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Designing a simple high end interior on our budget off grid van

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We finally get the interior installed on our assistants van
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  1. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    3 days ago

    Comment here if you aren't your mothers favorite son because you smell 😞 💨

    • Simon


      11 hours ago


    • Stuart Fact

      Stuart Fact

      Day ago

      One day I will get rid of that funk!!

    • all things electric

      all things electric

      Day ago

      brilliant idea with the LEDs. clever, clean and cheap. that never happens! beautiful work all round boyz!

    • Zed OHH

      Zed OHH

      Day ago

      Linda is a "GORRRMET" MEAL

    • Windows XP

      Windows XP

      2 days ago

      Me 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

  2. Benoit Avril

    Benoit Avril

    Hour ago

    I wish ambient trip hop never existed.

  3. Bubbles


    3 hours ago

    Yeah Ive been to a lot of hotels and motels yaknow. Gotta Travel a lot. Riiiiiiight

  4. RichieT5


    5 hours ago

    Looking really good!

  5. RL53


    6 hours ago

    Just goes to show we don't need these expensive brick boxes the developers try to sell us, there's more space in that van than some flats in London & you can sleep where you want too. 😁😎

  6. James Simpson III

    James Simpson III

    6 hours ago

    I think Rich Rebuilds should syndicate on FX or Comedy Central with past midnight showing on Diy.

  7. motometalracer


    7 hours ago

    Rich is the "Rudy" football player of beard growers... best college pro patch beard ever

  8. michael fritcher

    michael fritcher

    9 hours ago

    I love it when USgone interrupts your "commercial" with a commercial. Especially when it's an ad for another USgone channel of two muse idiots traveling around in their Sprinter van!

  9. Captain_ Princeps

    Captain_ Princeps

    10 hours ago

    Has anyone tried a 1997 jeep Cherokee just the (Cherokee model) any way a ev swap on that would be cool

  10. White Wolf Studios

    White Wolf Studios

    11 hours ago

    lol that ned flanders intro XDDD and what a matching voice too!

  11. The Real One

    The Real One

    13 hours ago

    Damn I was had by the click bait

  12. Gusto J

    Gusto J

    13 hours ago

    Leenda will never 💩 in the van 😬

  13. Jess izthebess

    Jess izthebess

    13 hours ago

    SweetUSgone might remove this channel! Thank you USgone!!!!

  14. Gusto J

    Gusto J

    14 hours ago

    Ben... Tezzler 😂

  15. Kalepsis


    14 hours ago

    Love the lighting.

  16. theo hampton

    theo hampton

    15 hours ago

    Lmfao these dudes said they building this van for the homeless richrebuilds clickbait video vixen but all I hear is what they r gonna do with it 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  17. Justin Comeau

    Justin Comeau

    16 hours ago

    Still waiting on the video where you install the Leenda Cam...

  18. Joeph Mcalvey

    Joeph Mcalvey

    17 hours ago

    You should make an electric motorcycle

  19. gfs videos

    gfs videos

    17 hours ago

    "Loan Depot" lol

  20. Eric's fishing adventures

    Eric's fishing adventures

    18 hours ago

    @rich ibve friend that's the same when he doesn't have guy food right away. His name is my cranky food pants lol!

  21. Jesse Askren

    Jesse Askren

    18 hours ago

    Military grade isn’t good though 😐

  22. Raymond Snijder

    Raymond Snijder

    18 hours ago

    In Dutch Stroopwafel can be turn into stroapwafle so it sounds bit better

  23. jon kwarsick

    jon kwarsick

    19 hours ago

    i dunno how you guys could possibly be any slower with this van build

  24. Ride Fast Get Weird

    Ride Fast Get Weird

    19 hours ago

    Subbed for the v8 Tesla, stayed for the OnlyVans.

  25. Jannes Lorek

    Jannes Lorek

    19 hours ago

    It is a Stroopwafel

  26. Jay DKB Games

    Jay DKB Games

    19 hours ago

    RICH is Hilarious "Im gonna take his credit card out "MAYBE" lol

  27. Paul Brereton

    Paul Brereton

    21 hour ago

    slightly off topic, but can you convert any ev to have bi directional charging? would love to see a project on that for those who want their ev to double up as off grid storage.

  28. Sirisha Kadiyala

    Sirisha Kadiyala

    21 hour ago

    Sorta reminds of the the millennium falcon interior

  29. R1D9M8B4


    22 hours ago

    This is why I keep coming back to this channel. It's the type of entertainment I want.

  30. Randy Lenart

    Randy Lenart

    22 hours ago

    Nice camper 1000watts of solar nice

  31. Peder Halseide

    Peder Halseide

    23 hours ago


  32. Matthew Reece Baaliah

    Matthew Reece Baaliah

    Day ago

    The Simpsons intro match so hard with riches voice sheeeeeesh

  33. harleycharley


    Day ago

    One time we hear it is Lena's van and the next time we hear you guys are gonna be coming in from a ski trip an dmaking yourselves comfortable....sounds like it is Rich's van that Lena is going to use...truth be told.

  34. Pablo Montoya

    Pablo Montoya

    Day ago

    inverted viking ship vibes from that interior

  35. Andy


    Day ago

    Anything for Leenda. Holy crap lol.

  36. Robert Thompson

    Robert Thompson

    Day ago

    C.A.D. Cardboard Assisted Design

  37. That Guy

    That Guy

    Day ago

    Rich, love your personality. Very entertaining.

  38. Amateur Wizard

    Amateur Wizard

    Day ago

    Not gonna lie, kinda wish you put that base there. There's a laundry list of reasons why that's lease put some caulk around it.

    • Dr. Gaz Matic

      Dr. Gaz Matic

      Day ago

      Especially when they turned it…. Oof

  39. Igor Mijic

    Igor Mijic

    Day ago

    Should've just redid the rv, more room for her

  40. Danny Wachira

    Danny Wachira

    Day ago

    I'm really interested in those LEDs. Where did Richie buy them?

  41. Dark nerf Shadow

    Dark nerf Shadow

    Day ago

    Smart people: you need to disconnect the alternator Me: you forgot to yeetes the fetus

  42. S F

    S F

    Day ago

    Subbed due to this video, nice to see humans helping other humans.

  43. YoshinoyaJones


    Day ago

    what kind and how many batrees r u using?

  44. Jarred May

    Jarred May

    Day ago

    I feel like you should add windows

  45. Miles Mckenna

    Miles Mckenna

    Day ago

    steveon jack of trades

  46. Josh Casey

    Josh Casey

    Day ago

    I will let Linda live in my basement If she pays me full rent 150$ a mounth

  47. André Zanoncello

    André Zanoncello

    Day ago

    Why does Stevon have Canadian money in his wallet? Did no one else notice the Canadian $50 in their?

    • Steven Salowsky

      Steven Salowsky

      Day ago

      Because I Love Canada and visit when I can

  48. Tad Saxington

    Tad Saxington

    Day ago

    Where is the LS Tesla! FUCK

  49. D.B. Cooper

    D.B. Cooper

    Day ago

    What, no Stroopwafels warmer? Shame on you!

  50. Stephen Davis

    Stephen Davis

    Day ago

    U gonna buy that grl a p1st0l so All the simps aren't "worried about her safety" living in a van? lmao

  51. Steve


    Day ago

    Enough wood? Jesus. Splinter van 🤣🤣Complete with tinderbox effect fire death walls and driver impact 2'x1' penetration panelling.

  52. yougeekyou


    Day ago

    Rich! What will your battery bank be composed of? looked like 2 x LiFePO batteries on the drawing.. 12V or 24V configuration? Thanks!

  53. Codeplayer


    Day ago

    The LED is gonna die fast. No cooling. So its nice and bright at first and then over time, since the intensity drop is linear, it will lose light fast, till one day the occupant wonders, gee it sure gets darker and darker with every day. Half a year should do to make it fell so. I hope you make a KITT out of Tesla one day. simple body swap and then connect Auto PI to it and make it self drive and come out of parking and talk to police by itself, since AutoPi, and Google assistant in KITT voice. Turbine engine noises would be nice also and full pursuit mode transforming with small rockets. Would be lots of fun freaking out ppl. Just figure out how to add Firebird body on Tesla chassis and interior, maybe should use Roadster as donor.

  54. Brian Wittling

    Brian Wittling

    Day ago

    wait.. wait... where's the gorram rooftop AC??? with no windows too??? This thing is going to be a Leenda EZ-bake box for 9 months out of the year! lol

  55. David Torres

    David Torres

    Day ago

    I want one. Can you get me one Uncle Rich?

  56. IdiotF0ol


    Day ago

    I figured this would be a joke build, but holy shit, this is an extremely impressive conversion. Like, shockingly professional, as if the crew have made a few dozen of these already. Awesome job, all around!

    • Steven Salowsky

      Steven Salowsky

      Day ago

      Have made a few before, so yes, not my first rodeo.. but each are still challenging experiences. Thank you for your kind words.

  57. Gram


    Day ago

    9:48 in your video, is your hand made out of Ferris Metal?????!!!!!! Cause thats an induction heating element. Who really does all the work behind the scenes?! let me guess you have some slaves from Pretoria, South Africa doing all the labour and brain work because well..... TESLA...

  58. Conor Xavier

    Conor Xavier

    Day ago

    Stevon is the man, great group of dudes 👏

    • Steven Salowsky

      Steven Salowsky

      Day ago

      Thanks dude

  59. Kemoy Bennett

    Kemoy Bennett

    Day ago

    Bro work on the v8 Tesla and stop the fucking around

  60. TjDolHaus86


    Day ago

    Did your brother not tell you that military grade generally means cheap, nasty and broken?

  61. J Coo

    J Coo

    Day ago

    as u can see

  62. Amateur Wizard

    Amateur Wizard

    Day ago

    Just pronounce the 'oo' in stroop as 'uu' and you're good

  63. Patrick Wilson

    Patrick Wilson

    Day ago

    If you guys don’t know Leenda does w her free time go look at he insta.

  64. jekker1000


    Day ago

    led lights without heatsink, directly on wood - good luck with led power fading, Rich. For these type of installations there are extra mini aluminum profiles available ;)

  65. mr. weird

    mr. weird

    Day ago

    Anybody else see the only vans shirt or was it just me

  66. Laudatur


    Day ago

    All of that wood paneling makes it look like a sauna to me. Just add an electric sauna heater and you are ready for a sauna bathing

  67. Aar0n5mcl


    Day ago

    Stee Von has got skills, also rich probably has enough wood. Jus saying brah

  68. Mike Kiel

    Mike Kiel

    Day ago

    you can not run a electric water heater with out water in it . you will burn out the elements.

  69. Bruce Genest

    Bruce Genest

    Day ago

    Your paid promo was interrupted by a youtube commercial! Golden!

  70. Faisal Malki

    Faisal Malki

    Day ago

    The wood interior needs some type of protection against the fumes if something was cooked inside the van so it won't stick .. otherwise good job so far guys👍🏻

  71. Marek P

    Marek P

    Day ago

    No V8 swapped Tesla, no Lynda. What am I watching for, Guys? Nice, nice, but not so nice. ;)

  72. David Daigle

    David Daigle

    Day ago

    Another Incomplete project video just awesome.

  73. Stuart Fact

    Stuart Fact

    Day ago

    Stevon-great work on the renderings, custom wood work and layout!

    • Steven Salowsky

      Steven Salowsky

      Day ago

      Thanks Stuart, much appreciated.

  74. D Sherm

    D Sherm

    Day ago


  75. a2cryss


    Day ago

    Awesome build. Too much wood taking up space though it does look good. I would just have used speaker box carpet to save weight and be quieter.

  76. rwdplz1


    Day ago


  77. Eastman Webb

    Eastman Webb

    Day ago

    This is so dope.

  78. Mike Harris

    Mike Harris

    Day ago

    Lol, the most valuable size ever... the elusive 10mm socket!

    • Mike Harris

      Mike Harris

      Day ago

      On mechanics will understand this comment, LOL



    Day ago

    When in doubt, I always advocate for pursuing a Plan B as well, Steve-on...

  80. Atoool K

    Atoool K

    Day ago

    Amazing work guys! 👍🏾❤️

  81. Wayne Bullock

    Wayne Bullock

    2 days ago

    The van is nice, but I feel like it needs windows?

  82. Jochen Stacker

    Jochen Stacker

    2 days ago

    Bravo Sierra? I smell BS!

  83. John-Christian Bateman

    John-Christian Bateman

    2 days ago


  84. Sharer


    2 days ago

    Did you forgot the cameras?

  85. fizzy49cc


    2 days ago

    SprintÈ 24:26

  86. Grazziani Catalin

    Grazziani Catalin

    2 days ago

    that wood is just sexy

  87. whatever 12

    whatever 12

    2 days ago

    Can someone explain why they risked getting shocked by the solar panel, I saw vids of outdoor solar installation and they never mention that?

  88. petepenn1


    2 days ago

    Stevon is a Asset that Rich will never have to Rebuild! Seriously Smart Stylist! Best Builder Buddy Bro!

    • Steven Salowsky

      Steven Salowsky

      Day ago

      Thanks dude! Much appreciated.

  89. kwiebusch


    2 days ago

    Well.... if that is the case, then you F'ed up the first time pronouncing stroopwafel, that was almost perfectly.

  90. Pawel ixinski

    Pawel ixinski

    2 days ago

    Will You swap engine to handle this all additional weight of wood?

  91. Nick Griffith

    Nick Griffith

    2 days ago

    Rich reBadAzz

  92. Ronan Farrell

    Ronan Farrell

    2 days ago

    I think this series should be called "Only Vans".. just saying..

  93. Human Bean

    Human Bean

    2 days ago

    The table saw so close to dude's fingers gave me anxiety

  94. Wetruck en

    Wetruck en

    2 days ago

    Okay our plans good her plans bad let's do this lol 😆

  95. Tclans


    2 days ago

    It makes me incredibly happy to know you read the comments. Loved the Stroopwafel quip.

  96. Taylor Sheridan

    Taylor Sheridan

    2 days ago

    U have the face maybe it’s the attitude of a kid who will get beat up

  97. Charlie W

    Charlie W

    2 days ago

    Love the videos, but jeez those fingers almost got sliced on the table saw! 😬

  98. chris bruni

    chris bruni

    2 days ago

    They way solar is designed with pv wire and connectors you should be fine and don’t need the cardboard lol showed this to a solar crew and they were dying laughing

  99. Nurudeen Lawal

    Nurudeen Lawal

    2 days ago

    Cardboard out here saving lives...

  100. Polarbear Igloo

    Polarbear Igloo

    2 days ago

    After you are done your projects wanna put solar on a tesla? It should be possible to hook it up to the regen braking.