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I finished my Audi RS7 and the police confiscated it

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Today we finally get the Audi RS7 on the road... the best 5 minutes ever until it all went a little wrong
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  1. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    5 months ago

    Next installment here -

    • Ryooken


      14 days ago

      Son you are black in the USA, don't you know better than to put yourself in mortal danger test driving without proper ID for you and your vehicle? You need to be more careful.

    • Derrice Pugh

      Derrice Pugh

      23 days ago

      I love the sound of your people by the way

    • Derrice Pugh

      Derrice Pugh

      23 days ago

      You and Jeremy Fielding and personal heroes. Fuq what anyone else says. GOAT.

    • Bryce Duncan

      Bryce Duncan

      3 months ago

      I would post my car if I had one

    • Phill Black

      Phill Black

      4 months ago

      Well man my car is a smart car.... Well sorta. I mean the badges are awesome it says hm I'm L I T T L E T I K E S by FISHER PRICE. Yellow and red colored LMAO 不不不不不不不不不不 JK but Fasterproms has one.... And damnit I had thought about doing that... The color not the rest or it and for the record I WOULD NEVER OWN ONE AND DRIVE PRACTICALLY NO GOD NO!!!

  2. James Latimer

    James Latimer

    Day ago

    Black guy driving a nice car lol

  3. Rashad Glover

    Rashad Glover

    Day ago

    I'm so Fn proud of you bro!

  4. Amos Stone

    Amos Stone

    2 days ago

    If you don't see the obvious discriminate reproach that was initiated with Rich you are blind.

  5. Kevin Hinton

    Kevin Hinton

    2 days ago

    I mean SSRS7

  6. Kevin Hinton

    Kevin Hinton

    2 days ago

    Why not SSRS?

  7. new vaga

    new vaga

    4 days ago

    This guy lol

  8. Johnathon


    4 days ago

    That cop did *not* have to do that. Its not like your documentation was in another state. He was power tripping. That's unnecessary.

  9. Ben


    5 days ago

    A C A B

  10. Che Guevara

    Che Guevara

    6 days ago

    It has something to do with the "LET'S MAKE MONEY THROUGH THE POLICING, AND OH, WHY NOT USING IT TO GET PEOPLE ON THE RECORD (IF ITS NEEDED SOME TIMES LATER ON)", And uncle "senile" Joe was a crucial part to get it going! Is it your car = Yes So driving without a license plate = OK Unregistered = OK Did you went on a journey = No Did you go on highways (important to understand the intention) =No

  11. Wattie Newton

    Wattie Newton

    7 days ago

    What total aggression by that cop esculateion full on, he's a local man ,could'nt even read The vin number! A warning is enough , or is it your too Black to own This car!!!! Ill take it off you quick smart fella!!

  12. Miguel Branco

    Miguel Branco

    7 days ago

    I show you true beauty Rich! Your Audi S7 looks like a kid's drawing next to my car! Skoda Fabia Break 1.2 HTP from 2005! Check it out and be amazed!

  13. MrWonkawonka


    7 days ago

    Hahaha your car didn't get confiscated. It was a planned stop.

  14. lethalspartan


    8 days ago

    Ah to be black in America. If one of Richs coworkers had been driving theyd be asking for a tour of the vehicle and sending them off with a warning.

  15. Michael Angelos

    Michael Angelos

    8 days ago

    Yea woops. Never lie to cop. When you said you have the documentation but you didn't produce the documentation he had already made up his mind that you had lied to him so you had already lost.

  16. J.R. Griswold

    J.R. Griswold

    8 days ago

    When my two favorite youtube of videos merge.... Cool cars and police audits

  17. Matt D

    Matt D

    9 days ago

    Love your approach Rich (I can't say how much I smile when you're doing a repair on top of your driveway wall!!!). Amazing work!!! Keep doing what you do and having fun!

  18. William Brindley

    William Brindley

    9 days ago

    This is why I drive a 55 chevy gasser,bbc,tunnel ram w/2 fours,f/glass tilt frt. end. Easy to work on,450 hp,twice the looks you ever get at a red light!! Not hating,,but that thing is hell&expensive to repair.

  19. Corazon del Oro

    Corazon del Oro

    9 days ago

    Requiring someone to have paperwork, when the electronic documentation is accessible by simply running the VIN, is insane power-grab bs. Jot down the VIN if you're nervous about being outside your shop (you ARE carrying a notepad, aren't you?), go back to the shop and call in the VIN the same as if you were running the plates or DLN: it's not complicated. You get back the info; does it match the ID you got from the driver? If so, LTMFG. If not, and if no one else in the vehicle matches to it, and if nobody stops and provides ID that matches the report you got back, then maybe you want to detain the driver until the ownership issue is settled -- but confiscating a car being driven by the owner who acknowledges that it's his? Nah: that's straight-up abuse.

  20. Kiki Davis

    Kiki Davis

    9 days ago


  21. Mike Bergman

    Mike Bergman

    10 days ago

    Those are the most adorable turbos ever!!!

  22. Of Xaos

    Of Xaos

    11 days ago

    Respect for the Dan Bilzerian clip lol luckiest guy alive living life to the fullest

  23. Nuno Carneiro

    Nuno Carneiro

    11 days ago

    I miss the days when we drove cars not pc's

  24. Giba Sea

    Giba Sea

    12 days ago

    I love the light comedy, bring more Leenda in bikini if possible thanks

  25. Birdman62


    13 days ago

    DWB? No way!....

  26. Edward hickey

    Edward hickey

    14 days ago

    The cop always think of the Worst . Dummy with a badge. Run the Vin. Officer. Driver's license registration and proof of insurance says it is not stolen officer. But you want to tow. Why because he wants get some money for the overtime . And he Hope's you can not afford the in pound fess. Because if you can not get it they will sale it. Its call policing for profit.

  27. Royal Red

    Royal Red

    15 days ago

    That's a POS Cop!!! Really, don't even listen to him, & asking right of the back for weapons, & not really caring to listen to what he has to say

  28. James Garner

    James Garner

    16 days ago

    Rich, all your haters drive V6 mustangs

  29. A Jen

    A Jen

    17 days ago

    Great work on your car Rich!

  30. Logan Mapes

    Logan Mapes

    18 days ago

    Don't let them haters get to you. Learning the way you do is the best way.

  31. Ronstoppable


    19 days ago

    Well done man. Nothing tried nothing done. Great work

  32. Robert Horton

    Robert Horton

    23 days ago

    If he didn't have a license plate or wasn't registered and insured the cops did the job we paid them to do. Can't cry foul.

  33. Lord Everybody

    Lord Everybody

    23 days ago

    First thought, dwb

  34. niceguy60


    27 days ago

    From black man to Black man There's things that we are not allowed to do . Driving without a license plate is one of them

  35. Gate Openers Direct

    Gate Openers Direct

    28 days ago

    Uh....tags....kinda important. Tags on, no interaction with popo, no problems. Maybe youre just trying to make the 5-0 look bad?

  36. Wahn Burnskill

    Wahn Burnskill

    29 days ago

    Why would anyone spend that kind of money for a pos like that, that is so hard to work on? Yes i've driven one, that's why i know their a pos

  37. Anon Nona

    Anon Nona

    29 days ago

    I feel sure that at around 2:08 there ought to be something about Apples, or watches, or Apple watches, or something, but I can't see it.

  38. Christian Wood

    Christian Wood

    Month ago

    Subscribed for the veteran break alone.

  39. Joseph Matthews

    Joseph Matthews

    Month ago

    不不people who really think that was a real encounter with a Leo have never been pulled over

  40. pkh540


    Month ago

    First, hats off for showing respect to the veteran. How cool to let him take a spin in your hummer. As to getting pulled over, my heart was pumping as it is every time I get pulled over (and fwiw, Im white). The officer seemed to go from license and registration to confiscation awfully fast. Maybe it was in the editing or maybe he was an ass. Guess Ill wait until the next episode to make that call. Anyway, always enjoy your videos and not sure if I like the random addition of chicken or your dance moves so guess Ill wait and making that call later too. All joking aside, way to show respect to your garbage man. Thanks!

  41. Joshua Hockman

    Joshua Hockman

    Month ago

    True style is personal prefrence if some little dweeb dont like your blacked out grille thats just his opinion.... Its YOUR car do what YOU like.... And for the love of god dont ls swap it........

  42. Ken Ove Wik

    Ken Ove Wik

    Month ago

    I used to work on my own cars, they used to have carburettors and points ignition. Now? Well watching this is a reminder to swap my 2019 BMW before it is out of warranty....

  43. Rack City

    Rack City

    Month ago

    You do all this work alone. Damn are talented

  44. Haon Campbell

    Haon Campbell

    Month ago

    That cop was just unfair. But life is sometime unfortunately unfair. Mistakes happen along with jumping to conclusions. To assume he stole the vehicle was just wrong. It unfortunate that he could show the registration which is in the glove box to prove ownership before confiscation was suggested. But with that said in todays climate, it could have gone even worse.

  45. Gallentean


    Month ago

    Your brother is white? He is cute! Is he single?

  46. Kevin Crafts

    Kevin Crafts

    Month ago

    You did an amazing job! I love your spirit.

  47. Copper state fishing

    Copper state fishing

    Month ago

    3:36 true beauty is that guys mullet扔

  48. J Ashton

    J Ashton

    Month ago

    As much as I would like to trash the cop, you were definitely in the wrong here.

  49. 1984


    Month ago


  50. El Al

    El Al

    Month ago

    This is still happening in Amerikkka huh? Keep rioting yall.

  51. Blake R

    Blake R

    Month ago

    Traffic stops are the governments excuse for theft

  52. En jee

    En jee

    Month ago

    He could've let him go with a warning. We all know why he didn't. He was mad he was the wrong color to have a car like that that he built. The cop took the resolve it like a prick approach. Brother I hope you got your car back. That was some bulls#!+.

  53. roadmonkeytj


    Month ago

    Anyone who has a desire to learn how to rebuild any automobile is already a better person for it. Qualified, certified? I'm ASE certified and those certifications don't teach you how to work on cars. They only show that your intelligent enough to read a book.

  54. Dido Ortiz

    Dido Ortiz

    Month ago

    Something tells me if it was a light skin guy driving he wouldn't have said within a minute that it's possibly stolen. I'm sure had he checked the vin he wouldn't have jumped to conclusions.

  55. Bruce Baner

    Bruce Baner

    Month ago

    Cool idea let him drive the truck so it doesn't just set there

  56. Michael Saxonson

    Michael Saxonson

    Month ago

    That engine bay looks painfully crowded

  57. Gugljesmece Obicno

    Gugljesmece Obicno

    Month ago

    I dont know why, but I was expecting "oh sir, but I am traveling..." LoL

  58. machinech


    Month ago

    One thing to be hot about no plate on the car... but as someone that HATES to hear the incredibly overused "because I'm black", that damn sure sounded like that cop went that route. Hate it for you, a beautiful car, sounds great. I hope this got worked out and they leave you the hell alone.

  59. Mark


    Month ago

    Peabody cops suck, they did the same thing to my Audi even when I had all the documentation

  60. jimmy bundic

    jimmy bundic

    Month ago

    I bet if he was white that wouldnt happen lmaoo

  61. king kong

    king kong

    Month ago

    I almost cried

  62. Jeremy Craig

    Jeremy Craig

    Month ago

    Him getting pulled over and the car being confiscated was so fake. How are people not realizing it was all set up?

  63. Bryan Roschetzky

    Bryan Roschetzky

    Month ago

    Check out my drone videos over texas terafactory since rich doesn't talk about Tesla anymore

  64. wpgspecb


    Month ago

    using DWB for views? Come on man............ :(

  65. helldeirch


    Month ago

    officer: how do I know it's not stolen? Rich: could run the vin officer: (didn't hear that)

  66. Jayson


    Month ago

    lol he's like how is this black guy driving this nice Audi...must of stolen it that's the only option

  67. Jason Blunt

    Jason Blunt

    Month ago

    Couldve called someone to bring the paperwork from home, but I am white maybe thats why the cop waited,, idk

  68. Jason Blunt

    Jason Blunt

    Month ago

    Please Debadge it! I think it would look cleaner

  69. spdzodzo


    Month ago

    hah first i thought it's staged for the views but then i noticed following video in recommended, guess it sucks to be a black man in the US, land of the FREE :D

  70. roland ozuna

    roland ozuna

    Month ago

    Just play the game and get the car back. The dude made up his mind and justified it to do damage



    Month ago

    Audi engineers designed that car to have a service life of 5 to 6 years... It was designed by a damn computer , and as such is a huge pain in the ass to service , and that is the very reason that you Rich , should "SERVICE IT YOURSELF"... If for no other reason but to poke your oily little finger into the eyes of those German Engineers that designed that overpriced "STUMPHWAGON"..!!!

  72. Kalvin Labuik

    Kalvin Labuik

    Month ago

    Lol Old Skool Classic North American Iron lol

  73. Mike Druhl

    Mike Druhl

    Month ago

    Damn man, sorry to see this last bit on the video. Your stuff is great Rich! Watching your content helps others with similar interests get off the couch and get things done! Thanks bro. 鳶

  74. fred cherry

    fred cherry

    Month ago


  75. noah jenkinson

    noah jenkinson

    Month ago

    black man fixes car. 5 mins into test drive car is taken by cops

  76. KdotFunyuns -

    KdotFunyuns -

    Month ago

    Racism and Discrimination at its finest

  77. The J Pinder

    The J Pinder

    Month ago

    we all know if Rich was white he wouldn't even have gotten pulled over. In CA people drive without plates all the time.

  78. Gunner135


    Month ago

    Here in the south the cops wouldnt really care that much. The cop went 0 to 60 real fast

  79. Simon Abel

    Simon Abel

    Month ago

    Midnight-purple Nissan r34 nismo = true Beauty

  80. Michael Millar

    Michael Millar

    Month ago

    That cop was a dick he didn't have to do that

  81. bob glaid

    bob glaid

    Month ago

    Youre amazing rich Youre so much more than a shade tree mechanic

  82. xavier arellano

    xavier arellano

    Month ago

    Damn... I guess i know what it feels like to be a minority and live in Mass. I would have thought for sure the Patagonia sweater and glasses would have saved him. Should have told him your name was richard, great american name. driving a $100,000 car without a plate, gone wrong.

  83. Ianbolo


    Month ago

    He has no jurisdiction to take your car. You could've shown him your yt channel.(if that was a real reaction)

  84. Yassin Yassin

    Yassin Yassin

    Month ago

    What a powerful video. US police gotta fix up

  85. Nestor Lugo

    Nestor Lugo

    Month ago

    Worked on the audi a4 before, it's hard explaining to the customer why a simple job cost 4 times more to do in the audi than the same job on the civic

  86. Nestor Lugo

    Nestor Lugo

    Month ago

    I did

  87. Fuq Samsung

    Fuq Samsung

    Month ago

    Well I don't like the audi but I like mechanics of cars. And it's your car do with it what ever you like.

  88. Rory McClernon

    Rory McClernon

    Month ago

    what a nightmare some modern cars are.

  89. BPLink


    Month ago

    Now thats some bullshit "DWB" if I ever saw it.

  90. Reuben Stern

    Reuben Stern

    Month ago

    If you have a nice fast car with space in the back the police will take it from you the first opportunity they get... Rich... you are black... you KNOW this. You were caught slippin.

  91. Bad Dog Rides

    Bad Dog Rides

    Month ago

    Dude didn't even give you a chance to explain lol. Even California cops give you a few more seconds than that lol

  92. simmosimmo100


    Month ago

    Drive it down the road with no plates? Asking to be stopped.

  93. Muzic25 Production

    Muzic25 Production

    Month ago

    Lol nice try, this was his buddy. First of all he didnt introduce himself and what department he was from. Secondly he started accusing him right away. I think this was his buddy following him to make sure the car didnt break down. Cool video though.

  94. William Steele

    William Steele

    Month ago

    Wow, that was scary. The cop did not seem happy.

  95. Jr Montoya

    Jr Montoya

    Month ago

    Thanks youtube for cutting me off while reading comments for your ad pop up to take up the entire screen.

  96. 2 smoker

    2 smoker

    Month ago


  97. Gruxxan


    Month ago

    this may be a stupid question , but if you don't prefill the clear plastic tube with coolant before opening the valve to fill the system, won't it suck the air that's in the tube in before the coolant, thereby ruining the filling process? you're going to have an air pocket, surely?

  98. Daniel Gregson

    Daniel Gregson

    Month ago

    The thing I hate most on these cars are the clips on the hoses and some of the connectors. If it wasnt for some of that shit, it would be a breeze to work on. I did the water pump on my Mk5 GTi and parts of it was fun and parts of it was torture.

  99. Roger Francis

    Roger Francis

    Month ago

    Black guy in AudiRS7 must be either stoben or the black guy is a drug dealer as far as cops are concerned.

  100. Andy Peek

    Andy Peek

    Month ago

    Mate, take no notice of all these spanner wanking jokers, they dont like the fact that you dont have to be Einstein to work on the vehicles, just have the right attitude, and a lot of money for special tools and parts. Good Onya Mate. And happy new year from NZ.