool to be around. And your intellect and sense of humor keeps me from falling asleep.

  45. Creative Space

    Creative Space

    16 days ago

    Hahahhaha dude your car farts now hahahhaha

  46. mike burns

    mike burns

    16 days ago

    Been watching some Tesla whoop some pretty high horsepower cars.

  47. mike burns

    mike burns

    16 days ago

    Oh look a Camaro SS (Super Slow)

  48. Matt Diliberto

    Matt Diliberto

    17 days ago

    Corporate sponsorships haha 😂

  49. Charles Beaudry

    Charles Beaudry

    17 days ago

    Great magicians always have a really beautiful assistant.

  50. Josh Scafe

    Josh Scafe

    20 days ago

    I have a chocolate lab as well and let me tell you it's a better investment than an i8.

  51. dannnyqu


    22 days ago

    I love when a creator can just rip on there toxic fans and not give af! Keep making caskets, keep up the side boob, or whatever else you feel like doing

  52. J


    24 days ago

    WD40 being put on wheels ok, Joe public sprays WD40 on wheels = Crash PMSL

  53. TK Mo

    TK Mo

    24 days ago

    WD-40 breaks down rubber and makes it softer. You want to use 100% silicone. WD-40 will even soften plastic as it is petroleum based.

  54. RezmX


    26 days ago

    man linda is beautiful❤

  55. epoxeclipse


    28 days ago

    those times arent bad at all, you cant really say its a 3cyl when the electric motors putting in work too but sure.

  56. TheJoncic


    29 days ago

    I take it Rich isn't a married man anymore? Lol

  57. John Smith

    John Smith

    Month ago

    1:27 "They don't like the erection theat this channel is going in" Here, i fixed it for ya..

  58. Adam Hlali

    Adam Hlali

    Month ago

    Ima just say. I understand why some dudes can't keep it when they see Leenda. BUT UNCLE RICH IS STILL SEXIER COME ON BOYS THAT BOLD HEAD GOD DAAAAAAMN.

  59. metta117


    Month ago

    But can you fix it

  60. Journeytomydreamcars


    Month ago

    The humour Rich shows is too much 🤣 inspiring

  61. Jordan Olsen

    Jordan Olsen

    Month ago

    Fuck I missed the side boob?!?! God damnit.

  62. angel brito

    angel brito

    Month ago

    This was a hilarious video. The husband was a real sport and his wife is a very pretty woman. Thank you all for making me laugh!

  63. Felix Milburn

    Felix Milburn

    Month ago

    Is the I8 for sale?

  64. Slavik Cher

    Slavik Cher

    Month ago

    2:16 had me dying

  65. Political Chef

    Political Chef

    Month ago

    Leenda Rebuilds has a ring to it.

  66. SG


    Month ago

    I want to see the video were he builds the coffin for the hamster but I can’t find it!! 😢

  67. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    Month ago

    My got all the promos💯

  68. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    Month ago

    Salute u gt the shops nw u fukkn it up

  69. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee

    Month ago

    Don't beemer drivers save money by not using turn signals? I.E. Lower outgoing cost for those incandescent turn signal bulbs.

  70. Christian Serna

    Christian Serna

    Month ago

    Linda ❣️❣️❣️

  71. Nick Shurtleff

    Nick Shurtleff

    Month ago

    When Rich says "12" or "13", is he referring to the score or time? I don't know how drag racing is scored, but I'm curious.

    • Isaiah Robinson

      Isaiah Robinson

      12 days ago

      Yes referring to 12 seconds or 13 seconds in the quarter mile

  72. Siddharth Nandi

    Siddharth Nandi

    Month ago

    "and he's just like me" *proceeds to show a clip of his pup dry humping his other dog*

  73. killastrong


    Month ago

    I like the brake dust removal trick

  74. barrie Williams

    barrie Williams

    Month ago

    Leenda is amazing👍 If you get rid of Leenda, I will unsubscribe a thousand times!😁

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    Tim Dailey

    Month ago

    Long live Linda!

  76. Scarlet D'Vore

    Scarlet D'Vore

    Month ago


  77. hajikilla91


    Month ago

    ZL1 Camaros are worthless compared to Hellcats at 707 HP and costs the same...🤷🏻‍♂️

  78. DIGI


    Month ago

    is it possible for you to tesla swap the i8 or even v8 swap it

  79. Mr. Khan

    Mr. Khan

    Month ago

    Dude! That's a HUGE exhaust for the i8 lol. There has to be some point to it!

  80. Jordan Henderson

    Jordan Henderson

    Month ago

    Car sounds good.

  81. Joy L

    Joy L

    Month ago

    the Tesla Roadster run cracked me up xD

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    Jacob James

    Month ago

    Wait I live down the street from New England dragway that's cool

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    hey you

    Month ago

    That Honey ad transition was flawless

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    The Weekend Warrior

    Month ago

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    Thomas Solorzano

    Month ago

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    Zombie4stomper 39

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    SSG Live

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    Akshay Viruss

    Month ago

    Can someone please help me out with the name of the tool at 7:45?

    • Damon Heard

      Damon Heard

      Month ago

      MILWAUKEE'S ratchet

  89. Brendan Kovach

    Brendan Kovach

    Month ago

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    Sahara Love Tv

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    Sasha Zvyagin

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    Patrick McGee

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    Big Floppa

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