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Building The Worlds First V8 Swapped Tesla

You are missing out if you don’t have this on your phone
This is the beginning of the worlds first truly gas powered LS swapped V8 Tesla, lets get started...
Thanks to for the LS V8!
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  1. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    4 months ago

    Episode 2 Here! -

    • RWBHere


      7 days ago

      You cannot morally fit aV8 into a Tesla. But who cares? It's funny. Thanks,

    • Dutch Kushman

      Dutch Kushman

      11 days ago

      You are not just a black guy. You are 1 of the most intelligent black guys i ever seen. ( i don't think elon knows everything you know!).

    • Alden Raymond

      Alden Raymond

      29 days ago

      @Jordan Vicente i am trying it out now. Looks great so far :)

    • Jordan Vicente

      Jordan Vicente

      29 days ago

      dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)

    • Lucas Ceglinski

      Lucas Ceglinski

      3 months ago

      @Rich Rebuilds Could you use the transmission tunnel from a Camaro instead of having to fab your own?

  2. Bear


    Day ago

    well people will put a LSA in a Jaguar XJS 2 door late 1980's

  3. 秒人放


    2 days ago

    this is plainrok124 car

  4. HkillerRamzi 12

    HkillerRamzi 12

    2 days ago

    lmaooo elon is literally going to sue him for making his cars better. than intended

  5. saitama From opm

    saitama From opm

    4 days ago

    The real reason he did this was so he could go to a gas station to fill up a Tesla I would love to see people’s reactions

  6. V8


    4 days ago


  7. Rick Stratton

    Rick Stratton

    5 days ago

    this is amazing

  8. Bobby Zebney

    Bobby Zebney

    6 days ago

    its evolving just backwards

  9. Joseph Lewis

    Joseph Lewis

    8 days ago

    Make a diesel and roll coal on a pickup truck that rolls coal on you

  10. Aaron Juarbe

    Aaron Juarbe

    9 days ago

    Wonder why they didn't take the glass & doors off of those cars to sale for parts?

  11. Monstermeyhem


    9 days ago

    Now someone needs to cummins swap one and then hellcat swap another one. Oh and we cant forget the 2jz and rb26 swaps.

  12. GucciAK47s RBLX

    GucciAK47s RBLX

    11 days ago

    15:13 hey i watched that

  13. Max Nugent

    Max Nugent

    11 days ago

    Respect for this guy

  14. Eli Kenitz

    Eli Kenitz

    11 days ago

    The only Tesla I'd ever buy, especially since I originally didn't know that Tesla's were electric cars 😂



    14 days ago

    U lost 6k damn

  16. kobyjo


    14 days ago

    Angry elon musk noises

  17. Master Blaster

    Master Blaster

    15 days ago

    i just imagine a climate activist shitting their pants while having steam exiting their ears.

  18. Aaron Tor

    Aaron Tor

    16 days ago

    Someone named Whistling diesel always loves to test his Duramaxs

  19. CA_SAN2086


    16 days ago

    Is that the tesla @plainrock123 destroyed😅🤣😂

  20. TheDerperOne


    16 days ago


  21. Billy Swift

    Billy Swift

    16 days ago

    You evolved the car just backwards

  22. Eric Robison

    Eric Robison

    16 days ago

    I bet the guy running the claw crane at the scrap yard loves his job.

  23. Graham campbell

    Graham campbell

    17 days ago

    If you do the maths on this you might find you are better off .. let’s see

  24. Kr4nky


    17 days ago

    Only Tesla i APRROVE OF!



    17 days ago

    Alternate title: building a Tesla the real American way

  26. No body See’s

    No body See’s

    18 days ago

    Aww black guy ya talk to much

  27. haliroyl


    18 days ago

    Is this the tesla plainrock 124 distroyed

  28. Caleb Daniels

    Caleb Daniels

    19 days ago

    That osha violation on the fork lift

  29. Randel Clark

    Randel Clark

    20 days ago

    Where do you guys get the money

  30. Nova Gaming

    Nova Gaming

    20 days ago

    “Black” “Like u” 😭😭😭that sent me

  31. Shocked


    20 days ago

    This was beyond painful

  32. Mason Wilcox

    Mason Wilcox

    21 day ago

    do it will a cumins

  33. Runed0S


    23 days ago

    If you buy stuff online with a credit card you can do a chargeback

  34. Jake Foster

    Jake Foster

    24 days ago

    Call this the model lx

  35. Blaze hihnk

    Blaze hihnk

    24 days ago


  36. Arya Rizky

    Arya Rizky

    24 days ago

    I like your project car lets hate electric car

  37. Darren Wise2

    Darren Wise2

    26 days ago

    Bro you are my god!!!!

  38. Ricardo Monge

    Ricardo Monge

    26 days ago

    Bro in 70 years when gas cars gets banned all we going to watch is people swapping battery’s 😔

  39. Blake Tundra

    Blake Tundra

    26 days ago

    Dude is real. Love it

  40. Gary Wright

    Gary Wright

    26 days ago

    Haha I love this guy hilarious 😆 🤣 😂

  41. Gary Wright

    Gary Wright

    26 days ago

    I was crying laughing at rich rebuild when he introduced himself as black guy doing electric stuff 🤣🤣🤣 hilarious... ps I'm black

  42. AsumiLuna


    27 days ago

    Just imagine pulling into a gas station and actually filling a Tesla with gas.

  43. Gage watson

    Gage watson

    28 days ago

    is that a real tesla cyber bug

  44. Y


    29 days ago




    Month ago

    Can i just say, i love this dude.

  46. Wesley Warren

    Wesley Warren

    Month ago

    It actually breaks my heart to see cars get crushed

  47. JDMEXforme


    Month ago

    Teslas and EVs in general are for the boring type.

  48. Nate Campbell

    Nate Campbell

    Month ago

    That car crushing claw machine is satisfying to watch lol

  49. Zombie Dreams

    Zombie Dreams

    Month ago

    Keep it up bro 💪

  50. KURNTECH Douglas

    KURNTECH Douglas

    Month ago

    Can the Tesla instrument cluster screen be used in another car other than a Tesla

  51. SirCavemaninthewest


    Month ago

    Anti vegan Tesla😂😂😂

  52. Vachagan Balayan

    Vachagan Balayan

    Month ago

    majority of people are not car enthusiasts its not just tesla owners, even though i do think nothing compares to tesla, i still enjoy my 2006 z4 stickshift engine when i want to remember the old times.... Musk was right, gasoline cars will be like someone owning a horse but not for transportation, its cos you're a collector or an enthusiast that values exactly that manual shifter that engine noise... as for sustainability, tesla is under huge pressure to deliver more and more cars, that one engine you want to buy is another car not built and delivered, they will make parts available (most of the parts are, just takes a while, and very few parts are not available at all) but they will make them available like you can do for ICE cars now... its just way to new and they need to keep up with demand

  53. Freddie Clark

    Freddie Clark

    Month ago

    Should of kept the v8 and the battery. Yes it’s heavy but it will be a drag strip monster

  54. Ryan Berka

    Ryan Berka

    Month ago

    I am a car enthusiast and I would still rather buy one with awd than try to mod one that didn't have it. Also, mod for you, who gives a hoot what other people think, tesla people or otherwise. I do stuff to cars because it's what I want to do, not because it impresses someone I will never meet.

  55. cashcarti


    Month ago

    Clayton Kershaw???

  56. Jeff Liggett

    Jeff Liggett

    Month ago

    Apple and Tesla are two companies with products I don't care about and users who annoy me.

  57. FadedPlays


    Month ago

    I’m doing a 91 s-10 build and need some rims, still got the Tesla rims I’d love to see if they fit 😂

  58. aho72lf743jjk1


    Month ago

    most based car video on the website

  59. ahmed munir

    ahmed munir

    Month ago

    This is the funniest tesla episode I've ever seen 😂

  60. BTK


    Month ago

    Officially my new hero 🙇🏽‍♂️

  61. Hooked on Classics

    Hooked on Classics

    2 months ago

    Tesla is like wallpaper paste......... Yawn.

  62. Steven Ruiz Carrillo

    Steven Ruiz Carrillo

    2 months ago

    I came here because of Plainrock124, Did You?

  63. bigliftm


    2 months ago

    i hate reaalyy really really HATE electric cars 🤮🤮🤮 but V8 😍😍 now you got my attention. 😁

  64. Greg Skipper

    Greg Skipper

    2 months ago

    Video is way too long

  65. Windows Aero Deluxe

    Windows Aero Deluxe

    2 months ago

    You destroyed this car with plainrock124



    2 months ago

    Take my car please smash it

  67. Retroman 85

    Retroman 85

    2 months ago

    Finally somebody with common sense!!

  68. Rapid_Trojan 444

    Rapid_Trojan 444

    2 months ago

    Were you ever in the military?

  69. Swahiliangift70x7


    2 months ago

    Again, Why did you guys destroy that white Tesla???? UGHHHHH!!!!!!!

  70. Mark Simon

    Mark Simon

    2 months ago

    The only v8 swap that is supposed to happen. Keep it up!

  71. Jesse Denton

    Jesse Denton

    2 months ago

    I love it! The ultimate "fuck you" to the environmentalists ruining car culture!

  72. sandas turner

    sandas turner

    2 months ago

    This will be epic once completed.

  73. Break, Fix & Drive It L.Y.S.i

    Break, Fix & Drive It L.Y.S.i

    2 months ago

    LS swapped Tesla? Hell yeah woohoo !

  74. TheArtoftheFlip


    2 months ago

    The narrative is phuckin priceless!

  75. mylehigh


    2 months ago

    Hearing Rich rattle off his V8 shopping list made me realize how impotent I am when it comes to cars. 😮😅

  76. The CRISPY

    The CRISPY

    2 months ago

    Vortex master on USgone was the first.

  77. Ivan Koshevoy

    Ivan Koshevoy

    2 months ago

    you got scammed 12k&????? daym bro. i was sad that i bought an old car for 2.5... but you make me understand that 2.5 is not even money jajajajahahahah

  78. Jeff Clem

    Jeff Clem

    2 months ago

    1.5mil views nice rich

  79. Random stuff

    Random stuff

    2 months ago

    I want to see a tesla with a V8

  80. Ben Gillespie

    Ben Gillespie

    2 months ago

    The funniest thing is when tesla Fan boys who don't know anything about cars try to act like they do

  81. ReviewWorthy


    2 months ago

    Now you have to get a hellcat and put a tesla engine in it.

  82. PowerfulVeganHands


    2 months ago

    What did Elon mean by saying FOH?

  83. Angel


    2 months ago

    It'd be a "Petrola", instead of Tesla.

  84. Harry Conover

    Harry Conover

    3 months ago


  85. Lostallmy Money

    Lostallmy Money

    3 months ago

    You’re the black version of Whistlin Diesel. Automatically subbed.

  86. FLP Media

    FLP Media

    3 months ago

    If you can't modify it? What's the point ????...that's life real car love right dare

  87. Smokey Wings

    Smokey Wings

    3 months ago

    For some reason my truck is faster than i8 😂😂😂😂

  88. K&A SRT8

    K&A SRT8

    3 months ago

    Id also love to watch a tesla get crushed

  89. K&A SRT8

    K&A SRT8

    3 months ago

    Id love to see this on a tesla and electric car page just to see people get booty tickled about it

  90. I-


    3 months ago

    How does this even happen 😭

  91. Chad Sims

    Chad Sims

    3 months ago

    Please keep up good work, we don't need no damn pos battery cars

  92. Gta Toast

    Gta Toast

    3 months ago

    This man is playing GTA 6

  93. Demarcus Q

    Demarcus Q

    3 months ago

    They gotta sell the little pieces off the cars there’s gotta be people to sell them to

  94. Patrik Järvelöv

    Patrik Järvelöv

    3 months ago

    2:29 Dude looks like Adam Sandlers less successful brother

  95. Zach s

    Zach s

    3 months ago

    Hit up cleetus McFarland and see who builds the axles for leroy and ruby

  96. Dylan Turner

    Dylan Turner

    3 months ago

    Lee c parts ftw

  97. Kaspar Strugar

    Kaspar Strugar

    3 months ago

    no masks ?

  98. TheCinimaticMeets


    3 months ago

    Do you have any JDM cars?

  99. Rachael Lawley

    Rachael Lawley

    3 months ago

    You mean a sherp

  100. Massive cocked Man

    Massive cocked Man

    3 months ago

    I subscribed once I saw the corvette