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I drove my Audi RS7 Illegally and paid the price

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  1. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    11 days ago

    Here is me racing the RS7 at the track -

  2. aaatomzzz


    9 days ago

    But he still doesn't have a license plate on the car.

  3. Axel Omar

    Axel Omar

    16 days ago

    Always lawyer the fuck up

  4. Tad Oleson

    Tad Oleson

    23 days ago

    A electric Smart Roadster would be a interesting project.

  5. Michael Arrowood

    Michael Arrowood

    24 days ago

    Kudos to the lawyer. Good advice to follow (and get a lawyer!) if you're ever pulled over in the PRM!

  6. Elberta Clint

    Elberta Clint

    25 days ago

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  7. Taylor Sheridan

    Taylor Sheridan

    Month ago

    Jaime fox are you in here. Your in this comment section?

  8. Taylor Sheridan

    Taylor Sheridan

    Month ago

    We knew it was all fake

  9. s shapiro

    s shapiro

    Month ago

    Who knew two that a show with a black guy, a white and a w Female would get along, so insink or connected could actually happen and post-then record thier day to day diatribe and it online for strangers to watch. Great stuff guys!

  10. s shapiro

    s shapiro

    Month ago

    Thep picture of you in that puffy "WTF" orange snow gear just up the car roof and her in that pose is F'n brilliant!👏👏👏👏

  11. Georgi Galabov

    Georgi Galabov

    Month ago


  12. I can’t Say what

    I can’t Say what

    Month ago

    I hope you let the lawyer drive the rs7. Or at least took him for a ride for helping you out

  13. BURNSB1000


    Month ago

    She’s super bad

  14. Mackdez


    Month ago

    It's always best to have a lawyer even if you are a lawyer. But it also depends on the severity of the offense and the judge, sometimes having a lawyer make some judges stick to the book and they'll throw it at you basically. The perfect world he should have been able to explain by showing his video, and the judge say oh yeah no never mind dismissed. also the cop would have understood and let him get the information. Because most of the time you can't get it insured or stickers unless it's working especially from another state. It could have all been explained away because he owned the repair shop and he's allowed to run the car around to make sure his repairs are working.

  15. bluegsxr1


    Month ago

    Wait what episode was she in that white swimsuit 🥵

  16. L3GACY_31


    Month ago

    I have a car channel droppping this week and im in NJ Im new to you channel, Where are you from my G?

  17. Skinny to the feet

    Skinny to the feet

    Month ago

    If you take her out the thumbnail you would have a cold album cover

  18. Magic stik

    Magic stik

    Month ago

    This guy is jokes

  19. John Yang

    John Yang

    2 months ago

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  20. duck


    2 months ago


  21. Sharkyp music

    Sharkyp music

    2 months ago

    Jamie foxx 😂😂👌🥴

  22. s shapiro

    s shapiro

    2 months ago

    This is why people without money or those that can't afford representation end up doing jail time for minor infractions.

  23. Nike Life

    Nike Life

    2 months ago

    Linda sex sells also act dumb. Ok Rich 🤑. It’s down hill from here.

  24. Jose Jerez

    Jose Jerez

    2 months ago

    Okay but who dat girl

  25. Rapheal G

    Rapheal G

    2 months ago

    That look @ 12:42 , Did I just f*ck up?

  26. Democratlies matter

    Democratlies matter

    2 months ago

    Rich cant drive

  27. Martin Altmann

    Martin Altmann

    2 months ago

    Dem cheeks 🍑 at 0:56 😍🔥

  28. Derrick Nevins

    Derrick Nevins

    2 months ago

    Im a grown man with a crush 😭

  29. Steve Evans

    Steve Evans

    2 months ago

    I’m here for Leenda.

  30. CrazyRussian1989


    2 months ago

    Thank God it worked out for you

  31. Anthony Collier

    Anthony Collier

    2 months ago

    Hehehehe! That chicken farmer looks like samcrac.

  32. Michael Angelos

    Michael Angelos

    2 months ago

    It shouldn't be criminal for any of that. What is criminal is all the cool toys that rich owns.

  33. Jackson Pearcy

    Jackson Pearcy

    2 months ago

    I love the video of rich talking on the phone in every video

  34. Chicken Person

    Chicken Person

    2 months ago

    The discreet field laterally argue because turkey optimally roll off a reflective racing. tenuous, cut soldier

  35. Of Xaos

    Of Xaos

    2 months ago

    “I only bought a three piece” lol the struggle is real Mr. Rich

  36. Rombout Versluijs

    Rombout Versluijs

    2 months ago

    Wow that pretty ool that man offered his help! Thats so nice!

  37. Silus


    2 months ago

    Potential jail time for no license plate? Fucking joke of a country. Burn it down.

  38. 2003evodave


    2 months ago

    Damn,,,,that Audi looks amazing,,,almost as good as the BMW i8 you have. Hoooo and please lets see much more of that cute chick helper of yours.

  39. I a n W

    I a n W

    2 months ago

    Towed ??? Seems a little steep… Then again, cops probably hear your story form REAL car thieves.

  40. asmoking P

    asmoking P

    2 months ago


  41. ConLee


    2 months ago

    Man that lawyer was really cool to do that. Plus idk what he was like when you weren't recording but homie was clearly a fan but he didn't fanboy out lol

  42. mike burns

    mike burns

    2 months ago

    Audi loves making their cars hard to work on. I forgot the model but some of the S classes you had to lift the engine to change the plugs and do other work.

  43. christomopher


    2 months ago

    So you buy the car, state its one of your favourite colours then wrap it another colour?

  44. Joe Fergerson

    Joe Fergerson

    2 months ago

    Great video!!!!! 💖

  45. Raymond Cox

    Raymond Cox

    2 months ago

    Samcrac's video said Rich's check bounced for the RS7 purchase. Why incur costs of the repairs to the RS7 if the first payment was disputed. Can Rich add more content regarding his ownership costs and registration to transfer if he sells his property? This is common in insurance and salvage car business content on youtube.

  46. Jonathan Aviles

    Jonathan Aviles

    2 months ago

    2:19 I'm done 🤣🤣🤣🙈

  47. akingdom 4mypeople

    akingdom 4mypeople

    3 months ago

    Always always phone the insurance company and ask for temporary cover. Your a smart guy but for the sake of a couple of bucks that was so stupid. If for some reason you had an accident that could have been it for you

  48. And money Hoes

    And money Hoes

    3 months ago

    They don't even do group showers in most jails now.

  49. Mark


    3 months ago

    wow what a color difference between rear bumper and body :(

  50. Michael H.

    Michael H.

    3 months ago

    2:23 looks like my country.... #austria

  51. GamerGee


    3 months ago

    Sadly driving while black made them really go at you hard.

  52. Akiva Katan

    Akiva Katan

    3 months ago

    Glad that worked out

  53. Rich Hines

    Rich Hines

    3 months ago

    😂😂😂 I subscribed off this alone you’re intro was on the spot, I only seen about 3 vids now ima supporter lmao

  54. jonsm114


    3 months ago

    Still loving the car.....

  55. nic kelly

    nic kelly

    3 months ago

    stupid cake at 0:08 hashtagpause

  56. Carl Kahler

    Carl Kahler

    3 months ago

    I love recaps you do you Rich

  57. Apo Handian

    Apo Handian

    3 months ago

    Rich 1 - Trump 0. As it should be

  58. OlSkool AJ

    OlSkool AJ

    3 months ago

    Only here for Leenda's body work

  59. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    3 months ago

    My man got mad sponsors salute

  60. Pee Zee

    Pee Zee

    3 months ago

    I'm not high lol

  61. Sauceyjames


    3 months ago

    Always get a lawyer or a public defender for you on tickets like this. My public defender was able to cut my fine by 90%, and right now I called Mr ticket, and so I might only pay $100 for his representation out of $500. Even if I pay the $300 for him to show up, it's still no ticket, and no infraction, so my insurance doesn't go up more lol

  62. D.A. Powell

    D.A. Powell

    3 months ago

    I want that lawyer's number

  63. Jason Rice

    Jason Rice

    3 months ago

    You get a like and a comment for whistles go wooooooot.

  64. Glen Waldrop

    Glen Waldrop

    3 months ago

    That's funny. I've gotten several cars back on the road without a tag. I told the cop I just got it running and they just told me to get a tag. End of story.

  65. Skuchi


    3 months ago

    yo i didn't know you lived in mass that's dope brother

  66. Hugh Moore

    Hugh Moore

    3 months ago

    Are you sure you stilll . . . lll want to do this ? ? ?

  67. H Tarpley

    H Tarpley

    3 months ago

    Why they tow your car tho they coulda just been like ok go put a tag on it

  68. Abodar


    3 months ago

    My dream car😢

  69. Scarlet D'Vore

    Scarlet D'Vore

    3 months ago


  70. Laury Leclerc

    Laury Leclerc

    3 months ago

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  71. Exodus


    3 months ago

    Where's the vid of leenda in panties?

  72. Ice Penguin Music

    Ice Penguin Music

    3 months ago

    The way you present advertisements man that's gold

  73. Chaman Kudmarbettu

    Chaman Kudmarbettu

    3 months ago

    The intro though 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😄

  74. simonlynchsae


    3 months ago

    It's insane that a motor vehicule violate is a criminal offence. If that's not a war on the poor, I don't know what is.

  75. Greg Dixon

    Greg Dixon

    3 months ago

    Audi needs to be lowered and white lettering on the tires.

  76. PtotheRum


    3 months ago

    Your welcome!

  77. Pouyan


    3 months ago

    0:56 which video is that scene from? I'm asking for research purposes

  78. ONEFORALL Justice

    ONEFORALL Justice

    3 months ago

    needs suspension mods

  79. pcparts2u


    3 months ago

    we have a solution to this problem at 12:16, please check your messages

  80. OfficialHoneZtAbe


    3 months ago

    "it's hydrophobic" "You can't say that" 💀💀

  81. OfficialHoneZtAbe


    3 months ago

    I watch a ton of automotive youtibe channels. This isn't the first time I've seen someone pulled over for not having a license plate on the car, I guess the cop they dealt with was just quicker to give a warning and believe them

  82. OfficialHoneZtAbe


    3 months ago

    Now I know why this channel surpassed me until now, you were only doing Tesla stuff! Now that you're doing stuff with ICE cars you've got a new sub

  83. Ktm Four

    Ktm Four

    3 months ago


  84. Joshua Wilcox

    Joshua Wilcox

    3 months ago

    Soooo which video was his 'assistant' in a bikini?

  85. xTheRenegade666x


    3 months ago

    Leenda, I need assistance with my being single...can I borrow you from Rich? :-D

  86. Loz Moss

    Loz Moss

    3 months ago

    The squareplace plug 😆 Also.. I did just get a ticket, I could use all the help 🤔



    3 months ago

    Man found this car forza horizon 4 barn find

  88. qwerty ebable

    qwerty ebable

    3 months ago

    Who the f is Linda?

  89. Andrew Clarke

    Andrew Clarke

    3 months ago

    I watch your videos because your a cool dude, straight up, a no shit sherlock kinda guy, up for a laugth, not too serious, good viewing. and you might not see yah self as educational, but everything you do, has a practicality to it, ok some methods are just pure crazy, but you always tell us what does and does not work honestly. and your approach of recycle, anything thats usable to suit the purpose is intriging and intuative.

  90. AGENT BEARR 616


    3 months ago

    Do you have any black people that work with you..just wondering?

  91. T0k4m4K


    3 months ago

    Police could have minded their own business...

  92. exxonvaldeezy


    3 months ago

    Glad we can do test drives in FL and cops just let us go.

  93. Ronnbot


    3 months ago

    Rich: u mind giving us a hand here with this ceramic coating Leenda: but i'm assisting u best assistant!

  94. Brian Gaudette

    Brian Gaudette

    3 months ago

    my Dad has been going to Jury duty in Brockton for the past 4 months.

  95. Frank Whitham

    Frank Whitham

    3 months ago

    America is so weird in terms of how complicated the law is. It actively tries to fuck people over

  96. jason markwell

    jason markwell

    3 months ago

    UPDATE: Been watching channel for sometime. With the cool car projects and good humor used in your videos, I've decided to subscribe and all. Nice to see a black man from liberal area around Boston not playing into the stupid politics of today. Your able to not only put together good vehicle related content but also occasionally joke about sensitive topics that others would shy away from. Like the sherp through drive thru video, "might not be good, a black man getting pulled over in the sherp". Lol Weither race is a determining factor or not, it's nice to see you can (jokingly) play on such stereotypes.

  97. Alan Here

    Alan Here

    3 months ago

    Why tf did they impound your car just for a missing plate? Thats a ticket anywhere else. Oh man I really liked the original color. Similar to my X5. Steel Grey Metallic.

  98. Lawrence The Difference

    Lawrence The Difference

    3 months ago

    Keep Leanna until she gets a big head.

  99. Ben Burkhardt

    Ben Burkhardt

    3 months ago

    You’re a man trading the electric car for a V8 ;)

    • ColdFusion


      3 months ago

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  100. Niko Weindel

    Niko Weindel

    3 months ago

    Audi understeer for the win 😂

    • Niko Weindel

      Niko Weindel

      3 months ago

      @ColdFusion Thanks for making me Rich!

    • ColdFusion


      3 months ago

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