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  1. Jesse Askren

    Jesse Askren

    18 hours ago

    Military grade isn’t good though 😐

  2. Raymond Snijder

    Raymond Snijder

    19 hours ago

    In Dutch Stroopwafel can be turn into stroapwafle so it sounds bit better

  3. Drew


    19 hours ago

    Just know Rich Rebuild to show how “influential” your are you use fake titles and ass to get your channel clicks. So don’t preach and take a walk trendy Bay Area dude.

  4. Trader Mjskills

    Trader Mjskills

    19 hours ago

    Put a Tesla motor in it!

  5. jon kwarsick

    jon kwarsick

    19 hours ago

    i dunno how you guys could possibly be any slower with this van build

  6. Tom Linden

    Tom Linden

    19 hours ago

    That's just awesome.

  7. Ride Fast Get Weird

    Ride Fast Get Weird

    19 hours ago

    Subbed for the v8 Tesla, stayed for the OnlyVans.

  8. elchupacabra


    20 hours ago

    80 miles of range, sixteen 18v 9ah batteries with total energy 2,6kwh. Therefore it consumes no more than 33 wh per mile or 20 wh/km. Too good to be true, original City-El consumes at least 30-50 wh/km, older ones 70-100 wh/km.

  9. Jannes Lorek

    Jannes Lorek

    20 hours ago

    It is a Stroopwafel

  10. Jay DKB Games

    Jay DKB Games

    20 hours ago

    RICH is Hilarious "Im gonna take his credit card out "MAYBE" lol

  11. jusanotha


    20 hours ago


  12. Hiram Gonzalez

    Hiram Gonzalez

    20 hours ago

    They got me at 17:21 , my eyeballs were all over the place for a sec and then I just burst into laughter 😂

  13. Aaron Fuller

    Aaron Fuller

    20 hours ago

    Maybe there is just too much black. Smh



    20 hours ago

    Those filters are the worst I heard. The smell of diesel vehicles is much worse, according to Björn Nyland. He does not recommend.

  15. anthony robinson

    anthony robinson

    20 hours ago


  16. Paul Brereton

    Paul Brereton

    21 hour ago

    slightly off topic, but can you convert any ev to have bi directional charging? would love to see a project on that for those who want their ev to double up as off grid storage.

  17. Sirisha Kadiyala

    Sirisha Kadiyala

    21 hour ago

    Sorta reminds of the the millennium falcon interior

  18. Pieter allen Master Blue

    Pieter allen Master Blue

    21 hour ago

    There are many cities in Asia going totally carbon-free, this would be a winner for sure!

  19. Pieter allen Master Blue

    Pieter allen Master Blue

    21 hour ago

    Rich, intercity transport. really cool. you are a winner!

  20. Sander X

    Sander X

    22 hours ago

    The sad thing is that this is still better than any EV Audi currently produces...

  21. nickoblack


    22 hours ago

    So cool! Rich. You don't stop amazing me! Great content... as usual! Congrats champ! Cheers from Portugal!

  22. R1D9M8B4


    22 hours ago

    This is why I keep coming back to this channel. It's the type of entertainment I want.

  23. Randy Lenart

    Randy Lenart

    22 hours ago

    Nice camper 1000watts of solar nice

  24. MATT R

    MATT R

    22 hours ago

    No one wants to hear your kid sing!🤣🤣🤣

  25. Sydney Best

    Sydney Best

    22 hours ago

    "they're after you" 😆😆😆😆😆 love New England humor.

  26. david m

    david m

    23 hours ago

    I laughed so much 🤣🤣😂

  27. J T.

    J T.

    23 hours ago

    Somewhere along the way Musk lost sight of why he started Tesla in the first place.

  28. Peder Halseide

    Peder Halseide

    23 hours ago


  29. Corey Hoffman

    Corey Hoffman

    Day ago

    Hey Rich, my name is Corey and i work at Weelborg Chevrolet and Buick in Glencoe Minnesota. I wanted to let you know that the business across the street from our lot has a salvage titled Tesla that you may be interested in!

  30. MrClaushk


    Day ago

    My dad had one, fun times 😀👍

  31. Matthew Reece Baaliah

    Matthew Reece Baaliah

    Day ago

    The Simpsons intro match so hard with riches voice sheeeeeesh

  32. harleycharley


    Day ago

    One time we hear it is Lena's van and the next time we hear you guys are gonna be coming in from a ski trip an dmaking yourselves comfortable....sounds like it is Rich's van that Lena is going to use...truth be told.

  33. Can I

    Can I

    Day ago

    Thank you sir for being a voice of action doing your best to show people anything is possible.

  34. Pablo Montoya

    Pablo Montoya

    Day ago

    inverted viking ship vibes from that interior

  35. Debsi GT

    Debsi GT

    Day ago

    What are those orange lights over the ac vents at 16:53?

  36. Andy


    Day ago

    Anything for Leenda. Holy crap lol.

  37. Robert Thompson

    Robert Thompson

    Day ago

    C.A.D. Cardboard Assisted Design

  38. That Guy

    That Guy

    Day ago

    Rich, love your personality. Very entertaining.

  39. Amateur Wizard

    Amateur Wizard

    Day ago

    Not gonna lie, kinda wish you put that base there. There's a laundry list of reasons why that's lease put some caulk around it.

    • Dr. Gaz Matic

      Dr. Gaz Matic

      Day ago

      Especially when they turned it…. Oof

  40. Igor Mijic

    Igor Mijic

    Day ago

    Should've just redid the rv, more room for her

  41. Kay’shots


    Day ago

    Tesla is like Apple. Good quality, But when it gives up. You don't get the chance to give it another chance (By Price)

  42. Danny Wachira

    Danny Wachira

    Day ago

    I'm really interested in those LEDs. Where did Richie buy them?

  43. Demetrius Dasilva

    Demetrius Dasilva

    Day ago

    (02:35) - dude thats hilarious

  44. coscorrodrift


    Day ago

    80 miles of range? lmfaooooooooooooooo so y'all actually drove 80 miles in that thing... hahahahaahhaahhah

  45. Joshua Kiser

    Joshua Kiser

    Day ago

    I would not drive that. Its basically a reliant robin, a roll machine. A single front wheel is a terrible idea.

  46. P L

    P L

    Day ago

    It passed NY inspection lmao

  47. Donnie Frank

    Donnie Frank

    Day ago

    "A white dad..." You crack me up, man. If you do community service, please make a video and interview your fellow felons.

  48. Chyen & Tammy Plascensia-Walker

    Chyen & Tammy Plascensia-Walker

    Day ago

    I want one wow

  49. JediJoker


    Day ago

    A drag night is not a "track day." 😒

  50. Nicholas Little

    Nicholas Little

    Day ago

    I love that they made a solar powered car! 🌞

  51. Drew


    Day ago

    A majority come here for the click bait sometimes faked titles. All’s fair in the pursuit of internet influencer I guess.

  52. Bear


    Day ago

    well people will put a LSA in a Jaguar XJS 2 door late 1980's

  53. Drew


    Day ago

    If it’s a 2005 -2006 very durable otherwise plan on emptying your wallet at a Mercedes shop.

  54. phonzy


    Day ago

    Humble Rich is the best Rich

  55. fariq fatah

    fariq fatah

    Day ago

    where are u buy the EV part and what the spec

  56. A Jen

    A Jen

    Day ago

    Great build! Cyberquad coming to a Home Depot near you.

  57. The Star'

    The Star'

    Day ago

    what is a drag radio?

  58. Dark nerf Shadow

    Dark nerf Shadow

    Day ago

    Smart people: you need to disconnect the alternator Me: you forgot to yeetes the fetus

  59. S F

    S F

    Day ago

    Subbed due to this video, nice to see humans helping other humans.

  60. YoshinoyaJones


    Day ago

    what kind and how many batrees r u using?

  61. A Jen

    A Jen

    Day ago

    Great video Rich, it pretty awesome how they did this conversion.

  62. Ben Dean

    Ben Dean

    Day ago

    That thing looks dangerous as hell!!!