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Fixing the rust problem in our off grid sprinter van for just $8

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The sound deadening and insulation we went with so everyone knows we live in a van when you knock on it
Rust has taken its toll on this sprinter Mercedes Van but have no fear, we have the cure for just eight dollars #vanlife
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  1. KURNTECH Douglas

    KURNTECH Douglas

    Day ago

    u all made me go look for Flight of the Navigator looks good getting it now

  2. Ascension Unlimited

    Ascension Unlimited

    2 days ago

    Throwing the packages during the shipping advert was comedy gold

  3. Jayalakshmi Anderson

    Jayalakshmi Anderson

    3 days ago

    I PRAY YOU HAVE A VAN CONVERSION COMPANY - I need to make an appt to have you guys do my van

  4. NavigatedChaos


    4 days ago

    The first clip is sad cause although it's a joke, I've seen people try it cause they are too stupid. Also does Brain remind anyone else of the Geologist (Brian Posehn) from The Big Bang Theory? Just the voice and way he talks.

  5. Stan Kolodin

    Stan Kolodin

    6 days ago

    Did rich turn into a convertible at 2:57.

  6. jurassic park durango

    jurassic park durango

    9 days ago

    But ahe ain't homeless she has a home its just on wheels

  7. isblazed


    16 days ago

    I watch cause I wanna make a go kart or somethin... I subbed for how you handle the white knights LMAO!

  8. Mary Yu

    Mary Yu

    25 days ago

    It will be so dark in the van - some windows would’ve been nice!!

  9. Mengele Ugulumo

    Mengele Ugulumo

    Month ago

    "better than dieing instantly..... without suffering!" 😂😂😂

  10. spartalives


    Month ago

    Well actually, if you kept a clean shop, you wouldn’t loose so many tools.

  11. HARION12c


    Month ago

    Thought that was Kermit at 3:48



    Month ago

    Who cares if people are having to live in vehicles because of the divide created by the rich cunts. Support your local travellers

  13. Javier Rodriguez

    Javier Rodriguez

    Month ago

    That could've been a secret compartment for a weapon, money or other valuables!

  14. Christo


    Month ago

    here for the comments! like that time Sam Crac used caulk on his Range Rover motor

  15. Alrukitaf


    Month ago

    Camera guy please use a tripod, your footage gives me motion sickness!

  16. Alrukitaf


    Month ago

    The welded patch is likely to rust again, at the weld spots. Can be mitigated by heating with a flame and slow cooling, followed by a coat of zinc rich paint.

  17. Alrukitaf


    Month ago

    Leenda is stunningly beautiful! Best of luck to her. Hope the rebuild works well.

  18. Mary Littleton

    Mary Littleton

    Month ago

    OMG! Your sarcasm be killing me. I have considered Van Life, Tiny Homes and all that. Tiny home would be. Nice, But the mobility would be an initial problem. An RV would be huge and nice ,but the upkeep and gas. It would be like a Blue Bird Sckoolie conversion. Huh!

  19. beaker2000


    Month ago

    Now Brian has made up for the whole chicken wing problem he has....

  20. jonathan stone

    jonathan stone

    Month ago

    I don't get why people call ups--- u.p.s it's simply ups no need to spell it. It's not a word you need to prove you can spell it like some 7 letters words u get called on that it to stupid to spell even tho you used it 10 times in a day

  21. jhoncho4x4


    Month ago

    The purpose of the partition wall or cage is to protect the driver & passenger from flying objects in case of a front end collision. Get in a wreck, everything comes flying at the back of your head, possibly decapitating you. Same effect as a headache rack on a semi.

  22. juniper1


    Month ago

    Vans, they love to rust. Word is; that newer European models are treated better. Like the past 5 years or so, but I'm no expert.

  23. Mike W

    Mike W

    Month ago

    Is it possible to remove the governor in an engine?

  24. Chris Boscurry

    Chris Boscurry

    Month ago

    That fan should make for some exciting emergency haircut stories with lots of screaming and everything. Well...not from ALL of the dudes. :)

  25. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool

    2 months ago


  26. Kim Kim

    Kim Kim

    2 months ago

    I'm using a sprinter cargo van as a family van. Have you seen the cost of a sprinter passenger van? They are 3 times the amount as a cargo van. None of these vans are cheap. This van is fantastic for doing anything. I had plenty of room to put a half bath and a small kitchen with a fridge and microwave. No more restroom stops on long drives. The kids could care less about windows with the 32 in TV for their video games. Going to the kids sporting events. None of us have to use those nasty port-a-potties.

  27. Jack Greenstalk

    Jack Greenstalk

    2 months ago

    rich plugged sone water resistant hemp shoe at some point. anyone remember the brand?

  28. Rey Banz

    Rey Banz

    2 months ago

    Lmmfao "This is gonna be like a tomb" ummm what bro?

  29. Shoolmy Shloms

    Shoolmy Shloms

    2 months ago

    Also how did Lunch with stepmom go

  30. Shoolmy Shloms

    Shoolmy Shloms

    2 months ago

    I’m starting to believe lenda is more than an Assistant

  31. RamadaArtist


    2 months ago

    "Go on USgone right now!" *shows "Puppy Hiding in Beard" as a top recommendation* Well, I didn't expect to get two videos for the price of one, but here we are.

  32. Alex Nicholas

    Alex Nicholas

    2 months ago

    Throw the boxes out like Rich an....Idiot??A jackass Idiot at that...I'll sing the song of..Rich is an Idiot who would break things because he's tooooo daaamm lazy to set the box down. If this is Society his Momma failed miserably at raising their child...I'm not watching this Idiot any more...Idiot Central....

  33. Sat S

    Sat S

    2 months ago


  34. No Name

    No Name

    2 months ago

    I’m tripping balls in acid and you having your own face on your underwear fucking sent me lmao

  35. Uncle Stinky

    Uncle Stinky

    2 months ago

    you should paint the outside with Raptor liner, works amazing, 2 coats and it's ready for the road the next morning

  36. r1ashad


    2 months ago

    "It's 2021 and there's no such thing as steath camping in a 170" wheelbase van with solar panels on top. New Flash! People know you live in that van! You aren't fooling anyone!".....🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm officially subscribing after this! Hilariously true!

  37. Martin D

    Martin D

    2 months ago

    I too appear delightful in my own underwear



    2 months ago

    Them sprinters rust like foook come to think of it Merc cars also rust like fooook 🤔

  39. notbadsteve


    2 months ago

    i'd have kept that cab partition just for a bit of extra security when Not in the van

  40. contentedbuddha


    2 months ago

    Looks like she will be living the american dream, 21th century edition

  41. Jason Gooden

    Jason Gooden

    2 months ago

    i'm surprised "be quiet" doesn't sue "BQUITE" for having a name so close.

  42. llove6786


    2 months ago

    How you doing looking for a Cadillac Escalade please can you help me

  43. francis mcdonnell

    francis mcdonnell

    2 months ago

    Were waiting for her to twerk

  44. James Harvey

    James Harvey

    2 months ago

    Big mouth, it what they wanted you to think. You talk too much!

  45. ghetto van adventures

    ghetto van adventures

    2 months ago

    This rebuild is actually pretty good

  46. Paliacho9


    2 months ago

    But why would you ever take that front partition down? Light blocking. Security. Able to peak out and see who might be outside. Shelving.

  47. Phillip Goodwin

    Phillip Goodwin

    2 months ago

    The guy with the red beard sounds like goddamn Kermit no wonder gingers have no souls .

  48. Charles Wolf

    Charles Wolf

    2 months ago

    RICH please see this... We would LOVE to see you build a TESLA VAN

  49. h8GWBî


    2 months ago

    $8 cost in materials, $200 cost in labor

  50. guitarlover1126


    2 months ago

    Your degrading asf bud. Loved your channel ubtill you started acting like a pos

  51. Dwayne Stokes

    Dwayne Stokes

    2 months ago

    Rich is a marketing genius.

  52. smokie128


    2 months ago

    I am saddened beyond belief that not one joke about Leenda's "only fan" in the ceiling was cracked.

  53. Jesse Laura

    Jesse Laura

    2 months ago

    "That's a lot of caulk" "Big drippy caulk"

  54. Duke00x


    2 months ago

    That is why you put a made up solar technology company logo on the van. And a hi-viz vest to put on the back of one of the front seats.

  55. Brian Clarke

    Brian Clarke

    2 months ago


  56. Nathan Spain

    Nathan Spain

    2 months ago

    That was Home Depot right? But Rich said Lowe's??

  57. Ed Kelly

    Ed Kelly

    2 months ago

    A 1 dollar acid brush and 2 dollars worth of seam sealer would have taken care of that rust a lot faster. But I like what you did for 8 more minutes of content.

  58. Mr.O


    2 months ago

    RIch is the only other person who I have heard mention Flight of the Navigator. I could not watch that enough as a kid. :)

  59. Odyssey Camper

    Odyssey Camper

    2 months ago

    Hey...I did the roof! Awesome video, you guys are hilarious!

  60. daniel


    2 months ago

    If you mount a tv to the wall, it'd be cool to put a camera in and make it function as a tv and then a window.

  61. Curtis Gregory

    Curtis Gregory

    2 months ago

    It may be an 8 dollar part but his skill would imply that the labor still cost about the same. 🤔😉

  62. Danoman


    2 months ago

    I hope you’re gonna turn off the MPH and the Rev Limiter. $65 for the cheapest obd connect 32

  63. james E

    james E

    2 months ago

    Partition gives you privacy

  64. Rich Wright

    Rich Wright

    2 months ago

    That’s your number 1 fan 🤣

  65. Komronbek Zohidov

    Komronbek Zohidov

    2 months ago

    Hey man can you help me to get tesla for cheaper price pleaseeeee

  66. 21boxhead


    2 months ago


  67. Zerry Lo

    Zerry Lo

    2 months ago

    M.B. doesn't mean quality.

  68. Evan Pimental

    Evan Pimental

    2 months ago

    Wow! Nice sheet metal patch! Y'all made that look much too easy.

  69. Ricer Activities

    Ricer Activities

    2 months ago


  70. Christian Corse

    Christian Corse

    2 months ago

    at 7:50 the van is getting the last of its taste of having fedex drivers in it the way he's hucking the packages out lol

  71. marouan ibrahimi

    marouan ibrahimi

    2 months ago

    Am i the only 15 year old kid here watching bcs you like the vids for the vids and not linda

  72. Agent West

    Agent West

    2 months ago

    Gotta love rust repair! "Hey, it's a tiny hole. We'll be done by lunch time." Two days later you have chased that rust hole with the welder half way to the other side of the car and you're looking for two more panels to completely replace because you have discovered more rust under paint. Good job on that patch panel though. Wasn't expecting it to be contoured to match the floor, but makes sense with how large it ended up being. Looks good!

  73. James Smith

    James Smith

    2 months ago

    Bro Ain't getting money from Home Depot....

  74. Pieter allen Master Blue

    Pieter allen Master Blue

    2 months ago

    Everyone insulates for heat loss and sound deafens their floor, walls and doors.

  75. Kris


    2 months ago

    *I F T H E V A N ' S A R O C K I N ' , D O N ' T C O M E K N O C K I N '*

  76. A Baker 71

    A Baker 71

    2 months ago

    Why do you keep saying Leenda lives in the van? She took a roadtrip in it with a friend and then drove home to her apartment in LA...

  77. Noel Cabral

    Noel Cabral

    2 months ago

    so where Is the Hot girl at?

  78. Unkownkille R

    Unkownkille R

    2 months ago

    I’m fully convinced rich is a virgin

  79. Steven Bauer

    Steven Bauer

    2 months ago

    Now, I can understand that your odds are lower in the NE, but did you try a local pick and pull for a similar van and cut a patch panel from it?

  80. Tripp55


    2 months ago

    Is this thing getting wrapped!? I don't know if the point is to keep it stealth but that would be so cool!

  81. P C

    P C

    2 months ago

    Hi Rich, how can I reach u regarding a new tech idea?

  82. coyotegene86


    2 months ago

    $8 for single peice of steel but assuming everyone owns a welder, step bits, drill wire brush heads.....a couple hundred more than advertized really but that's ok. Still a good tut.

  83. Travis Terrell

    Travis Terrell

    2 months ago

    "Well would ya look at that!" "Would you just look at it?" Ahaha awesome reference. 23:27

  84. Travis Terrell

    Travis Terrell

    2 months ago

    Lmao the perpetually missing 10mm. Usually it's a 10mm socket, but I suppose the issue afflicts wrenches too!

  85. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones

    2 months ago

    "Grinding and paint makes you the welder you ain't"

  86. Patrick


    2 months ago

    21:25 that filename tho

  87. fakeshemp44


    2 months ago

    Corvette still parked? Lemme get that.

  88. MrBeatboxmasta


    2 months ago

    Cool channel but SO. MUCH. ADVERTISMENT. on top of the actual adsense ads.

  89. lina hsueh

    lina hsueh

    2 months ago

    I think you should buy a DeLorean and turn it into a Tesla.

  90. Josh T.

    Josh T.

    2 months ago

    A white van with no windows on the side or back is a kidnapping van....aka night stalker mobile!😅✌🏾

  91. Waleed J

    Waleed J

    2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice his opened tabs when he was using the computer? Lmaoooo

  92. Aryan Goyal

    Aryan Goyal

    2 months ago

    Unnecessarily long runtime. Try to reduce it 👍

  93. Al Pa

    Al Pa

    2 months ago

    Should have bought a used RV instead this seems like too much

  94. Dylan Knisely

    Dylan Knisely

    2 months ago

    For whoever wasn’t using headphones at 12:53 by your parents you are probably dead by now.

  95. Alex Watts

    Alex Watts

    2 months ago

    Just now realizing the consistency and depth of riches attitude by scrolling through his minicooper thumbnails...

  96. Peter Stumpe

    Peter Stumpe

    2 months ago

    @RichRebuilds please note that this silicone stuff you used for caulking the vent was technically the total wrong stuff. At home in your bathroom the temperature differences summer to winter are not big. But parking the van in the summer sun and driving through winter temeratures requires a stuff that is designed for that and will not crack and leaking. The internet is full of camper van owners crying over leaks because they made it wrong. Do not make the same mistake Leena will have to regretting, please. The right stuff for that is Sikaflex®-252 : is suitable for dynamic loading, structural bonding, Product advantages: 1 part, Elastic, Can be painted, Tolerance compensation, High dynamic load, Vibration-retardant, Non-corrosive, High electrical resistance, Wide range of adhesion, Silicone free Greetings from Germany! Love your channel

  97. GunTotn Hippie

    GunTotn Hippie

    2 months ago

    Hate to say it after the fact but you should have sprayed as much closed cell foam for the exterior walls, roof and doors as possible. That insulation you are using doesn't have much of an R factor regardless of how they advertise it. Also the metal framing that the walls will connect to will cause thermal bridging and bypass your insulation. Insulation is going to be the limiting factor of how comfortable the rig is and how much fuel she uses.

  98. colormefucked


    2 months ago

    Flight of the Navigator!? I was rolling on the floor at the RichHub underwear thing but you had me up and cheering when you mentioned that old movie. I had a big crush on Sarah Jessica Parker from that film. Thank you, good sir

  99. Lawrence Begany

    Lawrence Begany

    2 months ago

    They do all this work on the van, give it to her then she sells it and buys a cheap condo, lol.

  100. Sam A

    Sam A

    2 months ago

    Honestly brother i wouldn't mind to have the old van if you can send it to me in ghana. I wonder why aliens would complain someone living in a van. Please brother i need that old van ain't joking I could make a living out of it believe me.