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Building an electric mini cooper on a $5,000 budget

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Today we are continuing our build of the eletric mini cooper on a astoinishingly cheap budget, helped by no other then the ever beautiful Leedna.. who was a great help.. until she had to leave when she couldn't get logged into her instagram
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  1. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    4 months ago

    Next video in the series, here! -

    • Micah Kenneth8

      Micah Kenneth8

      Month ago

      Rich you are the man 🀣🀣 seriously you do good work!!

    • Zeeshanshabir Shabir

      Zeeshanshabir Shabir

      3 months ago


    • Andrew Hill

      Andrew Hill

      3 months ago

      That your girl?

    • Mustafa Dada

      Mustafa Dada

      3 months ago

      Why the hell would you keep such thumbnail

  2. NicholsZiegler


    20 hours ago

    You can have regenerative braking with any electric motor

  3. UH Rex

    UH Rex

    23 hours ago

    whats your assistant instagram name

  4. Rush Bayou

    Rush Bayou

    3 days ago

    got 8" but want 9"... thats what she said :)

  5. Sweet Dawg

    Sweet Dawg

    3 days ago

    "what does DC stand for" doe's cheeks... man that bumper on her.. lorda mercy!

  6. kush shawn

    kush shawn

    5 days ago

    I just subscribed to your channel

  7. Efrain De La Rocha

    Efrain De La Rocha

    7 days ago

    Did rich leave his wife and kids for the thothy??

  8. Inkalimeva TV

    Inkalimeva TV

    8 days ago

    That phone hovering twat does nothing but annoy,

  9. Echo Sierra

    Echo Sierra

    8 days ago

    I though the title said β€œthigh.”

  10. Music Masters

    Music Masters

    8 days ago

    I love the music

  11. Alexander Vlietstra

    Alexander Vlietstra

    8 days ago

    I know Mini's have plenty of problems, but I've had a R53 which I had till 120,000 miles that only had two problems since I've owned it at 56,000, and I currently have a R56 JCW (N18) that has only given me an oil filter housing issue as he said. My JCW is currently at 115,000 miles, after buying it at 62,000. I'm nervous something bad is going to happen every time I drive it because of all the problems others have had, but I've really only had a splendid time with them.

  12. E Vehicles

    E Vehicles

    9 days ago

    good job1



    9 days ago

    She's doing more than you swapping the engine for batteries!

  14. studlypear05


    9 days ago

    Every single issue that mechanic listed I had with my 09 mini cooper Clubman. Sunroof flooded the interior of the car

  15. D Bolger

    D Bolger

    10 days ago

    The lovejoy is technically a Cush-drive. I suspect that the lovejoy term came out of ignorance.

  16. David Carr

    David Carr

    13 days ago

    $1500 for a mini? That's cheap

  17. Robert Adkins II

    Robert Adkins II

    13 days ago

    I agree that BMW did a poor job with the sun roofs. ...and the CVT transmissions on the R53, but many/most of those other issues are related to failing to keep up with proper maintenance on their R53.

  18. S tech

    S tech

    14 days ago

    this girl is a real poser

  19. Mathew Wyrick

    Mathew Wyrick

    15 days ago

    Keep Leenda in the videos she cool

  20. Ryan McLaughlin

    Ryan McLaughlin

    18 days ago

    SHe sexy

  21. Kketansa Art

    Kketansa Art

    18 days ago

    If you want her to work, then swap her with cameraman. Job will be done perfectly πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚

  22. colin young

    colin young

    19 days ago

    loving the channel

  23. Nelson Lopez

    Nelson Lopez

    20 days ago

    i thought electric cars dont need a transmission

  24. Mrdubomb


    21 day ago

    Nice work, couple questions I have to know the answer to, how did you get the motor shaft lined up to the input shaft exactly when fabing the plate and since the gearbox has reverse capabilities already, does that simplify anything with the controller/electronics?

  25. Dranotomybraino


    26 days ago

    hey rich I own a 2017g30 bmw any tips on a ev swap for something like that?

  26. Diesel Dragon

    Diesel Dragon

    27 days ago

    That powdered coat blue SURE is ELECTRIFYING!!!

  27. drrobotnikmeanbeanma


    28 days ago

    If i want to charge a electric car at home, what's the name of the wall outlet i need to have ?

  28. AWcinema AWcinema

    AWcinema AWcinema

    Month ago

    I callπŸ’©πŸ’© my mini would kick your ass!!!!!

  29. Julyan Grant

    Julyan Grant

    Month ago

    Can you add an electric motor and regenerative braking to a gas powered vehicle making your previous motor vehicle a hybrid.

  30. aj leech

    aj leech

    Month ago

    hey i was just wondering say u have a 4x4 truck with an ecm well most new vehicles have them since 2000 i believe so what do i do im trying to find the reach keep the transmission functioning properly im little worried that the ecm will misbehave ppl say there finding ways to fool the ecm i just to be pointed in the rite direction haha pls and thx

  31. Dale Anderson

    Dale Anderson

    Month ago

    You mention a website called EV Album I think at about 8:48. Would you be kind enough to share that url with us?

  32. panzerabwerkanone


    Month ago

    With Mini owned by BMW, parts for Mini vehicles are at BMW pricing levels. You probably could recoup(er) your investment by selling all the spare parts left over.

  33. First Name Second Name

    First Name Second Name

    Month ago

    2 years of driving a plug in hybrid I’ve found using regen braking is less efficient than not using it, allowing the car to use its momentum while easing off the accelerator is more efficient than the braking action of regen and then the re applying of the accelerator after the regen deceleration And what they don’t tell you is that if it’s very cold πŸ₯Ά or the battery πŸ”‹ is already full then you get zero regen action

  34. simon roy

    simon roy

    Month ago

    21:12 BUG WALKS BY

  35. David Bernard

    David Bernard

    Month ago

    Girl killed the video! And it was looking all sp professional

  36. Angel Celis

    Angel Celis

    Month ago

    Love me some leenda.

  37. Timron SWRD

    Timron SWRD

    Month ago

    Poor leenda she’s probably broke down somewhere.

  38. Mohammed osman

    Mohammed osman

    Month ago

    Nice ass!...Oh I mean nice car

  39. jawad aburumman

    jawad aburumman

    Month ago

    Dude, you have amazing content, why do you have to go that way, more views, (sex sells), and probably a lot of people would watch for that shit!

  40. Hot Toolsja

    Hot Toolsja

    Month ago


  41. A.D.H.D N3D

    A.D.H.D N3D

    Month ago

    Just looking at cover photo for this video of female in the engine compartment I wondered if instead of horsepower it might be a heifer powered car???? Haha πŸ˜‚ haha I'm sorry but I couldn't hold that in. I'm totally joking! the young lady is beautiful!

  42. Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas

    Month ago

    Why would people be whining about Leenda? She's funny!

  43. twizack22


    Month ago

    Is she reading the script on the phone?πŸ€”

  44. Nicholas Iniguez

    Nicholas Iniguez

    Month ago

    @Rich Rebuilds I love your channel and I watch all your videos! Is there any way we can get a part list of the parts you used for this build?

  45. Malc R

    Malc R

    Month ago

    What about the battery

  46. TheGalacticWest


    Month ago

    4:45 Its an ANUS!

  47. ShamblerDK


    Month ago

    I really wish something like that could be done here. If you modify a car like that here in Denmark, you'd need to get it approved as a new model. That doesn't sound so bad, until you hear it's prohibitively expensive.

  48. mike kunnecke

    mike kunnecke

    Month ago

    I wanna see that red OG mini run on batts

  49. Sharron Clark

    Sharron Clark

    Month ago

    Those nasty looking stockings look like something an Old Lady would wear! Lol!😁 Other than that, more please!πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™‹

  50. Ernst Spitaler

    Ernst Spitaler

    Month ago

    rich, you need to get your heels down when you squat. way more ergonomic.

  51. Avalanche Master

    Avalanche Master

    Month ago

    Great Idea to ev convert a mini. It's make a cool series, and turns a mini into a running and driving car.

  52. Roro


    Month ago

    I had a 3 series BMtrouble you, what a piece of sh!t

  53. Sri


    Month ago

    Thanos spotted 16:34

  54. jeff doak

    jeff doak

    Month ago

    my father in-law keeps buying mini coopers and they all have had electric problems

  55. Gordon Maxwell

    Gordon Maxwell

    Month ago

    Emphasis on "tight"

  56. Gamen4Bros


    Month ago

    her pants tho :O jkjk

  57. Ziv Osr

    Ziv Osr

    Month ago

    Buy a running Leaf and drop it into any car. Cheaper than any diy project

  58. uppair kk

    uppair kk

    Month ago

    I would love you guys to do a Coleman mini bike conversion

  59. uppair kk

    uppair kk

    Month ago

    Awesome video bro.......

  60. Sheep Wolf

    Sheep Wolf

    2 months ago

    It's all about Bananas and inches... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  61. Crusoe


    2 months ago

    She is really digging your 8 inch motor!

  62. James Cameron

    James Cameron

    2 months ago

    Lee.your welding is shite....

  63. Michael Millar

    Michael Millar

    2 months ago

    Leenda smart and smoking hot I'm in love πŸ’˜ lol

  64. McKenzie Keith

    McKenzie Keith

    2 months ago

    You can buy those lovejoys with lots of different sized holes. Might have been a bit easier than cutting out that spline. But then again maybe not.

  65. HowlsOmega


    2 months ago

    My mini R53 has 210K miles and still going... i paid 3k for it. Kinda want to turn into electric now.

  66. Gene Kochanowsky

    Gene Kochanowsky

    2 months ago

    Rich, don't sweat the comments, we live in the age of perpetual outrage.

  67. Yonasty


    2 months ago

    Lol I love his edits

  68. MrWaalkman


    2 months ago

    After Leenda nails what the parts are @6:15, Rich blows it by calling the Lovejoy a connector (it's a coupling). And the "bushing" also has a name, it's called a spider. I think that this calls for a Q&A role reversal in the next video. :) Great video nonetheless, backyard engineering at its best!



    2 months ago

    6:03 "It's not the state right?" Correct D.C. is not a state, it doesn't have the same rights.... which is actually really screwed up

  70. doobeone


    2 months ago

    Haters always going to hate free99 Rich.

  71. Flashbang Photo

    Flashbang Photo

    2 months ago

    how much power does that motor have?

  72. bugtrap66


    2 months ago

    Great video! Very interesting.πŸ€” Your help was a bonus. Just let the haters O.D. on haterade.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  73. Mark Lynskey

    Mark Lynskey

    2 months ago

    15:14 Mechanic Jeff Bezos not a fan of Mini.

  74. Mark Lynskey

    Mark Lynskey

    2 months ago

    7:35 keep throwing your cutch disc on the ground like that Rich and it won't be much good!

  75. Zero Consequence

    Zero Consequence

    2 months ago

    I need help i am planning to build my own electronic car ...

  76. 100PercentTHCfilms


    2 months ago

    8 inches looks good on paper. But in reality youd rather have 9. XD

  77. mike Dogterom Verburg

    mike Dogterom Verburg

    2 months ago

    How much kw does your motor have

  78. my surly trucker

    my surly trucker

    2 months ago

    There shit my friend had one it was fairly new it sounded like a diesel, they would do nothing about it told her it was fine that some made this noise, to get shot of it she had to get another one from them that was according to them the same lol ,so anyway it sounded much gooderer and she sold it fast .

  79. Forever Computing

    Forever Computing

    2 months ago

    Wouldn't a flywheel help make the motor run smoothly? Then it would have been a mount the flywheel to the motor, then use the clutch. components as is.

  80. BlackManOps


    2 months ago

    My mini cooper conversion was budgeted at $10k. I have to adjust my bar. Or steal the batteries.

  81. Daniel Carter

    Daniel Carter

    2 months ago

    That's a monster Lovejoy connection

  82. imderrickjed


    2 months ago

    Best thing ever said in a USgone video: I'm sorry if you didn't like the free content. Every video I watch (even the bad ones) I always leave a thumbs up. Somebody took their time to make something for me to watch for free. Not sure how that's a bad thing or what screw broke loose in the brains of people who hit thumbs down.

  83. imderrickjed


    2 months ago

    When I make plates I use Autocad (any older cheap version). Print a 1:1 scale for testing. Once its perfect I email the machine shop the DXF file. I like the pizza box idea though.

  84. docgspot


    2 months ago

    r56 owner here....2007. ive had it since 2013 i think. ive spent a min of Β£1000 a year in repairs to keep it going not including standard items.

  85. John Ferney Tinoco

    John Ferney Tinoco

    2 months ago

    Hello! Rich I want to make a project here in Colombian, Do you want to Join me?

  86. david schwartz

    david schwartz

    2 months ago

    Knows what a DC motor is but isn't sure what DC stands for... Idk seems suspect. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  87. sbodi4d


    2 months ago

    More Leenda!!!

  88. fakk u

    fakk u

    2 months ago

    to the love joy connector?

  89. Travis Terrell

    Travis Terrell

    2 months ago

    Question for those who have done similar: Can a pizza box template really be accurate enough to be able to get those threaded holes lined up perfectly?

  90. Bagzhan Sadvakassov

    Bagzhan Sadvakassov

    3 months ago

    Its just BMW ffs. What would you expect.

  91. AUFR


    3 months ago

    The hell is she?? She didn’t fits here aside being showing her body off for Fkk buddies..

  92. awesomeferret


    3 months ago

    20:55 that's seriously the least popular color? Or is Rich being sarcastic? That's a great color!

  93. ThatDUDEinBLACK


    3 months ago

    This is awesome!

  94. Tony


    3 months ago

    Great video..but how do the manual gears now work without a clutch?

  95. Dejan Juvan

    Dejan Juvan

    3 months ago

    Original mini IS the best

  96. Dejan Juvan

    Dejan Juvan

    3 months ago

    Elektric car IS jusles

  97. qwertya asdf

    qwertya asdf

    3 months ago

    Is 5hat your wife

  98. Royce Stricker

    Royce Stricker

    3 months ago

    Whats a good range and "hp" kit? Looking for minimum 200miles and 150hp or able to do 75-80mph

  99. Rayman Johan

    Rayman Johan

    3 months ago

    I like your segway into you ad...that was smooth

  100. Rayman Johan

    Rayman Johan

    3 months ago

    Thank you for making a reasonable and attainable build for us financially unfortunate.