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  1. Sam E

    Sam E

    15 hours ago

    What’s the difference between modified and modded? Apparently there’s a difference.

  2. Roger Johnson

    Roger Johnson

    15 hours ago

    why are you listening to that airhead , just make the van and give it to her , she should be greatful not demanding

  3. TouchMCookie


    15 hours ago

    Why are the stock i8's so slow? O-60 in 4.2 sec is not that fast..thought it would be faster than the M5 but that does 3.9 0-60 secs. Is BMW just not serious about the i8? How fast does your modded i8 go from O-60?

  4. Steven Demoss

    Steven Demoss

    15 hours ago

    He said it did the thing lol

  5. Paul Smecker

    Paul Smecker

    15 hours ago

    Hey rich.. You need me to come out west and build you a big ass building to hold all your toys.. Its sad seeing all them beautiful girls sitting outside.

  6. Tom Forde

    Tom Forde

    15 hours ago

    I’d beat your i8 in my S3

  7. Martin Sund Svensson

    Martin Sund Svensson

    16 hours ago

    Take the Sherp to the track!

  8. Jimmy C

    Jimmy C

    16 hours ago

    Uncle Rich when can I come hang out in the sherp? We need some McDonald's

  9. rustyroo82


    17 hours ago

    Loving this wizard beard uncle Rich.

  10. logan holmberg

    logan holmberg

    17 hours ago

    Trying buying tires for your Sherp. You'll see why they cheaped out in some areas. Plus I'm pretty sure they are ashort line manufacture so they don't benefit from the economics of scale.

  11. logan holmberg

    logan holmberg

    17 hours ago

    Its Russian I'd be suprised if it didn't start. Also you sure you want to be increasing the horsepower in this? Is it not a chain drive? If anything I'd conttact the Sherp guys just to make sure the chains can handle it long term.

  12. Captain_Coleslaw


    17 hours ago

    That RS7 clutch is going to fucking DIE on a dragstrip, it's not a torque converter if I'm not mistaken...

  13. Captain_Coleslaw


    17 hours ago

    The I8 REALLY needs the legendary N55 engine!!! So sad BMW didnt turn it into a real supercar performance whise... I know there isnt room, but it would be SO SICK to see a I8 with the N55 and more electric power, maybe a Tesla rear motor? And some tesla battery packs?

  14. G1Z1


    17 hours ago

    I just realised linda is driving in eco mode or smt cuz its just to slow even for an i8

  15. bwhobackk


    17 hours ago

    Rich, I think you'd enjoy playing with a "dragy". Pretty cheap, pun potential, and makes great video clips to overlay the accel. info when paired with any iphone that has the wide-angle lens.

  16. mousetreat


    17 hours ago

    Thumbs up for the Stroopwafel! Our national symbol (of The Netherlands). And it's stroop with a long O. (just like the letter O)

  17. logan holmberg

    logan holmberg

    17 hours ago

    You know if you're ever thinking about getting rid of the Corvette maybe you should give it to your mom it being her dream car and all. She seems like a really nice lady from your vids. She probably made you some scratch to from the Tesla freaks who probably lost thiers minds with what she said about Tesla too, 😅😅 God I loved the comment section ob that one. It really pissed the fan bois off.😅😅😅🤘👍

  18. Milannekuhh


    17 hours ago

    You dont pronounce stroopwafel as strœpwafle, you pronounce it as stowpwaaful

  19. Milannekuhh


    17 hours ago

    Sorry but Lynda's voice...

  20. Hot Toolsja

    Hot Toolsja

    18 hours ago


  21. Stephen G

    Stephen G

    18 hours ago

    Did you just say Mc Laren like it was fast food. Mclaren

  22. Shank Armstrong

    Shank Armstrong

    18 hours ago

    I only watch it sht to dislike. And commnt for the f u. Shanks gf.

  23. Stingray


    19 hours ago

    Damn that cold start on your Zo6 is nasty dude.

  24. 333Rolando


    19 hours ago

    Waiting to v8 swap tesla

  25. Holy Shenlong

    Holy Shenlong

    19 hours ago

    gotta comb and brush that beard Rich

  26. saleban hassan

    saleban hassan

    19 hours ago

    Im a simple man, I see Cory and I give this Video a like. Thanks Uncle rich 👍🏿

  27. tennyson james

    tennyson james

    20 hours ago

    hold up, did rich just pour kerosene into the rs7...

  28. Brian Miller

    Brian Miller

    20 hours ago

    This is the only USgone channel where I don't skip the promos.

  29. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

    21 hour ago

    Rs7 needs to be lowered

  30. MONROE


    21 hour ago

    "Read it or weep, boys" - Leenda

  31. Jonathan Maldonado Lara

    Jonathan Maldonado Lara

    21 hour ago

    Your sarcasm makes this channel amazing 👍🏻🤣

  32. B6_S4


    22 hours ago

    Rs7 has exhaust leak I think

  33. t3true Designs

    t3true Designs

    22 hours ago

    The flute kills me!! I play it in my head whenever needed!

  34. Alex Roc

    Alex Roc

    22 hours ago

    Just here for leendas ass.that rich guy is okay to

  35. RayNLA


    22 hours ago

    The I8 is largely ignored here in So Cal

  36. dhtsoaeds dhtnadi

    dhtsoaeds dhtnadi

    22 hours ago

    tesla SAYS they're open-source, but they won't let you buy parts bc they don't want you converting or building your own car. they SAY the computer that MUST communicate with tesla's central computer is so they can GATHER DATA for the self-driving AI. it gathers data of everywhere you go, not just what the traffic is like.

  37. THE R Randy

    THE R Randy

    23 hours ago

    The Numbers are Real !!! Rich.

  38. Nick


    23 hours ago

    Rich still slacking on the v8 Tesla

  39. operator six

    operator six

    23 hours ago

    rs7, i know what that is, daddy.

  40. drphiluponya


    23 hours ago

    Straight gapped his ass!!!!

  41. scottcol23


    23 hours ago

    God, C6 ZO6's are NASTY! Too bad the interiors are all plastic fantastic n such...

  42. scottcol23


    23 hours ago

    Rich, Its time to procharge the General.

  43. scottcol23


    23 hours ago

    LOL "Here have a stroopwafel because of your PB... Now gimme that back because you lost!"

  44. Bill Vanderpol

    Bill Vanderpol

    Day ago

    That one big gray hair in your beard is really distracting when you are doing the close-up chats, Rich 🤑

  45. Cody Landreth

    Cody Landreth

    Day ago

    renew the tags on the Corvette

  46. Ilya Bastanfar

    Ilya Bastanfar

    Day ago

    Yo rich I got a proposal for you, you should give me the rs7. Hear me out if you do you will make a 16 really happy and give him his dream car for his first car anddd you get some content out of it. So what do you say ?

    • D X

      D X

      20 hours ago

      Why would somebody give away their hard work for free? Do you have a license? Do you have a job? Can you drive? Can you handle a RS7? Can you afford the gas? Can you afford insurance? Can you afford to maintain it? Can you handle maintenance? Either way that won’t motivate you to work hard and earn things yourself. Also that would be irresponsible to give a 16 year old an RS7. You’re young and know what you want, never give up. You have a head start. You’ll get the RS7 one day, but it’s best that you work for it

  47. alfredo5984


    Day ago

    Tesla Model SS

  48. Timothy Welty

    Timothy Welty

    Day ago

    You need to teach Leenda how to drag race and let her take the R7 down the track.

  49. CPS CPS


    Day ago

    Did Leenda get the Raisin Bran treatment- 2 scoops ??

  50. James S

    James S

    Day ago

    Ohhhh rich, nice banana!

  51. Brady Smith

    Brady Smith

    Day ago

    30th birthday? I thought you were 27. That was an awesome video. Very entertaining! Keep up the great work.

  52. Kamil Kamil

    Kamil Kamil

    Day ago

    God bless Rich and RS7 🙏

  53. CA_SAN2086


    Day ago

    Is that the tesla @plainrock123 destroyed😅🤣😂

  54. fsuboy101 xxl

    fsuboy101 xxl

    Day ago

    Omg omg omg omg.......... Did she just ask why she need a helmet if she in a car. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  55. J.C. Phoenix

    J.C. Phoenix

    Day ago

    Convert my Lotus espirit into electric

  56. Alan Martinez

    Alan Martinez

    Day ago

    like every ricer..."I'm going to mod my vehicle"... (proceeds to remove parts without replacing)

  57. dark matter

    dark matter

    Day ago

    Just a knock off shitty Tesla

  58. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson

    Day ago

    I think I want one of those

  59. Trey


    Day ago

    what a great idea, you should spray paint over all your lights

  60. torello928


    Day ago

    Rich and Sam should make a mini movie or min series something. 🤔

  61. Dj Black

    Dj Black

    Day ago

    I saw this in gta I didn’t even know that this actually existed.

  62. Black Orchid

    Black Orchid

    Day ago

    Unrelated: it would be kinda cool to chop a Model S and conjoin the falcon wing doors on it.

  63. tds russia

    tds russia

    Day ago

    Ur car will only top out at 132 mph anyway so ul have to fix that first. Since 2012 I’ve had a brand new A5- A7 and A8 all awd and they all topped out at 132pmh no matter how fast it took to get there unless I took it to a Audi Hacker here in town to hook his computer to it taking each car 7 hours down load time and upload time to by pass the Audi computer. And I got better gas mileage out of all my Audis ....

  64. texasjoe_ streetracing_audios

    texasjoe_ streetracing_audios

    Day ago

    This is some good content... 👍👍👍

  65. JT Scott

    JT Scott

    Day ago


  66. TheDerperOne


    Day ago


  67. Levi Sabin

    Levi Sabin

    Day ago

    You need a Ripsaw.

  68. Colten Todhunter

    Colten Todhunter

    Day ago

    I want to try one of those waffles

  69. geehawk1


    Day ago

    Don't know who's azz looks better, Zod or Leeda"s... Damn, Zodiac sounds sweeeet!

  70. Killersentra


    Day ago

    Great Job Leenda. Love to see more driving in the future.

  71. Girth Quake

    Girth Quake

    Day ago

    ... can the Sherp go to the track? Like, honest question.

  72. Jebidiah Carlyon

    Jebidiah Carlyon

    Day ago

    "The rs7 isnt a common car..." Kinda is though - the wagons MIGHT be considered rare but yours is a sedan??????

  73. Bradley Gonzalez

    Bradley Gonzalez

    Day ago

    Should be titled Booty and the Beast

  74. Angela Martin

    Angela Martin

    Day ago

    You r the Man!

  75. Courtney Ricks

    Courtney Ricks

    Day ago on your lights.

  76. Teppee


    Day ago

    I know cause it’s sams video I know you’ll get copyright crap for it

  77. Teppee


    Day ago

    Why are you censoring his step mum if she’s wearing a bra LOL