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Building a V8 powered tesla, WHATS TAKING SO LONG?

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Building a v8 tesla is long and tedious work, here is what we mean
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  1. alfredo5984


    23 hours ago

    Tesla Model SS

  2. Jaron Staiger

    Jaron Staiger

    2 days ago


  3. Corona Extra

    Corona Extra

    3 days ago

    “No you can’t see my card you grapenuts!”

  4. Corona Extra

    Corona Extra

    3 days ago

    Will the Tesla’s parking sensors become active again when y’all finish or will y’all leave those disabled permanently?

  5. Aidan Oey

    Aidan Oey

    3 days ago

    Coming from a motor trimmer, You take headliner’s out the passenger front door. Yes they are installed through the windshield in the factory but you remove and install them through the front passenger door

  6. Black Angel

    Black Angel

    5 days ago

    Ice t = intern combustion engine tesla... Makes me wonder Are there external combustion engines as Well?

  7. fried pancakes

    fried pancakes

    6 days ago

    Elon Musk has yet to respond

  8. fencoflex


    6 days ago

    Love how they just disrespect Teslas engineering so fuckn hard and expose them lmao

  9. Müllerman


    7 days ago

    I love how I just wrote V8, and USgone instantly completed it with in Tesla.

  10. Hemed Ali

    Hemed Ali

    8 days ago

    This car will break the Internet when it’s finished 💯💯💯💯

  11. Lucas Enk Fischer Seidel

    Lucas Enk Fischer Seidel

    8 days ago

    best tesla lol

  12. kyle lucas

    kyle lucas

    9 days ago

    I feel like you missed the mark by not calling it the TELSA or the Tesla model LS.

  13. RodriguezRacer 456

    RodriguezRacer 456

    9 days ago

    What I liked about the show FantomWorks is that they show you how long a build/restoration job actually takes by showing a day counter for each job. Like a restoration job on a '62 Continental will kick the episode off then halfway it'll say "Day 143"

  14. chris jones

    chris jones

    10 days ago

    This video's given me arc-eye!! 😳

  15. Bruhbham 77

    Bruhbham 77

    10 days ago

    20:20 this part is hilarious

  16. 4lex ic3whit3

    4lex ic3whit3

    11 days ago


  17. Hit KhoiKhoi

    Hit KhoiKhoi

    12 days ago

    you are the master genius troll. I like the EV revolution but people reaction to this would be just epic

  18. Hojoz


    12 days ago

    Casual burn on Project Binky lol

  19. doobeone


    12 days ago

    2:33 Joshua dropping dimes.

  20. Depot msa

    Depot msa

    15 days ago

    Wutang is for the children!

  21. Phoenix Mister Two

    Phoenix Mister Two

    15 days ago

    Eh. Angela works well, for a name, but perhaps it's too personal to Musk. ;)

  22. D I S I P O L O

    D I S I P O L O

    15 days ago

    Plot twist: TESLA is really his work and idea. But his old bestfriend Elon Musk stole it from him and these are his steps toward his vengeance.

  23. wwlb


    16 days ago

    I actually thought it'd be easier to weld Tesla's hull onto some Toyota V8, rather than swap and reconstruct everything from scratch.

  24. FrodoT Bagginz817

    FrodoT Bagginz817

    16 days ago

    Jesus christ she's "thicker than a snickers" as my wife put it

  25. Robi Saint Antoine

    Robi Saint Antoine

    16 days ago

    Hey Rich! Love your shit! (Well not, you know...) Anyways, if you get a chance could you show us those messed up seatbelts again? Didn't quite get a good look(s..;)

  26. marn200


    17 days ago

    press '7' on your computer, thank me later

  27. Eric P.

    Eric P.

    17 days ago

    What sort of v8?

  28. Wild_CZ


    18 days ago

    Angela was funnier

  29. Peter Nimzy

    Peter Nimzy

    18 days ago

    I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing your vids anymore but for some reason USgone unsubscribe me🤬

  30. A. Williams

    A. Williams

    18 days ago

    When reveling the finished car, should take it to a local drag strip and blow people's minds

  31. Graham campbell

    Graham campbell

    18 days ago

    That’s so funny .. I would love to see the look on musks face .. it’s would be shock or horror !

  32. Kyzerii


    19 days ago

    19:45 DaBaby??? LESSSGOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  33. bloodrune329


    19 days ago

    Rich taking this to the BMV to register it: The BMV worker: Um, yeah, what did you say this car was?



    20 days ago

    Pimp my ride

  35. Jack Tyler

    Jack Tyler

    20 days ago

    You've done a reverse Tesla Elon took a lotus and put electrics in it and you've got one of elons cars and transformed it into a gas car

  36. Truck Driving on Cam

    Truck Driving on Cam

    20 days ago

    This puts watching Westworld on my to do list.. :p

  37. I AM Zero223

    I AM Zero223

    21 day ago

    Wasn't really into this channel until someone told me you was dropping a V8 in the Tesla and I said this man's a god send. Cuz the only way you'll get a Tesla in my driveway if it has a V8 in it. And if he can do it I know I could definitely do it.

  38. TheAdventure bro

    TheAdventure bro

    21 day ago

    I need time to recover from Leenda's hotness

  39. Sharko!


    21 day ago

    How to make your Tesla that isn't supposed to pollute, pollute with a V8 engine

  40. Sanny Folkesson

    Sanny Folkesson

    22 days ago

    im wondering, where will you put the fule tank, as i hope you wont consider put it in the back of the trunk as its consider a fairly unsafe location in the chance of a rear impact.

  41. liam danu

    liam danu

    22 days ago

    I am no expert at swapping engine and restoration but, isn't 3 months considered short amount of time?

  42. Nigel Smith

    Nigel Smith

    22 days ago

    Rich, gotta leave your channel man, it's too long in the waiting, too joking-field. Can you finish a project? Good Luck fella! x

  43. awdrifter3


    23 days ago

    Next project, Detroit Diesel powered Prius.

  44. greg h

    greg h

    23 days ago

    gonna have to stop selling stuff on ebay. they are going to report sellers with more than $600 to the irs. Its either facebook marketplace or cragslist because between the taxes and ebay fees and paypal fees, you come out with zilch

  45. Goby Gobiidae

    Goby Gobiidae

    24 days ago

    Can you give me the paint code for that car please?

  46. daniel martinez

    daniel martinez

    24 days ago

    This is a waste of time into moving backwards!!! I know it's for fun and all but man!!! If you want a V8 Then buy a Chevy, Ford!!!

  47. Daniil Oxyuk

    Daniil Oxyuk

    24 days ago

    Call it a GASla

  48. Shyanne Chretien

    Shyanne Chretien

    25 days ago

    Click bait

    • custom creations

      custom creations

      25 days ago

      1 USgone gives access to the worlds largest barrel full of fish so one should take advantage. No? and B what part was click bait?

  49. Muzaffer Topdagi

    Muzaffer Topdagi

    25 days ago

    What's the music at 2:59? One of the best expressions by this channel, that music and the fast forward working sequences.

  50. Rodney~Łamar


    25 days ago

    Will the car have a/c?🤔

  51. Steven Doe

    Steven Doe

    25 days ago

    No offense and to each his own but. WHY do this?

  52. Matt Luxury Car Reviews

    Matt Luxury Car Reviews

    25 days ago

    Batteries not included lol

  53. bluestreak711


    25 days ago

    Privacy (dot) com only allows you to use your bank account and debit card. It will not work with your credit cards to mask them unfortunately. Otherwise, it is a great a service.

  54. rohanedmonson


    25 days ago

    Can we get a V8 Lime scooter next?

  55. Jack


    26 days ago

    Build a w20

  56. stevest1300


    26 days ago

    The only problem with the V8 Tesla is that it isn't a V12.

  57. Aqutix


    26 days ago

    23:09 hit and I immediately clicked subscribe

  58. timberlaner


    26 days ago

    Wow what a video! Thanks rich!

  59. T B

    T B

    26 days ago

    ICE-T? It's lemonade, man!

  60. Nebekenezer Gnomegeezer

    Nebekenezer Gnomegeezer

    26 days ago

    It's a peice of 💩

  61. Nezzy studios

    Nezzy studios

    26 days ago

    man this is awsome I cant wait to see it done

  62. Eric Caban

    Eric Caban

    26 days ago

    Love that Wu sweater! I want one. 😑

  63. Uathankicks


    26 days ago

    wu tang is for the children Rich is for the new age beatnik

  64. K Florence

    K Florence

    26 days ago

    Ignore ANYONE telling you your taking too long or never ganna finish This is ganna be the dopest one off ever

  65. 574LK3R


    26 days ago


  66. Rexhep Nikqi

    Rexhep Nikqi

    26 days ago

    you have destroy Tesla Electric car . you are crazy person. doing so ELECTRIC IS BETTER .

  67. Jim Jensen

    Jim Jensen

    27 days ago

    gas tank sender wiring ????

  68. 13 Car

    13 Car

    27 days ago


  69. Rainer Zufall

    Rainer Zufall

    27 days ago

    Stop crying like a little kid whose lollipop has been taken away and assemble this thing. As a Tesla owner, I want to see this thing drive.

  70. Lugene Parker

    Lugene Parker

    27 days ago

    457 tesla employees disliked this video lol

  71. LJ N

    LJ N

    27 days ago

    First thing after you complete the project drive in Tesla Factory.

  72. Benjamin Karic

    Benjamin Karic

    27 days ago

    FFS he included his ex wife hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂

  73. sayaben


    28 days ago

    This update was shit. Thanks for showing headliner and speakers. Can't wait for an update to a junk FedEx van

  74. BigEasy EV

    BigEasy EV

    28 days ago

    That Wu-tang sweatshirt is tits

  75. Jashwin Reddy

    Jashwin Reddy

    28 days ago

    wtf is the point of a gas powered tesla bruh, they have enough performance to potentially outpower a v8 anyways, there's no point to this.

  76. Shane McCaffrey

    Shane McCaffrey

    28 days ago

    This is awesome. Coolest Tesla out there. And fuck the guy that says it won't be completed

  77. Pete Davis

    Pete Davis

    28 days ago

    Quick question since you guys are making moves with the electricals of the car... I have a 07 Lincoln Navigator and want to swap the dash cluster to a more modern one from from a 2014-16. You think that’s possible?

  78. Elliott Mason

    Elliott Mason

    28 days ago

    Look it's a tesla model s E8

  79. KKC


    28 days ago

    I feel Angela was a better name because of its meaning

  80. Psychedelic Autopilot

    Psychedelic Autopilot

    29 days ago

    Isn’t this older model S without autopilot I was for sure the sides didn’t have cameras just regular lights

  81. conceptrat


    29 days ago

    Hey Rich. I know you're mostly about cars and similar. But how about a Tesla powered boat? Maybe a powerboat for water skiing or perhaps a longer distance yacht with solar recharging while sailing or anchored. Could just imagine both the yacht and myself recharging somewhere in a secluded beach in Pacific. If you ever build that I'm more than happy to provide some onboard high class whisky and low class humour 👍😬 Hell i might even be able to convince my partner to provide relaxing massages. So yeah that means you need a massage table, etc.

  82. André José fraga Santana

    André José fraga Santana

    29 days ago


  83. charlietow


    29 days ago

    Hitch hiker chick smuggling cake!

  84. Asi Me Llamo

    Asi Me Llamo

    29 days ago

    This has got to be the stupidest idea... just for views I guess

  85. Elenor Steuernagel

    Elenor Steuernagel

    29 days ago

    The wide text initially spill because tiger exceptionally trust next a absorbed father. average, far-flung plywood

  86. Bino's Garage

    Bino's Garage

    29 days ago

    I love the idea to do such modification, I'm really excited to see how people look you fill the Tank on a gas station, greetings from Germany 🍻

  87. Eyas Zidan

    Eyas Zidan

    29 days ago

    can you please consider transforming a golf mk4, i think it'll be interesting plus i need help planning XD

  88. Dallas Haubenstricker

    Dallas Haubenstricker

    29 days ago

    Rich, as I’ve been following this series a thought popped into my brain, you should definitely put the 2010 mustang V8 badge on the back, the elegance matches that of a Tesla

  89. Swagkiller the pro

    Swagkiller the pro

    29 days ago

    4:11 nice wu tang hoodie rich 🙂

  90. Blubus


    29 days ago

    8years and still don't have a running car Was that a jab at project Binky? lol

  91. Stuck in the Middle

    Stuck in the Middle

    29 days ago

    He's doing something that's never been done before only on the internet would people ask why is it taking so long 😂

  92. Bailey North

    Bailey North

    29 days ago

    I feel like rich a cool dude that if you meet him and he wasn't busy you'd end up talking about cars and everything tesla

  93. David Martin

    David Martin

    29 days ago

    Just an idea you should have a race between a regular Tesla vs the v8 Tesla

  94. Bruce Weiland Jr

    Bruce Weiland Jr

    Month ago

    Wow you have 2 great names for that car. Angela is awesome but ICE-T is really awesome. This is a very exciting build!

  95. Farhan Marsa Fairuzi

    Farhan Marsa Fairuzi

    Month ago

    Random project with Random guy

  96. Logan Stolworthy

    Logan Stolworthy

    Month ago

    Wdym taking so long, dude you’re going so fast. That’s insane. It’s taken me as long to wire my Firebird as long as it’s taken you to fit an ls in a Tesla. Keep it up man

    • Lawrence McNeil

      Lawrence McNeil

      10 days ago

      What kind of price will you be selling the tesla V8 for or will it be auction off for the next project

  97. MajorOutage


    Month ago

    There was a meme on /r/westworld where people referred to Tallulah Riley as "Elon Musk's Ex-Wife" a few too many times that someone ranted complaining about it. Then it just became obligatory.

  98. snowrocket


    Month ago

    Taking out WIRES to save weight!? The battery pack is 1,100 pounds, and it's gone, so I wouldn't worry about the weight. Also, why worry about the wires you aren't using; just don't use them and get on with it. Good idea though to replace all of the flood damaged seat belts, wiring, and electrical parts. The complexity, money, and time consumed by this project reminds me of how glad I am that I am not involved with it at all. I'm sure it will be great when done. As I watch these videos, I keep thinking to myself, "what a nightmare" over and over again.

  99. noelussurpemus


    Month ago happening on that hoodie Uncle Rich?

  100. Adam B

    Adam B

    Month ago

    I can't believe you are putting an engine inside of a Tesla LOL 😂😆