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  1. Lincoln Wasden

    Lincoln Wasden

    3 hours ago

    well we’re back at waiting for months for a tesla 3, be back in a few months to update wait time

  2. Michael Tourenfahrer

    Michael Tourenfahrer

    4 hours ago

    Since it´s a leased vehicle, why is he in front of the Camera ? He´ll be in trouble giving it back, no doubt...

  3. Ringr 57

    Ringr 57

    5 hours ago

    Why go outdated haltech instead of the ls masters holley terminator x

  4. Kránicz Lajos

    Kránicz Lajos

    6 hours ago

    $700 for an plumbing part and some fixing. Not so bad! A little expensive for me! I am lucky because Know How is free!

  5. Jerome Truitt

    Jerome Truitt

    7 hours ago

    So basically...just buy a Tesla

  6. Ricky Thomas

    Ricky Thomas

    7 hours ago

    Also where's the ear r*pe warning.

  7. Pratik Patil

    Pratik Patil

    7 hours ago

    Rich is such a fake guy, apart from the main content everything else is there is rich's video's

  8. Ricky Thomas

    Ricky Thomas

    7 hours ago

    The rich keeps giving.

  9. toriless


    7 hours ago

    Even you NG has more PSI, not much more but a little.

  10. toriless


    7 hours ago

    Same for Germans cars and the thousand chips inside, do not but those !!

  11. toriless


    7 hours ago

    Looks like you need to install a shield on this fragile car.

  12. toriless


    7 hours ago

    $5 in parts and the rest is labor.

  13. toriless


    7 hours ago

    Skip the first 14 minutes

  14. toriless


    7 hours ago

    Quite frankly, any moron who does not get comprehensive gets what they deserve. Especially, anyone with a Tesla or Porsche. Same for towing coverage, it is like $5 or something.

  15. George Shonia

    George Shonia

    8 hours ago

    She looked really anxious & confused little bit, maybe because of 📷

  16. ad man

    ad man

    8 hours ago

    Is there a way to extend the filler neck up to a much higher location to hopefully solve the issue completely?

  17. rian


    8 hours ago

    So...what your saying is.... that it needed pierced nipples?!. Heehee Got it. Ok I'll see myself out

  18. TUJAY 2jz

    TUJAY 2jz

    8 hours ago

    Wonder if you still get a tax break for having a Tesla lol 😂

  19. Hook


    8 hours ago

    Pull the motor Trans and rearend and trash the rest you can get ur money back by Selling those

  20. Zipp4Everyone


    8 hours ago

    About the moose, imagine that with a 400-700KG body hitting your windshield at 60-70km/h (100+ mph)... And thats if YOU attack it with a huge metal piece strapped to an engine. Imagine what it would do to you if you dint have that metal around you and you caught the antlers....

  21. joe Gastaneta

    joe Gastaneta

    8 hours ago

    I'm not buying a Tesla any more 100 %.

  22. toriless


    9 hours ago

    Laying pipe is fun, plumbing too

  23. Brian Rice

    Brian Rice

    10 hours ago

    Oh wow thank god you don’t have dirt on the tires of the sherp.

  24. Ben Hatto

    Ben Hatto

    10 hours ago

    “I made a fuel system out of a Miata fuel pump and a corvette.” 💀💀

  25. 3g 6g72

    3g 6g72

    10 hours ago

    Now you’ve gotta S85 swap the BMW i8

  26. Imma Unicorn

    Imma Unicorn

    11 hours ago

    Wait… you guys have a 10 millimeter wrench? People have those? Mine disappears 2 days after I get any set.

  27. barry Farrell

    barry Farrell

    11 hours ago

    Dude… sam on crack is pulling you down Drop the succubus its the only video tou have that i gave a thumbs down.

  28. prince Mack

    prince Mack

    11 hours ago

    Sounds like tesla is some bitches when it comes to customer service!

  29. MisledDan


    12 hours ago

    Do you plan on keeping the center console? If not, would you be willing to ship it to Florida?

  30. Youssef Mebarki

    Youssef Mebarki

    12 hours ago

    Unbearable. All of this to plug a sponsor.

  31. Patrick


    12 hours ago

    The plastic of the nipple looks like it would glue with pvc cement

  32. Timron SWRD

    Timron SWRD

    12 hours ago

    That flute is dangerous

  33. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith

    12 hours ago

    lost it at the kazoo shit... goddamnit



    12 hours ago

    Wen your siting in trafic i will smoke you with my side Pipe 🚘💨😝 😅

  35. Marshall Clark

    Marshall Clark

    13 hours ago

    How can we get more of the banger recorder tunes? Honestly my favorite part of a rich rebuilds video!

  36. creole gumbo

    creole gumbo

    13 hours ago

    Love this channel. American spirit at its best. Roll them Sleeves up and fix that shit.

  37. Frank Ornelaz

    Frank Ornelaz

    13 hours ago

    One thing to add, before tapping the hole size needs to be right ( check machinist handbook for prior dill size) just a retired machinist too cents

  38. Question Mark

    Question Mark

    13 hours ago

    The fluteeee!!!

  39. Skiridr22


    13 hours ago

    All my favorite people in one place 😳👍🏾👍🏾

  40. Onserio


    13 hours ago

    I now hear that stupid ass song in my head whenever I see a cute chick in the wild

  41. Matthieu Gerard

    Matthieu Gerard

    13 hours ago

    Where do you find this off brand recorder songs? I love them

  42. Phillip Kohan

    Phillip Kohan

    13 hours ago

    How do you charge the Heat Pump System on a Model Y?, The Normal R135A Hoses do not fit!

  43. Mars Hamon

    Mars Hamon

    13 hours ago

    At 0:17 - 0:19 that’s the only part of the video you MUST WATCH. The rest is useless

  44. william newby

    william newby

    13 hours ago

    My car is a tesla model s p90+ could you theoretically upgrade to ap2 2.5 and fsd with a harness swap and adding cameras? are the b pillars up gradable on outside too add the exterior cameras? is it limited to vin numbers and or car reporting year?

  45. Joseph Paige

    Joseph Paige

    14 hours ago

    go electric

  46. Matt Waller

    Matt Waller

    14 hours ago

    19:09 you kill me bro ☠️😂☠️

  47. peter shimm

    peter shimm

    15 hours ago

    Love Stevon’s recorder playing!!

  48. peter shimm

    peter shimm

    15 hours ago

    I want to pop Stevon’s pimple.

  49. Semper Fidelis

    Semper Fidelis

    15 hours ago

    Rich, OMG, you cruel dude you actually put the gloves on and left them on???



    15 hours ago

    Better idea: filler neck snorkel! +1 for the Honey Badger!

  51. Megatron


    15 hours ago

    Someone at Tesla has probably pinpointed this car and owner and will give the guy a really hard time upon his lease return

  52. karlos swift

    karlos swift

    15 hours ago

    I was done after the macaroni and cheese🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. gtakelven12


    16 hours ago

    This Tesla’s from King smash

  54. huss1205


    16 hours ago

    Tesla knows now, that means they can make you pay the $16,000 through law. You could have just fixed it without saying anything, the damage is in a place that will never be checked or noticed when you return the car after end of lease period...

  55. Alan Fred

    Alan Fred

    16 hours ago

    OMG, all that dirty diesel has made your hands go black... lol!!

  56. Some shade tree guy

    Some shade tree guy

    17 hours ago

    Wish I had my own chad. Lol

  57. pleopsidium


    17 hours ago


  58. L8Knighter


    17 hours ago

    Rebuild that engine yourself. Save thousands. Go E85. Save the planet. Batteries are so toxic to the environment and no one talks about it. EV are so much more detrimental to the environment when you look at how the components are made and how you must dispose of them when they don't work anymore.

  59. Dave’s Boredom Busters

    Dave’s Boredom Busters

    17 hours ago

    I’d give that 305 a great home, depending on location…

  60. Jim's Video Bin

    Jim's Video Bin

    17 hours ago

    So, when are you going to convert the Sherp to electric?

  61. Egon Ottokar

    Egon Ottokar

    18 hours ago

    so disappointed it didn't sink 😔

  62. David K

    David K

    18 hours ago

    Crying at the YMCA recorder 🤣🤣🤣 sooooo funny

  63. sonny sullivan

    sonny sullivan

    18 hours ago

    Google racor diesel filter separator. It has a clear bowl on the bottom for visual inspection for the presence of dirt and water, it also has a drain cock to drain away the water, pretty much standard equipment on water craft.

  64. TommyMacDaddy1


    18 hours ago

    A clever repair! As a metal fabricator, I'd suggest taking a piece of 16 gauge steel (or stainless) and make a guard that goes behind the plastic belly pan. I'd bend it to a 45 degree angle and mount it in front of the hose/connectors and bolt it to the cross member. I could make some, if anyone is interested. I live in NJ, btw. The fact that Tesla doesn't do this from the factory, tells me they do not know cars, they only know Teslas.

  65. joe Ghirme

    joe Ghirme

    18 hours ago

    7:28 best ever y.m.c.a cover it is classic...😂😂

  66. The wise Banana

    The wise Banana

    18 hours ago

    Welp. Rip my trans am 😭😭😭 looks like we gon still be using petrol for a little while longer.

  67. urstupid


    18 hours ago

    Ls swap

  68. tjnholmes


    18 hours ago

    Great channel. Mucho respect and then you wore crocks in public....