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Installing a 6 Speed manual transmission in a Tesla

Check out the game that Uncle Rich insisted on playing instead of getting to the garage on time :
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Today we tackle the struggle of getting our gas powered Tesla ready for her new life by preparing a six speed manual transmission for her
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  1. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    Month ago

    Me following up on my promise of taking a subscribers wife to Olive Garden -

    • Jordan Jank

      Jordan Jank

      Month ago

      Fuel tank in the trunk ofcourse, and a radiator in the front with a custom fiberglass tesla front bumper with a grill ofc for airflow

    • James Griffin

      James Griffin

      Month ago

      A proud boy to the heart back just like a hokey

  2. Olle Sjöholm

    Olle Sjöholm

    2 hours ago

    5:00 yo he mad sus

  3. some guy

    some guy

    10 hours ago

    ur a bad person

  4. zulema molinares

    zulema molinares

    3 days ago

    Hello I admire what you do and I can’t believe the things you do incredible I will be coming back for three years in three years I’m going to contact you hopefully Answer I wanna learn a lot about you and I do have high hopes for you have a great idea no plan but it’s not just a great idea it’s a big big plan that many people would love hopefully you contact me in three years I will be coming back

  5. Sebastian Chatila

    Sebastian Chatila

    4 days ago

    Battery cars have only Auto Transmission because they do not have engines.

  6. Rice&Beans


    8 days ago

    Bro, you saved the world by doing this.

  7. Ville-Valtteri Leppiaho

    Ville-Valtteri Leppiaho

    11 days ago

    I bet the supercharge doesn't work

  8. Sailing Anna Sara

    Sailing Anna Sara

    13 days ago

    that app is a spy app man...

  9. M D

    M D

    14 days ago

    I visited a friend in Texas once who said he knew this awesome Italian restaurant, when we got there it was the Olive Garden

  10. BryceLovesTech


    15 days ago

    Rich I love your videos but this is the craziest yet. Put a gas motor is a Tesla so it can go slower??

  11. BRS RC

    BRS RC

    16 days ago

    Good God that is a klusterfuk of wires

  12. Herkimer Snerd

    Herkimer Snerd

    17 days ago

    I have a feeling that the fast charging will be disabled for the V8.

  13. Keaxz


    18 days ago

    Elon musk is watching you now and he will make you the ceo of tesla 😂😂

  14. Karl Johnson

    Karl Johnson

    20 days ago

    Why have I only just found your channel, really enjoying your content.

  15. Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    21 day ago

    EV Fans get a heart attack watching this xD

  16. Samurai Shampoo

    Samurai Shampoo

    21 day ago

    Everytime I watch a Rich Rebuilds video now I jump at the sound of the BMW i8's door opening sound since my i3 does the same noise. 😭 I keep thinking someone is outside in my car.

  17. roskoeheat


    23 days ago

    Has anyone LS swapped a tesla?

    • custom creations

      custom creations

      23 days ago

      As far as we know This is the Worlds First V8 Tesla

  18. Ben Gillespie

    Ben Gillespie

    24 days ago

    Dear tesla Fan boys, I was running low on salt, thanks for the refill

  19. MrNoob


    25 days ago

    What in the gta 5 is that

  20. Carl23 Baldoz

    Carl23 Baldoz

    25 days ago

    This project takes forever

  21. Victor Lewis

    Victor Lewis

    25 days ago

    You integrate the promotions so we'll I don't even have time to skip them when I realize you are trying to brainwash me.

  22. Bthorn 50

    Bthorn 50

    26 days ago

    I gotta hear this thing rumble...

  23. Adam Ideus

    Adam Ideus

    26 days ago

    I don't know about this because you're losing top end acceleration and speed in an electric car that's already fast I would have put the transmission to a electric motor for more torque

  24. Brd Dukaty

    Brd Dukaty

    26 days ago


  25. Marco Aurélio

    Marco Aurélio

    26 days ago

    you know what could be a good idea? to use the oversized screen (since no longer wont be used any way because its broken) to mount the Gear knob shifter, like a Renault 4L Gear know .. i bet you've never saw one. One of the most well designed 90's European vehicle. or is it 80's? i don't know. Thank God there is Wikipedia. Other good examples of European Beauty: Ciroen 2cv (litterally means it has only 2hp) Fian Uno (Or if you would like more speed, Fiat Uno Turbo i.e) and of course, the Tar smasher: Opel Corsa A Cheers

  26. compjelly


    26 days ago

    Why are you just keeping the V8 bottles in there the whole time lol

  27. compjelly


    26 days ago

    Beef jerky costs a lot because it is steak but it's also dehydrated to lose a lot of its mass.

  28. aveshan pillay

    aveshan pillay

    27 days ago

    When is the next video coming out

    • custom creations

      custom creations

      26 days ago


  29. Big Yeet Daddy

    Big Yeet Daddy

    27 days ago

    All you had to do is give the dam referral code EM!

  30. 16. Kaget Wijaya Omar Tadashi

    16. Kaget Wijaya Omar Tadashi

    27 days ago

    Nice video... Greets from Indonesia... Maybe next project is "Placing Detroit Diesel 12V92 in Tesla Semi" 😂😂😂

  31. Spencer 101

    Spencer 101

    28 days ago

    Get a plate "TSLATRSH"

  32. Jessica Copeland

    Jessica Copeland

    28 days ago

    I've said for a long time... this is the greatest idea since sliced bread, for California hot rodders. You can't fail a car for emissions when there's literally no emissions certification for the chassis. It's just too bad the Tesla weighs so much... but the awesome aero coefficient makes up for it.

  33. Eli


    28 days ago

    Without a shred of doubt I know Elon is watching this

  34. Bert Bert

    Bert Bert

    28 days ago

    Automatic / FWD = 🚫 That thing is gonna be sick Rich! #DOGE approved 🚀

  35. Grant Oakes

    Grant Oakes

    29 days ago

    When done I'd like to see a video of you taking to an auto dealer to make a trade-in. THAT would be epic!

  36. Grant Oakes

    Grant Oakes

    29 days ago

    Automatic and front wheel drive, we don't talk to those people. THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Pyre Records

    Pyre Records

    29 days ago

    Was cracking up within the 1st 60 seconds ahahahah

  38. Mr. Schmoe

    Mr. Schmoe

    29 days ago

    I’m watching this wondering why Samcrac never finishes anything. 🤣🤣

  39. KoreBoredom


    29 days ago

    Car thief: "Yeah I can rob this sweet Tesla! EZ!" *breaks window and enters seat* Car thief: "..." Caf thief: "w-wait, what...?"

  40. това́рищ. rA9

    това́рищ. rA9

    29 days ago

    I can't wait to see the faces of people, the first time when you show up at a petrol station with a Tesla.

  41. mouseanalyse


    29 days ago

    We don’t talk to those people. Thank you Rich for saying what I thought. 👌

  42. fugo


    29 days ago

    I really fuckin hope that this car is going to end up with prior design bumpers and rear lip on it.

  43. Randy Kumpf

    Randy Kumpf

    29 days ago

    Tesla, RWD, Three pedal six speed, YES!!! - I love electric cars almost as much as dinosaur fuelers. Engine swaps are almost always more fun, no matter what. A Tesla Software Engineer let me drive hIs personal car (Thank you Syed) for about twenty minutes (Totally thrilling, my first electric car drive). Even the little German toaster i3 was fun.

  44. Nelson Hernandez

    Nelson Hernandez

    Month ago

    Good luck looking forward to seeing this thing finally drive under gasoline power.

  45. Cool stuff

    Cool stuff

    Month ago

    I WANT TO WORK FOR YOU .... seriously

  46. Slug Stevens

    Slug Stevens

    Month ago

    “Daddy wasn’t there “ 🤣

  47. Mujahed Hussain

    Mujahed Hussain

    Month ago

    Why don't you just buy a V8 and drive? What's the point here? Converting electric to gas...! 🙏

  48. Cristian Alejandro

    Cristian Alejandro

    Month ago

    hahahaha the magnums!!!!

  49. Gazzer McVenge

    Gazzer McVenge

    Month ago

    I laugh so much watching these

  50. Ein Antonius

    Ein Antonius

    Month ago

    Imagine driving a straight pipe Tesla

  51. Eric Nazario

    Eric Nazario

    Month ago

    Taking wives to olive garden? Any expectations after dinner? Asking for a friends wife

  52. James Griffin

    James Griffin

    Month ago

    You a proud boy pull me wrong you not a proud boy

  53. Ghoulish420


    Month ago

    0:48 WTF? ur cuckolding subs? im getting out of here.

  54. Alden Crabb

    Alden Crabb

    Month ago

    Rich might be keeping his promises by taking someone's wife to olive garden's. But is he scamming us about the Tesla?

    • Alden Crabb

      Alden Crabb

      Month ago

      @custom creations so you have also noticed him spouting prime BS about linking up the Tesla's wiring loom into the new petrol setup in such a way as to stop it getting error codes? It's laughable!

    • custom creations

      custom creations

      Month ago


  55. The RebTek Channel

    The RebTek Channel

    Month ago

    I hope you become successful in building that tesla. Finally that car will have some muscle.

  56. Chad Mueller

    Chad Mueller

    Month ago

    Someone needs to do a Cumminsdiesel Tesla after this.

  57. SkyEarthOcean


    Month ago

    Making an EV run on gas? What is wrong with you?

    • custom creations

      custom creations

      Month ago

      The condition is to new. The medical establishment has yet to figure out this devastating ailment

    • Chad Mueller

      Chad Mueller

      Month ago

      He is making it more badass.

  58. enrique carcamo

    enrique carcamo

    Month ago

    Yo this so cool

  59. Icham Lamour

    Icham Lamour

    Month ago


  60. Krale Emil

    Krale Emil

    Month ago

    Go to a place where you can get a driving licenes and use this car

  61. Armchair General

    Armchair General

    Month ago

    Front wheel drive automatic LS.... Yea it's best to pretend those people don't exist.

  62. Breezy rider 23

    Breezy rider 23

    Month ago

    Cont w8 the resort for the v8 Tesla mood bro

  63. Lucas Marques

    Lucas Marques

    Month ago

    Having a donor car, reusing it's electrical system makes absolute sense... But a standalone ecu could come in handy when they supercharge And let's be honest, rich is too much of a memer to not supercharge this thing...eventually

  64. luca morin

    luca morin

    Month ago

    helon musk friend: dude look at what they doing helon musk: these guy love v8 😂

  65. Hemed Ali

    Hemed Ali

    Month ago

    Lol drive it to a Teslameet!!! Once it’s done ofc...maybe in like the next 20 episodes 🤷🏻‍♂️

  66. Mike Makuh

    Mike Makuh

    Month ago

    Why not just junk it take all the money you would save and buy a new Corvette?

    • Mike Makuh

      Mike Makuh

      Month ago

      @Chad Mueller Thank you.

    • Chad Mueller

      Chad Mueller

      Month ago

      @Mike Makuh you have a point sir

    • Mike Makuh

      Mike Makuh

      Month ago

      @Chad Mueller "Tesla"? ' and "True car guy"??????? What is EVEN the connection!

    • Chad Mueller

      Chad Mueller

      Month ago

      Thats not what being a true carguy is about.

  67. Daniel Dickson

    Daniel Dickson

    Month ago

    Family : **walks around without Dad** Uncle Rich:.... Free real estate 😂😂😅

  68. Marius Baban

    Marius Baban

    Month ago

    V8 swap cheeper than a new battery

  69. Sigmoidal Worm3

    Sigmoidal Worm3

    Month ago

    I really like this like a big fuck you to tesla lol

  70. Matthew Pace (STUDENT)

    Matthew Pace (STUDENT)

    Month ago

    When you're done with ice tea, you should repair a DeLorean

  71. Sal Thomas

    Sal Thomas

    Month ago

    Are you going to drop a video today or nah? 🤨

  72. kevin thompson

    kevin thompson

    Month ago

    i really hope the thing between u and samcrac is just crap

  73. James Young

    James Young

    Month ago

    Where is thr Leenda..or Linda walk by?? I thought you were equal opportunity. Shame!

  74. Александр Абрамов

    Александр Абрамов

    Month ago


  75. beforebefore


    Month ago

    Who's taking bets as to whether or not this ever gets completed, running and driving... properly? Then what about licensing and safety inspection? Oh... Samcrac... you say you're taking those bets?

  76. Vincent Chang

    Vincent Chang

    Month ago

    that's an interesting car. I'll buy it off your hands for 8000 dogecoins.

  77. showgirls around the world a dancer family

    showgirls around the world a dancer family

    Month ago

    What is all this weird stuff in the beginning?

  78. Luis Pacheco

    Luis Pacheco

    Month ago

    funny thing that happened this week. someone tried to scam me with your profile pic on Facebook.

  79. Dakota Rodriguez

    Dakota Rodriguez

    Month ago

    you got ripped off. that arizona tea is the same oz as the can. gas stations also up the prices on the normal cans too.

  80. gewoontimm


    Month ago

    imagion Rich pulling up at the gasstation with this tesla.. people would think he is one of those that try to fill up an electric car.. and then Rich starts filling up like a regular car :P

    • Chad Mueller

      Chad Mueller

      Month ago

      Imagine this car standing at a supercharger spot, than firing up the straight piped LS.

  81. Yavuz m3

    Yavuz m3

    Month ago

    We all know why he’s taking the winners wife to Olive Garden

  82. Jonathan Martinez

    Jonathan Martinez

    Month ago


  83. Houdini 415

    Houdini 415

    Month ago

    I want to 1jz swap tesla one day. They have 90deg shifter extensions for your dash and Trans being close.

    • Chad Mueller

      Chad Mueller

      Month ago

      That would be great. Or a Cummins Diesel Tesla.

  84. Taylor C

    Taylor C

    Month ago

    This like stringing a Guitar Hero controller.

  85. James McGlown

    James McGlown

    Month ago

    Wow...she won and you cant take her out....bunch of racists....😂🔨....this is a lame!!!100%

  86. Elite Vision

    Elite Vision

    Month ago

    Hey Rich I have a few idea that I think we could work on together if you're interested let me know and we can collaborate

  87. Jim Burns

    Jim Burns

    Month ago

    Lol “we don’t talk to those ppl”

  88. Triple X

    Triple X

    Month ago

    Why did they put in the Burt seats and the broken dash board or is it temporarily

    • Triple X

      Triple X

      Month ago


    • custom creations

      custom creations

      Month ago

      Just using them for mock up. They will be replaced eventually

  89. Charles Parnell

    Charles Parnell

    Month ago

    Just out of curiousity. Could you not somehow (if you know someone, or yourself), hack into the computer of your tesla and enable fastcharge, and block them from having any access to control your car? What kind of shtty company has the audacity to remove features from a car you purchased. Its your property. Isn't it? Or is there not an aftermarket solution to this? IF not, there should be... hmmm?

  90. Joshua Nunez

    Joshua Nunez

    Month ago

    upload now👿

  91. yobryan88


    Month ago

    This is a crazy complex project, and for that reason, you must succeed!!! Perseverance!!! Lets gooooo!

  92. Sixer


    Month ago

    Joshua is like Lurch but with coolaid

  93. Siakol Yano

    Siakol Yano

    Month ago

    Great for trolling the HOV lanes.

  94. The 2 Musketeers

    The 2 Musketeers

    Month ago

    Hey rich one question will you try to get working heating and ac in this car?

  95. Quinn Mortensen

    Quinn Mortensen

    Month ago

    So excited to see the process. This is awesome brother.

  96. KTMS Kj

    KTMS Kj

    Month ago

    good job man

  97. mudasir khan

    mudasir khan

    Month ago

    4k at 1 million subs. would've been great!



    Month ago

    Wait what tf that's the bmw i8 sam crac it works 😂😂😂

  99. A Jen

    A Jen

    Month ago

    Great build guys👍 I've swapped a 5.3 V8 into a 2011 chevy colorado, takes a lot of thought and research. Can't wait for your next video.

  100. Rich Levo

    Rich Levo

    Month ago

    Rich, where is the mini man? You need to watch the original film of the Italian job, its such an icon British film🇬🇧. You can then see what a mini can do!! Don't mess with the mini, just make it in to an original Italian job mini 🚗 (we are in the self preservation society, its from the film)