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How we found cheap parts for our DIY Electric Mini Cooper

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We clean up and make some real progress building our mini cooper... leenda runs off on us.. please help find her
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  1. Gocuman Ayi

    Gocuman Ayi

    4 days ago

    Rich, I'm not an engineer, don't know anything about mechanics, don't have any kind of tools at home, but watching your videos just makes me want to start building an EV car. You are truly an inspiration

  2. Hamza's e-Van Life

    Hamza's e-Van Life

    15 days ago

    I know this is an old video, but a pre charge resistor before the contractor would be in order

  3. Marcus Andersson

    Marcus Andersson

    Month ago

    Epic advertisement segway

  4. Lisabeth Low

    Lisabeth Low

    Month ago

    The robust black disappointingly shelter because grip concordingly regret into a accessible cycle. inconclusive, impartial step-brother

  5. ahmad s. MANSOURI

    ahmad s. MANSOURI

    Month ago

    this guy kills the segways to sponsors

  6. dboyedoe


    2 months ago

    "and I'm black" πŸ˜‚

  7. Brady Moy

    Brady Moy

    2 months ago

    What gauge was the cheap wire?

  8. Hojoz


    2 months ago

    Put more effort into your brackets! Nick would appreciate that.

  9. Sailing Anna Sara

    Sailing Anna Sara

    2 months ago

    this intro is golden lol!! mans making at the least $40k a week! lol!

  10. Ted Rainville II

    Ted Rainville II

    2 months ago

    Mo Leenda

  11. Marioreviews123


    2 months ago

    I just realized what he meant whenever he said eggplant dear God

  12. Moi Crux

    Moi Crux

    2 months ago

    Leenda wow 😍

  13. 662theo


    2 months ago

    Leenda ass is sexy.

  14. Mike C

    Mike C

    2 months ago

    Your videos are well done and educational. Keep up the great work.

  15. Cosmo


    3 months ago

    *I Wonder* out all the comments, who discovered the WHITE GLOVES at 3:58 ?

  16. panzerabwerkanone


    3 months ago

    About buying an EV project car. Most people finance their cars. Unless you have a substantial surplus in your bank account, few DIY people are going to be able to get a bank to finance a EV. Especially one that is homebuilt and has limited appeal and resale value.

  17. Selvakumar Natesan

    Selvakumar Natesan

    3 months ago

    Long wire on shunt is going to drop voltage..and hence the current flow value is going to be incorrect. Would recommend RS485 with modbus or canbus protocol..

  18. CptSpears007


    3 months ago

    I think another term for the DC Shunt is a Current Transformer. Used to take a proportional sample of a high current, so only a smaller safer current is used for the meter.

  19. Hot Toolsja

    Hot Toolsja

    3 months ago


  20. Enrique Hernandez

    Enrique Hernandez

    3 months ago

    β€œBulkhead” not fire wall

  21. Enrique Hernandez

    Enrique Hernandez

    3 months ago

    We need more videos with leenda

  22. Aaron Walcott

    Aaron Walcott

    3 months ago

    3:06 Rich: and went riding off into the sunset Leenda: We ain't... go- in- nowhere!! We ain't... going nowhere! We can't be stopped now... You know the rest.

  23. Deontae Taylor

    Deontae Taylor

    3 months ago

    It me up.

  24. Deontae Taylor

    Deontae Taylor

    3 months ago

    Do u still have those part. I really need them.

  25. FlipzDC


    3 months ago

    I didn't know rich ate happy meals 15:53 bottom right there is a happy meal

  26. 73 Buick

    73 Buick

    3 months ago


  27. Yuli


    3 months ago

    found who to lead Top gear

  28. Sayed Sahbeni

    Sayed Sahbeni

    3 months ago

    Ok now kidding about donating your seeds on your sponsor spots is getting out of hand and into the cup,I feel like your not kidding about it

  29. Alex P

    Alex P

    3 months ago

    Easily the funniest guy on USgone.

  30. Charcoal Production

    Charcoal Production

    3 months ago

    Soooo, when do you put the autopilot in your electric mini? Great video, keep it up!😁

  31. Sami Love

    Sami Love

    4 months ago

    How can anybody hate on this dude ...

  32. Ryan


    4 months ago

    Thats a lot of babies Tesla is going to have to block!

  33. Gruxxan


    4 months ago

    a contactor is just a big ass relay/solenoid?

  34. 灰灰


    4 months ago

    The opening is bad ass

  35. Kingatow Crew

    Kingatow Crew

    4 months ago

    dude are the king of adds ...i love how you present them

  36. Ruben b

    Ruben b

    4 months ago

    Rich wtf, what kind of intro is this!? I haven't watched your videos in ages and, damn, this is awesome. Your quality improved and the jokes make me smile.

  37. Corey Walsh

    Corey Walsh

    4 months ago

    July 4th was a good day for business!

  38. Stan Kolodin

    Stan Kolodin

    4 months ago

    Did they really bleep out the word high?

  39. trancehound


    4 months ago

    You gotta Break that so you can Brake that bruh.

  40. gadgetmerc


    4 months ago

    ABS could melt if that controller gets hot.

  41. Ani T

    Ani T

    4 months ago

    Fuck ya funny man I’m a longtime subscriber. From when Tesla didn’t help you with bolts etc hahahah

  42. ByRon Jones

    ByRon Jones

    4 months ago

    Love your Channel

  43. Damani McClain

    Damani McClain

    4 months ago

    Wait you get paid to beat yo meat!! and im out here wacking for free. I have been led astray!!!

  44. killerBEE0777


    4 months ago

    that butt of leenda...

  45. MrInformYou


    5 months ago

    The intro is a killer 🀣

  46. R Gange

    R Gange

    5 months ago

    There is nothing clean about Tesla. Focusing on the end product is the problem.

  47. Colossus


    5 months ago

    Rich. Your voiceovers are awesome. You got British humour my man πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ˜‚

  48. Matt Kopf

    Matt Kopf

    5 months ago

    The fuse should be as close as possible to the battery.

  49. Hue Mungus

    Hue Mungus

    5 months ago

    There wasn't enough of leendas butt, unsubscribed......πŸ˜‚

  50. day dazed

    day dazed

    5 months ago

    That conduit is called liquid tight flexible conduit it is rated for wet locations and supports vibration. As a journeymen electrician this was a good choice.

  51. ese pierro

    ese pierro

    5 months ago

    this dude is talented, best advert ever

  52. jmvhagen


    5 months ago

    Dude, not sure of your background but watch your wire gauges as 400A fuse should be having a substantial amount of copper conductor in series to not create an expensive β€œtoaster”. Using 2nd hand wiring is an option only if you understand what you are doing. The previous owner/hobbyist might not have crimped the lugs correctly, or drilled out the hole to fit a bolt and with that you could create a point of failure that results in destroying the connected part or your EV. Also ensure all wiring is correctly installed/routed and with no mechanical strain to your connections as the vibrations will again lead to failure. Other than that your project looks pretty cool....

  53. maxwfk


    5 months ago

    I would have put the fuse in directly at the output of the battery pack so that there is protection in case the cables get damaged

  54. SealorikTheLostOne


    5 months ago

    holy cow i was going crazy hearing the kids jumping around, thinking it was my room mate watching the teleie. was so fun to notice it. keep it going bud :D

  55. Dj iET

    Dj iET

    5 months ago

    πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… spank bank

  56. Sixer


    5 months ago

    Probably the best first 2 mins of any video I have ever watched, genius !

  57. Peter Jones

    Peter Jones

    5 months ago

    Oh Richard, are you my 'pop daddy'?

  58. J W. Haldane

    J W. Haldane

    5 months ago

    Richard use to watch ... I am getting over your short...bit of Temper . Even if understandable. The betrayal not of Tesla goals. As much as the planet itself and all creatures on it..... Your a young man still and have children. Witch hurts that you would turn your back .. on their future It Appeared you knew about globalization by corporate America that despite your growing up around those maintaining the my flag is bigger then your flag type. You shared the view that globe warming Was real. As real the saving the planet is also a real deal NEEDING electric cars trucks and their like and lots less trees burning-less burning of everything. Rick. You need income from USgoners and you were on your way till you got simple if you get my meaning. Rejoin the save the PLANET crowd ... And push that like a Christian don't be Christian though that's hard in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ just push the green sustainable cause ... Tesla is a means if not the way. . Bet 😊 hope jfreaks not see. this be very short fill in blanks

  59. Juan Salazar

    Juan Salazar

    5 months ago

    Intro ends... next RR video for another intro 😁

  60. Travis Hale

    Travis Hale

    5 months ago

    Your shows are better than a lot of the car shows that come on TV. I don't know much about electric vehicles but you make me feel like I know a lot.

  61. thomas l Neary

    thomas l Neary

    5 months ago

    So your a ham shanked.

  62. Bradley Alexander

    Bradley Alexander

    5 months ago

    LOL.. he said aluminum angle iron. I know.. it's not a big deal. Just funnin him. Yeah, not angle, not iron.. but 1 out of three isn't bad.

  63. kevin reis

    kevin reis

    5 months ago

    Dud your a trip I’m from Boston to we need to talk I deal with a lot of cars if you need some help with parts or get rid of them send me a message

  64. dbc105


    5 months ago

    She makes a nice view.

  65. chon rodriguez

    chon rodriguez

    5 months ago

    I'm brown i mean down!

  66. timolude


    5 months ago

    I'm no kitchen knife guru but my controller says to mount it to a metal surface for more heat sink to protect the controller. But I'm sure the abs will do the same jobπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  67. Wade Skelton

    Wade Skelton

    5 months ago

    I think I might be one of your kids - daddy?

  68. curtamo


    5 months ago

    Imagine being the sad sap selling the electric beetle lol. Went down from $25,000 to $5,000. πŸ€• ouch

  69. Phillip Riggs

    Phillip Riggs

    5 months ago

    Bro, those are called relays @14:15. "A relay is an electrically operated switch. It consists of a set of input terminals for a single or multiple control signals, and a set of operating contact terminals. The switch may have any number of contacts in multiple contact forms, such as make contacts, break contacts, or combinations thereof".

  70. bdreed85


    5 months ago

    Shouldn't you have a fuse immediately after the battery in the case the cables short? Maybe that's in the next video... or I missed it.

  71. Kristen Suire

    Kristen Suire

    5 months ago

    All these thousands of comments NO ONE even noticed the name of the Bank he gets his deposits from... THE SPANK BANK!!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜­ WTF

  72. A S

    A S

    5 months ago

    HAHAHA... you're the best dude... just watched 2 min and I'm laughing my ass off...

  73. YouSpamTard


    5 months ago

    It may roll, but the car won't work very well is my guess. I have driven cars with a bad clutch. You have to put the car in first gear and then start it. Then, to switch from first to second, you have to feather the gas peddle to get it to go into second. Gears will grind. So how is this going to work? You put the car into first gear, then engage the motor so now your rolling, and then, grind gears to get it to go into second and third. Or, put it into fourth and then engage the motor having a really slow start and then grind it into fifth. What kind of a load would doing such a thing put on the electric motor? An amp draw like that on an electric motor might burn it up. I bet you don't even have the motor correctly connected to the transmission. The moving parts of the motor have to have a specific tolerance to the moving parts of the transmission and there is no way you performed such a thing with a piece of card board as a visual perception. Machined work has to be precise. SO what now.... we save a tree with using your displate,com, exploit a woman or women, experiment with high voltage/amperage electrical circuits, and do it all at the same time. Ridiculous. Absurd. Good luck and God bless us all.

  74. pseudoscience _

    pseudoscience _

    5 months ago

    How many richrebuild babies have I come in contact with?

  75. Derek Faw

    Derek Faw

    5 months ago

    Ocala?! My hometown! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  76. Adrian Carey

    Adrian Carey

    5 months ago

    Soooo funny

  77. Rashad Colebrooke

    Rashad Colebrooke

    5 months ago

    I had to pause the video on intro. Laughing too much. Where did that come from? Lmao

  78. Tiny Toons

    Tiny Toons

    5 months ago

    cheers big ears . .

  79. Win


    5 months ago

    Rich should consider being a comedian his comments are crazy but funny!!

  80. Jesus DeLeon

    Jesus DeLeon

    5 months ago

    Why you fire you assistant? Bring back the mix...

  81. Eric Filsinger

    Eric Filsinger

    5 months ago

    5 sec in and im laughing a race joke

  82. WellDamn24


    5 months ago

    It’s crazy how good this show is. I’m watching a car show when I’m not really into cars or mechanically inclined! I like the sarcastic humor, the intellect, and gems of knowledge about other shit like laws and buying toilet paper in bulk. Great job! I wish you all the best. I don’t know how nice his YT money is, but he should have a show on TV fer shure.

  83. l1lh0mie22


    5 months ago

    That intro had me dying lmao

  84. Juan Torres

    Juan Torres

    5 months ago

    So after the swap how will it pass inspection? Is the motor strong enough to get to at least 60 miles an hour

  85. JaimeZX


    5 months ago

    I had no idea where you were going with the donor thing... LOOOOOOOOL your sponsor intros are amazing!!!

  86. Faris Jamal

    Faris Jamal

    5 months ago

    New England Spank Bank.

  87. king Musa

    king Musa

    5 months ago

    πŸ˜† u are savage

  88. David Dunn

    David Dunn

    5 months ago

    Are you my dada?

  89. Michael Irvine

    Michael Irvine

    5 months ago

    Now that Rich Rebuilds isn't into Tesla anymore what happens to the Electrified Garage ? #SpermBanksdontsellTeslaService.

  90. Tom Pops

    Tom Pops

    5 months ago

    Rich, dare you to try and rebuild this one! BTW the guy survives!

  91. Eric Amos

    Eric Amos

    5 months ago

    Will you ever work for the "enemy" TESLA? Just sayin!

  92. Jon D

    Jon D

    5 months ago

    Video begins at 5:48. The preceding part is all ADVERTISEMENT, FUCKING RICH!

  93. nickbh15


    5 months ago

    69 cream way LMAOOOO

  94. Allan Roy

    Allan Roy

    5 months ago

    Rich is the only person I can watch the ads forπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  95. azungo5393


    5 months ago

    Hey Rich, why not get a Go Pro camera so you could free up both of your hands ?

  96. Shawn haggerty

    Shawn haggerty

    5 months ago

    With his humor Rich should be hosting The Daily Show.

  97. Abdulmumin Ibrahim

    Abdulmumin Ibrahim

    5 months ago

    Rich! My brother, I really feel like you should upload more often. Your content is amazing!!!!

  98. sab0nes


    5 months ago

    Bank of Spank?

  99. Michael Pitts

    Michael Pitts

    5 months ago

    I’m dead.....I can’t hahahaha....f***ing killed it hahaha

  100. asasial1977


    5 months ago

    Get better bolts, those bolts are grade 2, super soft. Great for mocking up or figuring out what you need but change them to at least a grade 5.