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I tried to service my 700HP Audi RS7 myself

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  1. Keith Young

    Keith Young

    16 hours ago

    Liquid moly is German for green antifreeze - everyone knows that.

  2. Shiro Surfer

    Shiro Surfer

    6 days ago

    Bronze wheels were great

  3. Jay White

    Jay White

    12 days ago

    Love the KY on the sponsor ads. They just seem to slide right in!

  4. sami47x


    13 days ago

    13:49 why he calling him baby ?

  5. Luke Reardon

    Luke Reardon

    15 days ago

    I was so hoping you would make the wheels silver. Why do modern performance cars have to look like Satan? Good work , I like you keep trying.

  6. spuf


    16 days ago


  7. Vablo


    16 days ago

    Wait. He stripped the bolt on purpose for the ad?

  8. Scott Lee

    Scott Lee

    17 days ago

    LiquiMoly is a German SME - the type of company where the owner still torques the lids on himself 😂 They sell some cheap off brand Loctite too

  9. Barrington Bailey

    Barrington Bailey

    17 days ago

    Just watch this video not to many black guy like us

  10. david paige

    david paige

    18 days ago

    You are my boy. I wish I could come learn how to fix cars from you.

  11. jason fry

    jason fry

    20 days ago

    Bro Im sick for the first time in years( some kinda stomach bug not the rona) and the library of stuff to watch is amazing. Thanks for helping me though this BS

  12. Andre Lewis

    Andre Lewis

    22 days ago

    I appreciate what you do. It is inspiring and giving me the whole perspective I have always been interested in but hesitant. Thank you for what you do.

  13. Watermellow Gaming

    Watermellow Gaming

    25 days ago

    Did this man use a wrench on a oil filter

  14. Eric Deshields

    Eric Deshields

    Month ago

    Your transitions are flawless

  15. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    Month ago

    Salute u

  16. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    Month ago


  17. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    Month ago


  18. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    Month ago

    Watching all of them unk rich

  19. Nɪmbus


    Month ago

    Czech gang xd

  20. Kevin Crafts

    Kevin Crafts

    Month ago

    I totally agree with you observation about the belly pan fasteners. They are a pain. I have resorted to using a vacuum oil extractor that goes in through the dipstick tube. It removes 98% of the oil without having to crawl underneath the car.

    • Kevin Crafts

      Kevin Crafts

      Month ago

      Are you going with copper plugs with the highest conductivity?

    • Kevin Crafts

      Kevin Crafts

      Month ago

      The oil glows if you shine a uv light on it. It helps find oil leaks.

    • Kevin Crafts

      Kevin Crafts

      Month ago

      FCP Euro is amazing!

  21. Kevin Crafts

    Kevin Crafts

    Month ago

    You humor is amazing! I grew up in my dad's garage "Modern Classics" from Lancaster Pa. I also wore the Jesus shoes, and only was injured once on the big toe by a dropped lug nut. Keep up the great work.

  22. tiscitatascit


    Month ago

    "This is like speaking mandarin for no reason"!, lol. Thank you for sharring!!

  23. Jim Jensen

    Jim Jensen

    Month ago

    you can buy LiquiMoly separate, at Auto parts stores, to add to oil. The can says made in Germany, like your oil. I used it in my Mazda 3, when new, as some said Moly is needed in new engine.....

  24. Jim Jensen

    Jim Jensen

    Month ago

    early 60's chevrolets used similar oil filters, theirs had a single bolt that held the whole metal canister up to the block.

  25. Aaron Walcott

    Aaron Walcott

    Month ago

    "If my math is right, the remaining 79%..." Ohmilawd! As a math teacher since 2002, I found this way too funny.

  26. Steve L

    Steve L

    Month ago

    Just stumbled on your channel. This is great content. Helping you reach the 1 million subscribers

  27. Logan Wiebe

    Logan Wiebe

    Month ago

    That intro earned a sub

  28. J W

    J W

    Month ago

    $4 for eggs may seam outrageous, but paying $4300 for brakes is insane lmao



    Month ago


  30. Dev


    Month ago

    Most entertaining car channel on USgone!

  31. shed labz

    shed labz

    Month ago

    same filter on the ford mondeo

  32. Martinsix


    Month ago

    Ohoooo thanks for the shout out for Czech Republic :D . This type of filter is used on many VAG cars, as well as Skodas which is kind of a Czech brand car. But belongs to VW now.

  33. ruben alvarez

    ruben alvarez

    Month ago

    Love your Channel Rich, and that Bulldog puppy brought out the Chick in me!!!

  34. Bhopperlvl0


    Month ago

    16:32 my dad uses cardboard lol

  35. Varun Wadhwa

    Varun Wadhwa

    Month ago


  36. Jacob Gariepy

    Jacob Gariepy

    Month ago

    The puppy is too much guys. Come on, our dignity. Also as long as you change your oil at a regular interval it isn't too important (granted it meets specs for that engine). Also check out Project Farm's videos for comparisons on oil.

  37. Mentartice2


    2 months ago

    2:26 it looks like he has six toes hahaha

  38. Tony Stoev

    Tony Stoev

    2 months ago

    Shout out from Bulgaria :)

  39. Tom Kitchen

    Tom Kitchen

    2 months ago

    Hey Rich, i don't know why you give air to the negative remarks about you or your program, this is what this minority wants.

  40. Youtube1984


    2 months ago

    The best oil is free oil. Hilarious!

  41. Anthony Toscano

    Anthony Toscano

    2 months ago

    The rear rotors on RS7 can come off without taking the caliper brackets off FYI ;). Only remove the caliper, both pads with metal retainers, and rotor can slide out

  42. Nick Watson

    Nick Watson

    2 months ago

    Just watching a lot of your videos and really good! Regarding the RS7 not sure if anyone else already told you why the rear Pads wear down quick is due to the traction control.



    2 months ago

    20:11 Hello from Czech Republic

  44. SandhoeFlyer


    2 months ago

    Moly = Molybdenum

  45. Matt Britton

    Matt Britton

    2 months ago

    16:12 Oh god...sounds like Christmas.

  46. Aaron


    2 months ago

    Seriously, no one segues into a promotion with more flow than you.

  47. Wayne Charles

    Wayne Charles

    2 months ago

    Love it. Great videos man.😁👍

  48. Jaah Jahhh

    Jaah Jahhh

    2 months ago

    Love the facebook comments mention, Ashy Larry.

  49. Larry Smoove

    Larry Smoove

    2 months ago

    Alsoo roll your fender or go somewhere to roll your fenders ,it’ll give u more wheel space

  50. Larry Smoove

    Larry Smoove

    2 months ago

    That’s really true ,i owned 2 audis and believe me if you want but every 2 -3 months I needed new pads . I would get 2-3 brake jobs a year .this was in my s4 & s6

  51. Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen

    2 months ago

    Green oil is def coolant

  52. SF0311


    2 months ago

    Nice Knee Pada! is that for when you go to Audi to just buy parts?

  53. Jonathan S.

    Jonathan S.

    3 months ago

    "... like you guys have ever drink the oil before"😂🤣. Case closed.

  54. not Goldy

    not Goldy

    3 months ago

    W O A H

  55. Dominic Bird

    Dominic Bird

    3 months ago

    Rear brakes are used to maintain cruise control speed, therefore they wear quicker

  56. TheSib


    3 months ago

    1st time viewer, instant subscriber. I just bought a 2017 RS7 and will be doing my own service when possible. Thank you!

  57. jason kleber

    jason kleber

    3 months ago

    liqui moly slaps dont worry

  58. jogis LTU

    jogis LTU

    3 months ago

    Audi is really fun car its nice , comfortable , but when everything goes to fixing that where problem comes all parts are hard to replace and it took many tyme for that but still that are worth it .

  59. Jonathan Ovalle

    Jonathan Ovalle

    3 months ago

    The hero we don’t deserve lol 😂



    3 months ago

    That oil was dark.🙉

  61. Make Money Now

    Make Money Now

    3 months ago

    Glad I found this channel! Your videos are so good!

  62. Sir_Baxter


    3 months ago

    Castrol is the official oil for Audi and BWM, partnership of some sort between the brands and Castrol. they design the motor for Castrol, and you know Germans, they dont just say it, they DO IT! The oil will have some function that other oils dont, for t he engine being ZE German PERFECT!!

  63. Sir_Baxter


    3 months ago

    BMW also have that solution for oil filters, but wont hook in the bottom on little older models.

  64. Sir_Baxter


    3 months ago

    i tell you a secret, its made like that with the bolts for the panel so ppl dont do thier service by them self and turn it in to Audi for service, standard thing on EU cars more less.

  65. Sir_Baxter


    3 months ago

    regarding breaks, as soon you have automatic gearbox, you need to use the breaks much more compared to driving "Stick" as some of you call it.. so that break wearing is kind of normal. and ofc, if tha pads dont wear down, then you dont have that much break force either...

  66. Luis Pacheco

    Luis Pacheco

    3 months ago

    13:00 in 11 state it's $1.00-$1.99 for a carton of eggs.

  67. Christoph Dijk

    Christoph Dijk

    3 months ago

    hey Rich, liqui moly is a german premium brand for ages, good choice! wishes from germany.

  68. Wayne Alexander

    Wayne Alexander

    3 months ago

    Loving the Banter... Cheers Rich

  69. Will Barlas

    Will Barlas

    4 months ago

    my dads bmw x5 brakes got done every 5,000 miles until he rolled it

  70. Mychal Fisher

    Mychal Fisher

    4 months ago

    Bruh.. bronze on black is killer with red calipers! You’re Buggin!

  71. Vince B

    Vince B

    4 months ago

    You are freaking hilarious. I also like how you voice over (the videos I saw) your videos. Good stuff man. You got a sub from me. Actually started watching from your Electric Blue Mini build. Go EV.

  72. Peter Williamson

    Peter Williamson

    4 months ago

    You are unafraid of failure, which is the key to success, your shows are honest and your audience appreciates that.

  73. William Christy

    William Christy

    4 months ago

    Liqui molly is actually flame. I use purple though.

  74. Tjay Tjay

    Tjay Tjay

    4 months ago

    How he but the sponsor is smooth

  75. Darcy N

    Darcy N

    4 months ago

    They have some interesting oil metal science going on with heat nano technology that adheres to damaged or grooved pistons chambers.

    • Darcy N

      Darcy N

      4 months ago

      I wanna see you put some benches in your shop or get a bigger

    • Darcy N

      Darcy N

      4 months ago

      Oil change on Audi I'm guessing $600 dollars lol

  76. Timothy Blake

    Timothy Blake

    4 months ago

    why are u using german engine oil? Dont you have an american option for that? me saying that as a german.

  77. Timothy Blake

    Timothy Blake

    4 months ago

    these breakpadwearsensors are very common in german cars. they put them on a cross pattern on your car. 2 sensors for 4 brakes.

  78. Indo Singh

    Indo Singh

    4 months ago

    pre lube the filter , that would help

  79. quinningtons


    4 months ago

    Subscribed for the mini, enjoyed it all!

  80. Artuo Dietz

    Artuo Dietz

    4 months ago

    You are awesome man!

  81. Maher-shalal-hash-baz Ayotunde-Omri

    Maher-shalal-hash-baz Ayotunde-Omri

    4 months ago

    in some countries it is forbidden for the wheels to leave the bodywork...

  82. Vedad MK2

    Vedad MK2

    4 months ago

    My life goal is to be rich enough to afford OEM audi parts

  83. Chuma Doshi

    Chuma Doshi

    4 months ago

    If you're a man and don't know what LIQUI MOLY is then please I suggest you borrow your wife her favorite pair of knickers and don't forget to wear them everyday

  84. Carter Adams

    Carter Adams

    4 months ago

    My first job was powder painting for Halliburton at 18, i can assure you i am an autist idiot, it is the easiest thing in the world, you can over spray...

  85. John Pick

    John Pick

    4 months ago

    Just found your site Rich and I am glad I did because your videos are entertaining . Thank you for posting !

  86. Brandon Donaldson

    Brandon Donaldson

    4 months ago

    What did the wheels cost? If you had to pay!!

  87. solf08


    4 months ago

    Rich using ?? Spacers ?? Str8 outta the street Honda book! Rich that’s low bro ... for your standards ? Spacers are for fools ...

  88. Jay Grissom

    Jay Grissom

    4 months ago

    The before at 3:33 and after at 5:42 is a stunning difference on the wheels.



    4 months ago

    Hey Rich, how many Electrified Garage Locations do you want to open up? Hit me up; I can handle one in Michigan and South Carolina.

  90. dmb.dickmitBart


    4 months ago

    I have to smile 'cause of your math-skills! Thats why I instantly give a thumbs up and a sub.

  91. David Sauceda

    David Sauceda

    4 months ago

    Those sponsor transitions are so smooth XD



    4 months ago

    Could it be possibel that you are not familiar with german quality

  93. Arno Modelstate

    Arno Modelstate

    4 months ago

    All those different bolt heads kind of think someone got under there and lost most of them and put random ones in :)

  94. Niklas Kolle

    Niklas Kolle

    4 months ago

    they use different bolts so you don’t do maintenance yourself

  95. Mike Evans

    Mike Evans

    4 months ago

    Oh man the car and driver commentary and the dogs people came up with had me rolling

  96. Sean Sav.

    Sean Sav.

    4 months ago

    Rich, cuz... Those rotors look thick bro, did you even see if you could get them resurfaced?

  97. Daily Dose of Enyu

    Daily Dose of Enyu

    5 months ago

    Uncle Rich your ad transitions are so smooth, catches me off guard every time lmaooo

  98. an3k


    5 months ago

    Liqui Moly ... good stuff! Don't know if that exact oil is the right one but the company is very well known and on the high end (quality and price). And since both the car and the oil is german it should be fine :D

  99. an3k


    5 months ago

    The rear brakes are most often done so early because of ESP and such. Car is constantly breaking here and there.

  100. Joe L.

    Joe L.

    5 months ago

    I'm actually proud of you for changing the crappy panels in the trunk. In the past you had some structural choices I was questioning your choice, but now seems you're paying more attention to details. Keep up the good work! 👍