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Harvesting lumber for our off grid sprinter van

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While recovering from death rich lets Steven do the hard work getting free timber for Leenda's van
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  1. Stan Kolodin

    Stan Kolodin

    3 days ago

    17:27 - missed square space ad.

  2. Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd

    Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd

    6 days ago


  3. Ambient Jars

    Ambient Jars

    7 days ago

    Please run this off of wood gas!! Pull behind gasifier ? 💯



    9 days ago

    bit late now but why didnt you just fix the old one....would have been 100x easier, a tonne cheaper and quicker..

  5. Multidimensional Traveler

    Multidimensional Traveler

    11 days ago

    That is coming out nice. The cameras are definitely to big, get some wireless security cameras. Just do a wired camera over her bed and in the shower so connection stays perfect at all times

  6. The Riding Dutchman

    The Riding Dutchman

    13 days ago

    forgot to make a vapor barrier between the wool and wood sir. When she starts showering that booty or so, damp air will hit the metal

  7. Hot Toolsja

    Hot Toolsja

    16 days ago


  8. Wesley Dunphy

    Wesley Dunphy

    17 days ago

    with all that wood it should be called the "splinter van". yeah that's right I'm someones dad

  9. Robi Saint Antoine

    Robi Saint Antoine

    20 days ago

    USgone needs a "Funniest USgoners" analytic. RR obviously at #1. What's that? "It exists and he's not"? Fuck you. Get outta my reality bubble. Dunce.

  10. hysteria008


    20 days ago

    Can we get a 'Steven Eats' mini series? 'Ep 1 - Stroopwafels' Is already taken care of

  11. murthy kumar

    murthy kumar

    21 day ago

    What kind of tree is that someone ?? Pls reply

  12. Gacheru Mburu

    Gacheru Mburu

    22 days ago


  13. Mr P

    Mr P

    22 days ago

    Nice wood;)

  14. Trig0r


    23 days ago

    You might want to look at putting a solid-state drive in the DVR in place of the spinner.

  15. Stephen John

    Stephen John

    24 days ago

    I can confirm that watching white boys do white boy shit is one of my favourite pass times

  16. Stephen John

    Stephen John

    24 days ago

    Leendas ass looks fatter in these videos than it does on instagram. Maybe she needs to hire Rich and bring this thing full circle.

  17. mark gonsalves

    mark gonsalves

    25 days ago

    OMG, im pretty sure the title of this video was something else.

    • Cookiee UwU

      Cookiee UwU

      24 days ago

      It was something else

    • mark gonsalves

      mark gonsalves

      25 days ago

      MY mind is playing tricks on me!

  18. Vikingbase


    25 days ago

    Wam-Bam Leena Cam



    26 days ago

    Blowing my mind folks , best vid I seen in a bit



    26 days ago

    Yall trippin, word

  21. beautiful4everr 55

    beautiful4everr 55

    28 days ago

    Lmao only vans ahahaha

  22. roger buss III

    roger buss III

    29 days ago

    I'd mount a hidden gun vault with a reused fingerprint sensor if u want her safe.. nothing crazi, just big enough for a pcc.. maybe a small semiauto shotgun.. pls do this.. itd be so dope.

  23. Clarence McGregor

    Clarence McGregor

    29 days ago

    Some people will not be surprised that Eastern Pine is actually classified as soft wood. Very appropriate for this channel.

  24. Editz26 Smithoni

    Editz26 Smithoni

    Month ago

    it looks like inside Russian sauna in there



    Month ago

    I'm dutch and i had 3 stroopwafels while watching this video

  26. David C

    David C

    Month ago

    Black guy stuff... watching the do that stuff 2 funny ... I like watching you fix the stuff you do

  27. Simon


    Month ago

    2:05 I've got wood for her

  28. Grumpy Murf

    Grumpy Murf

    Month ago

    launch control?! holy crap

  29. En3rgyLee


    Month ago

    Rich has the best content on USgone. We got cars, jokes, chicken, and now wood works!

  30. White steve Ya yeaaa

    White steve Ya yeaaa

    Month ago

    Yo The grape drink joke is hilarious cuz blacks love grape drink 🤣😂🤣😂😂 i was raised in the deep hood 😞

  31. Bout Tree Fitty

    Bout Tree Fitty

    Month ago

    Genuinely Impressed at them cutting down and processing the tree from start to finish, like for real. Lumberjacking Clearly Max level.

  32. blkmacster


    Month ago

    Black guy stuff. Yup that's me, how did you know Rich? And stay out of my cheetos.

  33. Brock Taylor

    Brock Taylor

    Month ago

    Get back to building the LS Tesla, because you guys suck st building vans. Lol

  34. Ayo Deveneaux

    Ayo Deveneaux

    Month ago

    Now I know how lumber came to being. Great show.

  35. c D

    c D

    Month ago

    you said wood hehe hehe hehe.... Wood hehe hehe

  36. Veselin Georgiev

    Veselin Georgiev

    Month ago

    Seeing Rich giving Leenda hard wood is surprisingly entertaining 😁

  37. Carl


    Month ago

    Damn when you didn’t think rich could take it to another level

  38. Houston


    Month ago

    The lead in to these affiliate links is immense. I fully expect rich to die in a workplace accident while converting a cyber truck to a top fuel dragster and the final video on this channel to be plug for life insurance.

  39. James Weaver

    James Weaver

    Month ago


  40. toorimakun


    Month ago

    1:10 Well I mean if you buy me a van that fits that partition I'll take it for free. :p (I don't have a use for a partition with out a van) haha

  41. Paul Bickley

    Paul Bickley

    Month ago

    Funny Video...

  42. Cycle Trucks

    Cycle Trucks

    Month ago

    RR aka Car furu has the best titles! I feel like Leenda likes ebony wood and likely gets a lot of it. ;)

  43. 18inches


    Month ago

    Hey Rich! I am glad you are doing well after falling. I enjoy this channel. Take care my fellow Human Being FAMILY not family! Cool beans 😎

  44. Owen Iverson

    Owen Iverson

    Month ago

    omg 3:17 what is that boating clip?? xD

  45. Ryan M

    Ryan M

    Month ago

    Simply Stalker, when you need an eye on you...while you sleep.

  46. Michael D

    Michael D

    Month ago

    Don't forget a crapper/passenger seat

  47. Jáchym Čepický

    Jáchym Čepický

    Month ago

    Did I see correctly, that the wood was not dry?

  48. Spot Check News

    Spot Check News

    Month ago

    Will this be the OnlyVans camera being installed?

  49. Greg


    Month ago

    Steven's mill saved you guys about $1,000,000 in lumber costs for that van, based on how much everything is right now....

  50. supdus


    Month ago

    shes not home less - she lives in an RV

  51. Δriella


    Month ago

    Linda vs stepmom.

  52. ezell7079


    Month ago

    24 hour surveillance 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Don Gevalt

    Don Gevalt

    Month ago

    It's pronounced caramel duh

  54. Pablo


    Month ago

    Rich your humor is unreal!

  55. Typical PC Tech

    Typical PC Tech

    Month ago

    All joking aside, for driving the Front / Center cam might be useful in the event of an accident. Not very useful for security otherwise however.

  56. AnotherAnonymousMan


    Month ago

    This channel needs more Biscuit.

  57. Robert Pikari

    Robert Pikari

    Month ago

    Those cameras are for home use, get automotive....🙄

  58. Albert Maniscalco

    Albert Maniscalco

    Month ago

    seems like a lot of real estate to devote to slats

  59. Can am FOR LIFE

    Can am FOR LIFE

    Month ago

    Is leenda friends with Sam's step mom?

  60. Tiago Cupido

    Tiago Cupido

    Month ago

    A lot of Wood for Leena🤣🤣🤣

  61. robert mboya

    robert mboya

    Month ago

    Hi rch since you are installing solar panels it would e cool if you did an electric conversion on the van. since you are doing a v8 tesla swap. Perfectly balanced as all things should be. hehehe. Nice work so far.

  62. Milan Kazarka

    Milan Kazarka

    Month ago

    Once done featured on SupercarBlonde - I remember she actually did review one Sprinter van before btw

  63. MysteryMrR


    Month ago

    I love this ducking channel

  64. Greenwolf Hunter

    Greenwolf Hunter

    Month ago

    I'm a proud Dutch men seeing them enjoying stroopwafel

  65. Shawn Thomas

    Shawn Thomas

    Month ago

    HAL 9000 will always watching....

  66. Tommy


    Month ago

    Get dome cameras.



    Month ago


  68. David Lux

    David Lux

    Month ago

    that's it I'm unsubscribing

  69. Gerald Griffith

    Gerald Griffith

    Month ago

    Rich you should use shipstation to ship me your cameras you don't want. Thank you.

  70. Jacob Mark

    Jacob Mark

    Month ago

    What happened to you just fixing stuff and being smart and funny. This new content titles with these stupid sexual undertones, assuming to get more views...lame

  71. Fun Haver_117

    Fun Haver_117

    Month ago

    I should start talking about the color, of the people, engaging in activities... Seems so important.

  72. Dewayne Howse

    Dewayne Howse

    Month ago

    I'll take the cameras. I'll pay the shipping.

  73. Luke Waldo

    Luke Waldo

    Month ago

    These vids are scripted and it's beautiful

  74. ghetto van adventures

    ghetto van adventures

    Month ago

    Love it Can’t wait for the next one

  75. James Rey

    James Rey

    Month ago

    3:24 me watching this rn 😂

  76. Destructor1701


    Month ago

    Good boy, Biscuit!

  77. albert Lees

    albert Lees

    Month ago

    You know cameras in a private space is illegal, right

  78. Jeff Y

    Jeff Y

    Month ago

    Pretty hardcore if you're milling your own lumbar. Nice work.

  79. victor 91

    victor 91

    Month ago

    that's tens of thousands of people (paying money) keeping her safe!

  80. Buildin' Whatever

    Buildin' Whatever

    Month ago

    You were doing great with the wood harvesting until you put the fence on the wrong side of the blade on the table saw.

  81. radarw64


    Month ago

    Oh yeah, the Leenda cam! Where do I sign up?

  82. BRS RC

    BRS RC

    Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣 geez guy! Goin hard with that thumbnail!

  83. The J Pinder

    The J Pinder

    Month ago

    LED lights behind the slats would be dope

  84. Mel Dickerson

    Mel Dickerson

    Month ago

    What.... is happening. Are they just cutting down trees? lol 😂 ste-von sounds so comfortable narrating this. You can hear him smiling and it’s like 11 months later? What?

  85. Mark Golden

    Mark Golden

    Month ago

    Ummmm so where can I purchase myself a uncle Rich pipe laying sweatshirt???

  86. Troy Belding

    Troy Belding

    Month ago

    I'm all for using your own trees for the wood, but I suspect if that was a tree they cut down, it wasn't recent. Raw pine is VERY much not fun to mill before it's been dried. The inside of the van would also smell like turpentine for a few months. :)

  87. nhojyelbom


    Month ago

    0:44 and 2:02 only parts you need to see

  88. Zarod89


    Month ago

    this is better than discovery channel

  89. Jerrell Rice

    Jerrell Rice

    Month ago

    "OnlyVans" 😆

  90. WSario


    Month ago

    Nice wood...I am sure your assistant will appreciate it...Thanks again for sharing...

  91. Benbot


    Month ago

    Please tell me they aren't going to hang cabinets from those boards they just installed. Those little nails they used are going to pull out the moment any weight is put on it.

  92. Benbot


    Month ago

    Prediction: Rich is going to have another run in with the law for carrying fake movie currency.

  93. David Ashwell

    David Ashwell

    Month ago

    "Par for the course for this channel" dog pissing is just the best. Don't ever change.

  94. Dz Gaming

    Dz Gaming

    Month ago

    Rich > Sam

  95. Gamen4Bros


    Month ago

    23:00 my favorite part

  96. Gamen4Bros


    Month ago

    7:55 yessirrrr, stroopwafel gang!!!

  97. FlashBangs


    Month ago

    More white people things had me dead. God bless my white bros. Cant live without them.

  98. Gamen4Bros


    Month ago

    3:24 ahahahah

  99. Gamen4Bros


    Month ago

    Rich is defenitely *Rich* (pun intended) after putting her in his videos lmao

  100. Gamen4Bros


    Month ago

    I can give her all the wood she needs lmao