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Everything wrong with my Facebook Marketplace Diesel Truck

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Today we find my first REAL Diesel big boy truck off the internet, and boy, she's a doozy
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    9 hours ago


  2. John John

    John John

    Day ago

    Still waiting on that video about white women...

  3. some guy

    some guy

    Day ago

    y white women wtf?

  4. arios


    2 days ago

    Rich is literally the funniest USgoner who’s not even trying to be funny

  5. Matt Szalay

    Matt Szalay

    4 days ago

    Someone's been watching whistlindiesel. And not just his sheep episode

  6. Cowboy


    5 days ago

    lol that he said white women and then showed leenda. she thicc but she aint white yall

  7. Amber Peterson

    Amber Peterson

    7 days ago

    That is why y never baby your trucks

  8. Keenan Constant

    Keenan Constant

    10 days ago

    Great taste in cars bro

  9. Yasser Khouader

    Yasser Khouader

    10 days ago

    "It can fits 15 man which reminds of a video I've watched earlier today" dude that was legendary

  10. MattIsLoling


    11 days ago

    you need a chevy cobalt ss, the lost american tuner car

  11. Grant Routh

    Grant Routh

    11 days ago

    Why did they not check the spark plugs since they said the truck wasn’t taken care of?

  12. syby1112


    11 days ago

    LLM dura max, good choice . It has a insane amout of grounding points ,spend an afternoon cleaning them and it will be fine.

  13. Wayne Tomchick

    Wayne Tomchick

    13 days ago

    Leenda's a natural. So is Rich.

  14. R.j. Brown

    R.j. Brown

    13 days ago

    Who is the sexy lady? Where can I find her

  15. Ablute Google

    Ablute Google

    14 days ago

    i have a 3-speed 93 horsepower petrol engine its usually pretty quick but its like half the size of that Humvee

  16. unums


    16 days ago

    Rich who’s that beautiful women you have in your car pics?

  17. Viemo


    16 days ago

    That's not a truck, It's called a compensation.

  18. Dunc P

    Dunc P

    17 days ago

    17:49 - is the tire air nozzle on the INSIDE of the wheel well?? WTF?

  19. Dunc P

    Dunc P

    17 days ago

    Don't forget transport cargo ships use diesel-electric engines.

  20. Quantum Lab

    Quantum Lab

    17 days ago

    I know what you’d be towing that weights 15,000 pounds Your mom

  21. Givdul


    18 days ago

    “ Rich rebuilds” guy can’t even buy a good microphone for us 😔

  22. Charles Person

    Charles Person

    19 days ago

    Duramax is best choice

  23. Jason Hughes

    Jason Hughes

    21 day ago

    1152s have a turbo diesel.

  24. Mike Lovell

    Mike Lovell

    24 days ago

    Leenda .... okok.. (wows).... no ok.. right, for real, so why isnt this truck 4x4 ? or is that not a thing there ? and get bigger tyres....

  25. thecargamer1234


    Month ago


  26. Aiden Rainwater

    Aiden Rainwater

    Month ago

    American role model JOHN WAYNE

  27. niceguy60


    Month ago

    my diesel family car achieved 920 miles with 14 gallons of fuel Bid deal ??? Well that was 10 Years ago 😲

  28. niceguy60


    Month ago

    There's no alternative to diesel

  29. Mad Mike's Garage (MMG)

    Mad Mike's Garage (MMG)

    Month ago

    can I get those old running boards though? I just got a 2008 1500 ext cab

  30. Cal Vert

    Cal Vert

    Month ago

    For the respect of all other drivers on the road, please put mud flaps on it. I currently have to pay 300 dollars for a new windshield (let alone the damage to my paint) because those stone throwers of tires are the reason I'm tempted to stow a cup-full of rocks in my cup holders and launch some out the sunroof ahead of these truck drivers on the highway. Literally one of biggest pet-peeves and something you need to do. Cops should be ticketing these people... in most places around the continent it's illegal. So please Rich, don't be that guy.

  31. Charles Middleton

    Charles Middleton

    Month ago

    "Aww Biscuit.. Don't Do It." 💀

  32. Scarlet D'Vore

    Scarlet D'Vore

    Month ago


  33. That Guy Caleb

    That Guy Caleb

    Month ago

    Mo max

  34. Rusty H

    Rusty H

    Month ago

    11:15. Aren't they your pyjama bottoms?

  35. Dandan Thedrivingman

    Dandan Thedrivingman

    Month ago


  36. luelito


    Month ago

    Why not sell the tacoma and put it towards a better truck? Me personally would go power stroke

  37. michael mills

    michael mills

    Month ago

    Want to hook it up to

    • michael mills

      michael mills

      Month ago

      Want to put that duramax againsty 647 HP diesel fordf250 lol

  38. BlackManOps


    Month ago

    If its "just a tool" then just fix the mirror and get rid of the red and change the tires. That's all it really needs.

  39. Jake


    Month ago

    What is his assistants @

  40. Grumpy 1

    Grumpy 1

    Month ago

    Tesla boys be like 😖 LOL

  41. Enrique Hernandez

    Enrique Hernandez

    Month ago

    More video with leenda 🤘

  42. Syney


    Month ago

    why does the thumbnail look like a valve index

  43. Jon R.

    Jon R.

    Month ago

    God you are a comedian

  44. GottTS


    Month ago

    Why the fu... in hell people put big rims on their trucks but not upgrade the brakes? There is so much space to fit in huge Brembo brakes or something!

  45. tszvj


    Month ago

    Damn that dude in the obesity pic got a front butt

  46. Nick Crill

    Nick Crill

    Month ago

    Paint and bondo. A shop can fix that rust easy.

  47. hajikilla91


    Month ago

    Cummins is better but still better than a rolling toaster.. I want your Hummer...🤷🏻‍♂️

  48. БойБорг690_


    Month ago

    HAH The "Labrador" retriever is American... Labrador is in Canada.

  49. initialTRD


    Month ago

    what episode does his assistant where a bikini in?

  50. Jonathan trujillo

    Jonathan trujillo

    Month ago

    you should do series of your things a series of you changing your truck , tesla, and audi always have content 👍🏼

  51. Taco


    Month ago

    No flag mount joke? Rich, I'm disappointed

  52. Luke Davis

    Luke Davis

    Month ago

    Love how he said Ford power stroke and showed a dodge 😂

  53. I've Never Done This Before

    I've Never Done This Before

    Month ago

    Holy f-ck Rich's style is funny.

  54. aunt jemima

    aunt jemima

    Month ago

    we have the most american truck it litterally has an ammerican truck

  55. Norse Viking Æsir

    Norse Viking Æsir

    Month ago

    They have patch panels for the bed, takes a couple hours to cut, weld and primer it in. Holla if you need a hand.

  56. Nichole Hackett

    Nichole Hackett

    Month ago

    Get more fenders

  57. Nichole Hackett

    Nichole Hackett

    Month ago

    I love 💕 the fender flares so much!!!

  58. gimco petrolium

    gimco petrolium

    Month ago

    Fuck tesla more disels man

  59. Chris Ruggieri

    Chris Ruggieri

    Month ago

    Where do you find that, that’s an insane price

  60. Izaac Greenberg

    Izaac Greenberg

    Month ago

    love you Richie but when you said ford powerstroke, you showed a vid if a ram.

  61. Roy Vega Rojas

    Roy Vega Rojas

    Month ago

    Repaint the truck

  62. toxic soup can

    toxic soup can

    Month ago

    The bigger the truck nuts the more the hp

  63. Farm Boy

    Farm Boy

    Month ago

    Damn shheeee roallllls coal

  64. Justin justintheman

    Justin justintheman

    Month ago

    Duramax sounds better than cummins and that's facts

  65. Justin justintheman

    Justin justintheman

    Month ago

    Power stroke is a no go unless it's 7.3

  66. Isaac Whitefeather

    Isaac Whitefeather

    Month ago

    Tell leenda to let me get at those cheeks

  67. jay fizzle

    jay fizzle

    Month ago

    I was so hoping you were gonna talk about white women.

  68. Joe Blas Creations

    Joe Blas Creations

    Month ago


  69. Carter Mooers

    Carter Mooers

    Month ago

    I don't know about you but I'll take a diesel truck over a Tesla any day.

  70. Zeke Santiago

    Zeke Santiago

    Month ago

    U need a second channel you out grew your first one

  71. Tony Rial

    Tony Rial

    Month ago

    I think u should just pull a Chris Fixx on the fenders. Doesn't look too bad.

  72. Joe Horvath

    Joe Horvath

    Month ago

    You probably know this by now, but rock chips are real without the fender flairs.

  73. Charlene Woods

    Charlene Woods

    Month ago

    The level pocket chronologically hammer because spaghetti italy flap off a jittery cheese. cuddly, purring argument

  74. Nissan Patrol GR 3.0 Di Turbo

    Nissan Patrol GR 3.0 Di Turbo

    Month ago

    There's the herpes made me laugh! Yours makes mine look bad. My fender flares are held on by the rust! It's usually a grot bucket behind there because of salt on the roads....

  75. Sam Primbetov

    Sam Primbetov

    Month ago

    Why tf would you buy a humv in the first place

  76. Robert Kowalker

    Robert Kowalker

    Month ago

    Love the truck

  77. Rudá Bittencourt

    Rudá Bittencourt

    Month ago

    About the hummve towing capability. Is that bad? I saw lots of hummers towing heavy artillery.

  78. Kyle Fraser

    Kyle Fraser

    Month ago

    4:00 "ford power stroke"

  79. Angel Madrid

    Angel Madrid

    Month ago

    I would watch a Rich comedy special in a second

  80. Gypsy soul

    Gypsy soul

    Month ago

    They put the loctite on there so it's hard for people to steal those balls lol can't lock type the hitch but people aren't that smart and they try to take those balls

  81. WhoAtePoo


    Month ago

    who are these women for your thumb nails how much u payin

  82. William L

    William L

    Month ago

    Sorry man hate to break it to ya that photo wasn’t of a road being paved it was being ground up 🤧 I mean close enough ig😂

  83. William Walsh

    William Walsh

    Month ago

    Cummins>Powerstroke>Literal trash>Duramax

  84. James Palmer

    James Palmer

    Month ago

    Let that sink in ... hahahahahahaahahahahahaaha. Loved it.

  85. Elias


    2 months ago

    I remember when you hopped on the duraMax forum on FB lol

  86. solen18


    2 months ago

    Why did you get rid of the Fender flares? Thought they looked good, haha great vid

  87. Tristan Xavier

    Tristan Xavier

    2 months ago

    The domineering evening cosmetically intend because fall univariately guard inside a bitter pine. available, thankful skiing

  88. taylor Jams

    taylor Jams

    2 months ago

    Just make sure you pull the drain plugs on the doors if you leave it outside in the rain...

  89. Speed champ 45

    Speed champ 45

    2 months ago

    Nice milwakee drill lol

  90. AlexTechFix


    2 months ago

    Who’s gonna finish their diesel build first, Rich or DoItWithDan?

  91. Muhammad Zaid

    Muhammad Zaid

    2 months ago

    I am slowly becoming a truck advocate.....

  92. B ee

    B ee

    2 months ago

    Can’t believe you took the running boards off, won’t take long to regret that.

  93. B ee

    B ee

    2 months ago

    I have Freind’s who tiny their windshields, soo stupid.

  94. Murph


    2 months ago


  95. tim hauger

    tim hauger

    2 months ago

    have fun doing rear brakes with that lift. most bro dozers ride em until they ruin the rotor, before they take the kit apart for the rotor swap. check em asap. lol

  96. Aaron B

    Aaron B

    2 months ago

    22:30 make it a dually

  97. Jsweizston


    2 months ago

    RIch..your next step is clearly a 5 Ton to shove it in the faces of those who would dare shame the diesel combustion gods. After all you're adopting a neglected old Army issue 5 Ton into a loving/caring home.

  98. Aaron B

    Aaron B

    2 months ago

    I love diesels I drive a sprinter for work and its one of my favorite vehicles 😆 also they're a pain if you ever run out of fuel I think on those year gm trucks you can bleed the fuel system by cycling the key a couple times but on older ones you actually have to crack the fuel lines open that go to injectors

  99. Aaron B

    Aaron B

    2 months ago

    I removed the ball from a receiver once after that I just bought a different receiver lol

  100. osmosis 01

    osmosis 01

    2 months ago

    I love how Chuck Norris and Bruce Wayne we're on the all American Hero's list.. guess ya forgot the rock and snoopy